Top 6 UI/UX Design Trends for 2020

We live in a tech world that affects everything. Where every year product patterns improvise. Designers will also learn about new trends. And every time they learn deeply to constantly improve their design toolkit for market updates.

UX and UI are equally relevant. UX provides a better user experience where UI design is a graphical representation of a mobile app with which a person can interact.

UI / UX design is a key part of mobile app development. Both UI / UX achieve customer loyalty that increases mobile device usage.

1) Animation of:

The animation is an important part of consulting services for a better user experience. Animated stuff and services will bring a ton of data to minds within a fraction of a second.

Mobile app designers are innovative in animation, as the industry is flourishing. The animation is mostly branding. Where animation gives the user a filmy effect.

2) AR&VR:

The key thing to say about virtual and augmented reality is “fascinating.” Broad use of AR&VR is now easily adaptable. Brands prefer to apply this to their goods. It is one of 2020 ‘s big UI / UX developments.

It has brought a great phenomenon in the user ‘s mind for many years. It’s now commonly used for movies. But there are other opportunities to use this tool for marketing.

Implementing AR & VR technology offers consumers a real-world fresh feel. Mainly adopted in sports, travel, eCommerce, school, etc.

3) Interaction voice:

Smart speakers have transformed the user experience. This greatly impacts your site. This voice-powered app gives our question swift and feasible results.

Voice interaction refers to speech technology as Apple ‘s personal voice assistant Siri, Samsungs voice assistant Bixby, and amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa help users interact with the web through audio. Enhance the user experience.

One of the main benefits of using voice interaction is avoiding the user interface. And provide a new communication method to your site.

4) Interaction micro:

Micro-interaction aims at pleasing the consumer by engaging them and rising customer retention. It’s on every website or device. Some people don’t know it by using animated icons like Facebook. Facebook has many micro-interactions like the send button. Most of the time, you don’t know it because they’re so normal and mixed in the user interface. Simultaneously, if you remove it can quickly identify something missing.

Normally a minor UI / UX update gives a big effect. Micro-interaction thus significantly impacts UX designs. Using this will make the customer experience better.

5) Symmetric design:

The website architecture was symmetrical. It helps users to see and understand details quickly. But the trend is the reverse in 2020. Great growth in digital platform asymmetric layout. It’s time the asymmetric layout retained the sites. Without prototype and using this style properly, you can add more characters to your design

Asymmetric architecture is a big platform for infinite possibilities and innovation. Developing an asymmetric layout takes time; implementation requires long practices. While always creating user requirements, it helps retain more users

6) 3D Web / Mobile UI graphics:

3D graphics aren’t new to mobile phones in video games, movies, etc. Online and mobile 3D graphics require skills. 3D graphics has opened up a wide variety of opportunities to design and create awesome 3D graphics for your web and smartphone UI.

Last words:

Each year, the UI / UX interface framework evolves. However, India’s UI / UX design company will follow the trend if your product is to be more user-friendly and attractive. It ‘s essential that the product needs good UI / UX.

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