Types and Advantages of Manual Testing

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What is Manual Testing?

Manual Testing is simple and clear testing of a mobile or web application. It is performed manually by human action. It is designed to find out the defects or bugs in a software program by going on a device to assess various elements including functionality, design, and execution by clicking through various elements or systems of a web application without support from a script or tool to make sure that, they are working to support work. Everything will be done manually so that the time-consuming and laborious.

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 The types of Manual Testing

Exploratory Testing:

In this type of testing the tester’s experience, knowledge, logical/analytics skills, creativity, and institution is the most fundamental elements. The test will be described by badly written specification documentation, for a short time for execution. This method needs the most test execution and least planning process.  

Usability Testing:

 By using this usability testing, it came to know that how user-friendly, efficient, or convenient the product for the end-users. The main aim of this usability testing is satisfaction and observation.

 Ad-hoc Testing

Ad-hoc Testing is performed without any plan or documentation. The output is dependent on the knowledge and skill of the tester.

To know, when these each type of testing is needed to understand the advantages of each testing. Using the correct method at the correct time can save time will give you the best result. Let’s have a look at the Advantages of manual testing.

Advantages of manual testing

·   Compare to automated testing, manual testing is less extensive and cost-efficient.

·    Because of the involvement of the individual element, we can get the actual user interface feedback in testing. 

·   Manual testing can get the exact replication of the real user experience on mobile and web apps.

·      The manual Testing approach can handle difficult use case situations better than automated testing. 

Summarized points of the Manual Testing

  • ·    The tester can observe the application during testing, and making the user-friendliness better.
  • ·         Less expensive in the short-term.
  • ·         Less reliable
  • ·         Low Accuracy result.
  • ·         Programming is not required
  • ·         Regression testing is time-consuming and laborious.
  • ·         Some amount of time is required to perform the test cases.

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