Top 5 Tamil Books to Read

Tamil literature has many great authors. We’ve tried to list the best authors. We recommend the five most exciting books. These books hit your spirit. These books are best readable.

Sivakamiyin Sabadham

This book is a South India 7th century historic novel. Krishnamurthy wrote Sivakamiyin Sabadham. This ancient novel book was widely regarded as one of Tamil’s greatest stories ever published. First released in 1944. Sivakamiyin Sabadham is about Chalukya King Pulakesi II’s historical events, the novel divided into four parts. Author Kalki ‘s novel enhanced the form of honor, love , and friendship. This novel’s awesome.

Theeyaga Unnai Kanden

This book is perhaps our finest romantic novel. Muthulakshmi Raghavan wrote this novel story. The book’s main character is ‘Yamuna.’ Once a fun twist comes, you never expect it. For a career, Yamuna comes to Mauritius. But she’s thrown into royal politics’ shark-infested waters. Then a prince rescues her, complicating her life more. Then again, it’s her knight. You’ll love this story. Theeyaga Unnai Kanden of Lakshmi Balaji Publications.

Moga Mul

Moga Mul is Tamil ‘s best romantic novel ever. When we speak about romantic Tamil novels, the first name that comes to mind is “Moga Mul.” Most Telugu book lover read this novel. Thi. Thi. Janakiraman ‘s heart touched this book’s romantic tale. First released in 1980. It contains 686 pages. Producer, J., 14 May 1995. Dharmamba released Moga Mul ‘s film. This film based on Moga Mul novel. I’ll recommend you read this novel before watching it.

Yavana Rani

Yavana Rani is historical Tamil novel. This book has a wonderful plot. The story takes place during Karikalan, one of the Early Cholas’ greatest kings. Sandilyan writes Rani. Bhashyam Iyengar is Sandilyan’s penname. Previously known as Chandilyan. It translated “Greek Queen” into English. The ancient Tamil poetry narrative. This book ‘s story is about love, set about 2000 years ago, focusing on Chola Army Commander-in – Chief. Published by Vanathi Publication.

Muthal Paarvaiyilae Ennai

Sorna Sandhanakumar is among Tamil’s favorite writers. She wrote many Tamil-language novels. She’s a well-known author. Muthal Paarvaiyilae Ennai is one of her greatest romantic writers. The book recently published a 261-page Kindle edition. Updated June 2019. This book touches your heart. Enjoy this.

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