Tips for Wearing Clothing for Your Baby in Winter

In winter, many parents are afraid that their babies will catch a cold when they wear less, so they will wear a lot of clothes for their babies, but this is actually not reasonable. How to wear wholesale baby clothing for your baby in winter can keep warm and help your baby grow up healthily. Today this article will share with you how to wear clothing for your baby in winter.

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First of all, why not wear too much for your baby?
One is that wearing too much makes it easier to get sick. Babies have a faster metabolism than adults, and they like to move constantly. If they wear too much, they will easily sweat. When the cold wind blows, it is easy to catch a cold. Second, it will affect the baby’s development of big sports. Wrapped into a ball, the baby can’t open his arms and can’t move his calves. How can he be flexible? Statistics show that babies born in winter start learning to crawl earlier than babies born in summer, and on average nearly 5 weeks earlier! Therefore, you really can’t wrap too much in winter and don’t delay your baby’s athletic ability development.

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Baby has a fast metabolism and is actually more afraid of heat than adults. So when we wear clothing for our baby, we can refer to ourselves.
1.Baby in confinement: wear one more indoors than adults;
2.2~3 months old baby: You can wear as many clothes indoors as adults, and one more outdoor;
3.Little boy/girl: Because they move a lot, they can even wear a little less indoors than adults, and they can wear the same clothes as adults outdoors. Keep their abdomen warm.

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In addition, there is a tip for wearing clothing, which is to make your baby’s clothes peel off layer by layer like an onion. The baby’s single piece does not need to be wrapped too thick, just wear a few more pieces. The biggest advantage of this method of wearing is that it can be increased or decreased in time according to needs.
The upper body can be folded : cotton underwear + knitted sweater + warm vest + padded jacket.

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The lower body can be folded : cotton close-fitting trousers + cotton trousers (especially cold winter, you can add a pair of woolen pants as appropriate).

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Babies under 1 year old can choose one-piece cotton clothes to keep their belly warmer. Remember to choose the style that you easily wear and take off, which can change diapers easily.

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Let your baby wear comfortably and warmly. There are many stylish baby clothing for choosing.

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