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Ever since this pandemic has been started, going out anywhere is not less than a big headache due to this reason every business industry is equally affected. Today people prefer to stay home and safe but their work must be done by staying at home. If it’s shopping online, ordering food, or consulting a doctor online, yes because of this dreadful situation majority of folks are adapting online doctor consultation, it has so many benefits that can make your personal healthcare much accessible and convenient. How consulting doctors online can help you, and what are the advantages of online healthcare apps.


  • No Need to travel
  • Improved ways to check your symptoms
  • Save your money by affordable online consultation
  • Get your prescription on your phone
  • Privacy and security
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • No risk of infection from a doctor’s clinic


Apart from consulting a doctor online, there are some of the trusted and well-experienced healthcare organization thas has tied up with much reliable and acclaimed medical labs and together they facilitate people to get their medical report done by staying at home. 


We all know how contagious this covid-19 virus is, it does not sound safe going out to the laboratories for a routine check-up or report, instead of people should start using these affordable and very convenient apps like MYCARE.


What is MyCare App?


My Care is right on your phone and full of features that allow you to access your healthcare without the headaches of a doctor’s place or hospital.

With just a few steps you can get COVID-19 RT-PCR lab tests in the comfort of your home.

  1. Download MyCare Patient Application from Play Store or App Store & Register Your Account with Us
  2. Go to My Laboratories Folder & Send Prescription to laboratory
  3. Click on the Plus “+” Sign to Share & Upload Prescription with Thyrocare
  4. Patient Get Quotes from Thyrocare & Pay Online for The Report and Get the Report at Home.

Download MYCARE Doctor app and Patient App



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