Why Aws is Used?

Amazon Web Service:

A cloud service was introduced by Amazon, which provides block-based services that can be used to create and deploy any type of cloud application known as Amazon Web Services.


Uses of Aws:


1. Aws is mostly popular because it provides a feature that allows you to choose a server.

2. It provides companies with a number of options according to their requirements

3. This is a very useful platform for disaster recovery and backup.

4. Aws has a lot of availability zones all over the world than others.

5. Using AWS can be used to schedule, start and stop services at any time they require.

6. It has a flexible pricing structure that has made it so popular.

7. AWS API allows you to manage cloud-based infrastructure in a variety of programming languages.


Amazon Web Services includes various domains, some of widely used are:

  • Compute, it includes services such as Lambda, Amazon LightSail. 

  • The database includes services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift. 

  • Management tools, such as AWS CloudWatch, Amazon Cloudtrail. 

  • Migration includes services such as AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Snowball.




Aws Certification at FITA:

AWS certification is the key to AWS’s career opportunities. This AWS certification is intended for candidates with experience in building and deploying applications in the AWS Cloud. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate their ability to design, manage and deploy applications in order to obtain this certification.


Every day, the market for cloud computing professionals is at its height, as more companies connect the cloud to business goals and bottom lines. To this end, a credential such as AWS must have tremendous value in the career growth of an IT professional.FITA is designed by Cloud computing expert trainers with 12+ years of experience in the Aws industry and we provide a 100% Placement support after completing this course. 

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