What is Load Runner Testing? Advantages of Load Runner Testing.

Load Runner Testing helps to define the role of an appeal when huge numbers of users access the application simultaneously. It is a kind of performance testing that recognizes the best working capacity of an application. 

Load testing helps the existing infrastructure is capable to control the application or not. Load testing is executed to prepare the number of parallel users that an application can maintain without a decline in performance. The testing is normally completed for client/server and web-based applications.

Loadrunner is a performing testing tool, which is used to test the performance under load applications, measuring the system behavior. Are you looking for a Loadrunner course in Chennai? Join Load Runner Training in Chennai, at FITA to become an expert in the IT Professional field.

Advantages of Load Testing

There are many advantages of load runner testing. It is listed below:

Improved scalability 

Load Runner Testing helps to recognize the number of users the application can support. This helps in determining the need for extra support in case there is a requirement for climbing the application. 

Reduction in System Downtime

Load Runner Testing gives a better understanding of an application’s controls when it works live. The resolutions for large volume traffic problems can be made previously which decreases the system downtime considerably. 

Reduction in Cost due to Failures

The failures during composition can create important damages due to the unavailability of employment or any other such difficulty. With load testing, the mistakes can be checked before they start decreasing the cost theories of failure.     

Improved Customer Satisfaction    

With a minor number of system downtimes and the ability to work to a large number of users, the overall client content with the demand increases which makes users return the site more often.

Load Testing Examples

Some Basic Example of Load Runner Testing are: 

  • Testing a printer by shifting a large number of reports for the printing process. 
  • Testing a mail server with thousands of mutual users
  • Testing a word processor by creating a difference in the large volume of data. 

LoadRunner supports various development technologies, tools, and communication protocols. Are you looking for a loadrunner training online? Join loadrunner online training, at FITA to become an expert in the IT Professional field.

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