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Block chain is a technology that brings a revolution in the business market. Block chain is used widely nowadays, it will transmit data of digital information with the risk of being copied. Block chain is designed to deal with bitcoin which is been used to explain the function of the algorithm, hash functions, and digital signature. Blockchain training is used to manage electronic cash without any intervention of other administrations.

Working of the block chain system

This technology is mainly used to support bitcoin cryptocurrency. There are many industrial problems that can be solved for people by this technology. There are many fields in which block-chain can be used,

Banking – In most of the countries banking is focused on money transfer, maintaining the record or other backend functions. Block chain will make all the information as a digitized format and keep it secret so that only the bankers alone could access it. Through this block chain system, customers can directly view accounts related to their name, if there is any unusual activity alert messages will be sent to the respective banks. 

Healthcare – Block chain can also simplify healthcare and also maintain medical records in simple ways. Maintaining patient’s records that are accessible only to the respective healthcare units. Any unusual activity such as Medicare fraud can also be identified with the help of block chain technology. The data stored in the centralized administration, it not only helps for the medical domain but also helpful to recollect the past history of the patient.

Maintaining the public record – One of the most important and challenging work is to maintain the public record about all the citizens. Most of the information is recorded in a paper database and it is difficult to maintain it even in developed countries.

Voting – This is one of the toughest jobs faced in every country today. While voting, the candidates should be physically present in the polling booth, but most of them prefer online voting today. Companies that are using block chain would come up with the solution for online voting. It also helps to save the voting of our citizens of our country through internal or external conflict activities.

Hiring for business – Finding staff for our concern is been really challenging one nowadays. Through block-chain technology, you can easily find the applicant’s database. Block chain would help in the hiring process for the business which is more secure by reducing the activity of the fraudulent. Using this block chain technology can help the individual or a business to secure their information in a secure manner and it is the best application for cryptocurrency.

Best place to get trained

To get certified in block chain technology, FITA is the best place in the city. Students will be trained by teaching them from the basics of technology. Placement assurance is given to the students once they complete the course. Trainers in our academy are well experienced and also can take classes flexibly  Weekdays and weekend classes are also available. Just enroll yourself in FITA to have a better career in block chain technology.

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