What is Selenium WebDriver?

What is WebDriver?

WebDriver is a network automation structure that enables you to achieve your tests toward various browsers, not just Firefox, Chrome (unlike Selenium IDE).

WebDriver additionally permits you to utilize a programming language in building your analysis scenarios (not possible in Selenium IDE). You can immediately apply conditional operations like if-then-else or switch-case. You can further play looping like do-while.


Following programming languages are held by WebDriver

You ought not to understand any of them. You simply require to be trained in one. Yet, in this tutorial, we wish to be utilizing Java with Eclipse as our IDE.


The distinction among Selenium RC and Webdriver

Before the appearance of WebDriver in 2006, there was a different, automation device called Selenium Remote Control. Both WebDriver and Selenium RC hold the subsequent characteristics:

  • They both let you utilize a programming language in outlining your test scripts.
  • They both enable you to control your searches upon different browsers.

So how do they differ? Let us discuss the answers.


1. Architecture

WebDriver’s plan is more comfortable than Selenium RC’s.

  • It necessitates the browser from the OS level
  • All you require are your programming language’s IDE (which includes your Selenium requirements) and a browser.


2. Speed

WebDriver is more active than Selenium RC since it talks straight to the browser practices the browser’s motor to restrain it. Selenium RC is more potential considering it practices a Javascript program called Selenium Core. This Selenium Training in Chennai Core is the thing that straight checks the browser, not you.

3. Real-life Interaction


WebDriver combines with page components more realistically. For instance, if you own a mutilated text box on a surface you survived questioning, WebDriver literally cannot access any content in it just as whereby a real person cannot.



4. API


Selenium RC’s API is extra grown but includes repetitions also often confusing commands. For instance, most of the time, testers are worried about whether to use type or type keys; or whether to use click, mouseDown, or mouse down at. Worse, various browsers represent all of those commands in diverse methods too! WebDriver’s API is easier than Selenium RC’s. It does not include excessive and complex commands.

5. Browser Support


WebDriver can hold the headless HtmlUnit browser HtmlUnit is termed as “headless” because it is an ideal browser – it is GUI-less. It is a really fast browser because no experience is consumed in serving for page components to place. This stimulates your analysis of performance cycles.

Since it is undetectable to the user, it can simply be managed by automatic centers.

Selenium RC cannot help the headless HtmlUnit browser. It requires a firm, evident browser to work on.




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