What to do in the IELTS Speaking Test?

The IELTS exam is conducted to test the proficiency of a person in the English language. The one who is looking for International opportunities can take this exam. More than 4000 candidates are accepted worldwide for the organizations. students and professionals can take this exam if they are interested in studying abroad.

Speaking Test

How to handle your speaking test when you have forgotten to say the next word in front of the examiner. Have you come across this kind of situation? You would have no idea how to handle this. What to do in this situation?. Let us see the following tips to handle this kind of scenario. To learn more in detail get into IELTS Coaching in Chennai

When you don’t understand the questions what should you do?

If you are feeling confused about the question ask the examiner to handle the scenario

  • I am sorry, I am not sure that I understand the question!
  • Sorry, I can’t catch you!
  • I am not sure how to answer this question
  • Can you please rephrase the question?

These are the queries that can be asked to the examiner when you don’t understand the question clearly.

Often everyone forgets to say some points in the exam, but when you are stuck while speaking about a topic, you can handle it by using the words mentioned below.

  • Let me think for a second
  • In fact
  • Well
  • Actually

Most probably all of them use I think so, try to avoid these instead use the phrases like

  • I consider that
  • What I Reckon is that
  • I would like to point out that
  • As far as my thought is that

These are the words that can be used to replace I think. If you are interested to study IELTS get into IELTS Coaching in Chennai Anna Nagar and enhance your skills.

When you forget to pronounce the words at that time

Use vaguer words

Everyone tries to use complex words to impress the examiner, but that won’t work, because at that time we will forget those words. 

For example 

Janu experienced a hard time.

some of them would forget the word experienced in fear, so you can manage by saying 

Janu had a hard time.

Try to expand words

When you feel difficulty using complex words, try to expand those words by using them in a sentences 

How to start a speech?

While you are starting a sentence, it should have a good start and the best ending. The words that can be used while speaking

  • That’s an interesting question
  • It’s hard to say
  • I don’t quite remember

At end 

  • It would be more accurate to say
  • What I am suggesting is
  • Let me put it in another way

These are methods that can be followed during the speaking test. If you are interested to learn this skill, get into IELTS Coaching in Tambaram and enhance your skills.

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