Top Richest Man in India 2020

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Tamil Nadu ‘s top 9 richest people are among those Indians making lots of strides in India and elsewhere. And if we must be honest, these guys deserve an article about them. The state, all these guys come from, has India’s second-largest economy. And populationally, Tamil Nadu is the country’s sixth. Moreover, Tamil Nadu also ranks the 10th largest state in India. In short, Tamil Nadu is a very important state in the country, so it’s not surprising that we have many very wealthy billionaires in this part of the country.

We ‘d be thinking about people like Senapathy Kris Gopalakrishnan, Ananda Krishnan, Shiv Nadar, Kalanithi Maran, A. Vellayan, Maha Sinnathamby, Venu Srinivasan, Bhargav Sri Prakash, Ram Shriram, and Raj Rajaratna. Most are billionaires, so their wealth should never be underestimated.

Shiv Nadar

For those of you who recently purchased an electrical appliance, the HCL brand is likely to be one of those you recently met. This company makes affordable TVs, sound systems, etc, and their products are far from terrible.

Many people, however, are unaware that the business called HCL is a Shiv Nadar-based firm. Although this company has physical presence in the U.S., United Kingdom, and some other countries, it is an Indian-founded company. Shiv Nadar, who also happens to be this company’s president, has a net worth of around $16 billion.

Ananda Krishnan

When it comes to the wealthiest Tamil Nadu people, Ananda Krishnan  wealth is far from being something to ignore. This 81-year-old man has a net worth of $7.1 billion , making him a man who deserves to be part of such an article. And according to the new annual Forbes, he ranks 217.

Ananda Krishnan currently chairs Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd. And not only that, this 81-year-old is also Yu Cai Foundation (YCF) founder.

Senapathy Kris Gopalakrishnan

Senapathy Kris Gopalakrishnan is one of those men who deserve to be part of this article. Tamil Nadu’s billionaire has a net worth of about $2.9 billion.

Senapathy Kris Gopalakrishnan is an Indian billionaire mainly engaged in tech and venture capitalism, so his wealth derives mainly from these things. It’s also worth stating that the 64-year-old man also receives the Padma Bhushan award.

Kalanithi Maran

Sun Group is one of India’s most successful companies. And this company’s founder and current chairman is Kalanithi Maran. The man owns TV, newspaper, weekly, and FM radio stations. He also operates a number of DTH facilities and a film production company.

As of February 2020, Kalanithi Maran has a net worth of $2.4bn. And it wouldn’t come as a surprise if his wealth rose significantly in the coming years.


Vellayan is one of those people who came from wealthy homes and were willing to take advantage of it. The 67-year-old is a member of the Murugappa family and once served as the company’s executive chairman.

There are a number of positions held by this man, including: Vice President of the Indian Export Organization Federation, President of ICC, President of All India Cycle Manufacturers’ Association, Director of EXIM Bank, and Director of Indian Overseas Bank. And as of writing this article, A. Vellayan’s estimated net worth around $805 million.

Venu Srinivasan

Venu Srinivasan, born in Tamil Nadu, is another man we can’t afford to leave an article like this. The man is very rich, and in the coming years we see him becoming much richer. For those who are aware of TVS Group, this man also happens to be the company’s chairman.

Venu Srinivasan receives significant awards since 2003. They include: Deming Distinguished Service Award, Life Time Achievement Award, Champion of Champions and Best CEO, Goodwill Envoy for Public Diplomacy, Doctor of Management, Ishikawa-Kano Award, J R D Tata Corporate Leadership Award, and Jamsetji Tata Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bhargav Sri Prakash

Interested in learning about a man with a strong connection to Silicon Valley? If so, meet Bhargav Sri Prakash. This is one of those people who switched from some other profession to technology and achieved remarkable success.

Bhargav Sri Prakash was well-known in India in the 1990s, but as tennis player. But he soon turned to becoming a businessman, and his business success can not be overlooked. Bhargav Sri Prakash is FriendsLearn ‘s founder and current CEO.

Ram Shriram

Ram Shriram is one of those names you can’t afford to leave out of an article like this, The 63-year-old man is probably one of the Indians who made most of their money in America. Just in case you don’t know, this 62-year-old is Google’s founding board member. In other words, he’s a Google early investor.

Raj Rajaratnam

Another successful person, Raj Rajaratnam. He’s so successful he can’t underestimate his wealth. Raj Rajaratnam, the Galleon Group ‘s founder, is naturally a billionaire. And he has strong US-related connections.

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