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Microsoft SharePoint Features and Benefits

Microsoft SharePoint Features and Benefits

Multi-purpose functionality built-in:

Its versatility is the best of all SharePoint advantages. The collaboration network functions as an internal network that is essentially the internal website of an organization for sharing data, planning of projects, connections, and more.

Depending on the user’s status, administrators may grant various permission levels. In addition, the application has features for file sharing, file storage, social networking, business data, and practically almost everything concerned in the business’s daily operations. SharePoint Course in Chennai is very useful to operate in this software. 

Centralized administration

One of the most critical SharePoint 2010 advantages is the ease of managing. Managers can easily access operating features on a single dashboard, like security settings, coll, restore websites and site information, execute restore, and upgrade privileges. 


You can retain the standard benefits and characteristics of SharePoint online, or you can adapt them to your business requirements. 

Your team is able to make original components for each feature of Microsoft SharePoint. Similarly, you can customize the configuration of the entire program to reflect your marketing and to enhance the perceptive experience of employees with the application through the drag – and – drop features. 

Document management and collaboration

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 makes it very easy to coordinate information about your business in an open manner. A streamlined flow of data and cloud storage that can be accessed by mobile platforms are the significant benefits of SharePoint. Most of the professional workers are seeking SharePoint Training in Chennai with an advanced level of techniques. FITA Academy is the best SharePoint Training Institute in Chennai and we are having the well-experienced in this domain.

Educated workers make the right choices, meet deadlines, recognize and better contribute to the joint business plan. On SharePoint, file sharing is achieved by simply clicking or pressing a button. Yes, one of SharePoint’s 2013 various advantages is mobility.

Integration with your existing apps

Microsoft SharePoint provides seamless integration with the majority of your enterprise applications. Your Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word and PowerPoint), MS Exchange Server, MS Unified Communications, ERP, CRM, and several other back-office applications and updated version will work perfectly with the item.

Ease of use and design assistance

To develop your webpage or build database management systems, you would not need to employ a group of web developers because the features and advantages of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 also include the ability to build solutions, which better suit your business requirements.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIS) for such works are supported by SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server.

Content management

You can schedule and plan content for posting on different websites on the internet and social media. Social networking in SharePoint 2013 helps ideas, updates, and content to be easily exchanged.

Users can post Office documents on the website and distribute them within or outside of the enterprise. Similarly, they can build and edit activities from any computer and convert files, like PDF, Word, and Excel, to and from different formats.


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The advantages of standards-based HTML5 and CSS3 approach

The advantages of standards-based HTML5 and CSS3 approach are as follows:

Cost-effective Multi-Platform Development

You can use a standard batch of code across frameworks, platforms and multiple markets; this is a benefit because it resulted in lower costs of production and development over the lifespan of the website or web application, allowing you to be using your resources anywhere. The latest best approach for the development of cross-platform applications (e.g. IOS and Android) is a ‘hybrid’ strategy whereby web standards are followed inside a ‘cover’ native app that can be put in the iOS or Android market.

Good page ranking

If a website’s foundation is not grammatically correct (i.e. unreadable, non-standard structured code), then within search engines, the page itself will not obtain a good ranking. If the website is not well-structured HTML, easily accessible by the search engine, in a logical document format, no amount of content marketing in combination with search engine optimization (SEO) can make a difference to ratings. When sites are re-indexed on search engines, HTML5’s new features can be relied on as basic mark-up features of HTML5 are of use when measuring search engine results pages (SERPs). The key advantages HTML5 provides in terms of content mark-up and SEO are well illustrated by Google.

Offline browsing

 Likewise, HTML5 supports local storage of web app code and content through the offline application cache, so that ‘apps’ is being used offline without internet access. This is a huge benefit to enterprises, such as publishers, that can provide readers on the move with an offline web experience. When more of the web or machine code and material is easily accessed locally, the offline caching also provides major performance improvements.

Consistency across multiple browsers

All websites or web apps are not supported by all devices, however, the implementation of HTML5 and CSS3 enables the developer to build a usable website or framework within all search engines.

Better mobile access to Business Intelligence

As all devices that are compatible with HTML5 will have the same ability to capture, store and then use data utilizing standard browser-based research tools, future development of HTML5 apps will lead to better access to business intelligence. 

Extension of video to a vast scope of media

Already, almost two-thirds of web video coded for HTML5 in 2010, according to TechCrunch, and one of the primary advantages for publishers now is that HTML5 has native video support and it can be controlled and operated into the helping plugins. That helps for the distribution of quicker, high-quality videos. The introduction of specific video content on a website may also have a positive effect on SEO, as it is exclusive, entertaining and is thus included in ‘quality content’ to which search engines would like to send users.


Geolocation allows HTML5 and that will use the user’s location until a user opts to share their location. When designing location-based services or apps, this can be of major importance.

A better user experience

HTML5 provides a broader range of media-type design and presentation resources, offering developers greater scope for better websites and web applications to be created. From a business point of view, this is important, as user interaction and retention are essential to increased use and conversion of the site and program. Creating a platform or system that is open and functional means people are more likely to participate.

If you are interested to learn HTML5 Training in Chennai with real-time practice and we are the NO.1 Training Institute for HTML5 Course in Chennai with well experienced in this domain. After completing HTML Training in Chennai at FITA Academy and surely you will get the best career in the IT field. 

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Two types of Embedded System

Embedded System Hardware:

There is an option between using a microcontroller or a microprocessor when using embedded system hardware. At present, the embedded system sector is very developed and most of the professional workers are seeking the best Embedded System Course Chennai, FITA is the best-Embedded Training Institute in Chennai with placement supports. They are providing the best coaching for Embedded Training in Chennai with certification under professional experts.

Microcontroller based systems: 

A microcontroller is a CPU, a centralized processing interface, or a computer-integrated memory or peripheral device. An embedded system utilizing microcontrollers appears to be used more broadly as fewer external parts are required.

Microprocessor-based systems: 

Microprocessors contain a CPU, but only use memory and peripheral devices with external chips. Since they require further systems on the board but permit more development and selection of accurate peripherals, etc., it method appears to use for wider embedded systems.

Embedded systems software

The program used only to operate the microcontroller is one of the key components of every embedded system.

There are a lot of different ways to write this away:

Machine code: 

The most basic program used for the processor unit is software code. Usually, the code is in the hex format and contains the basic rules for each processor process. Nowadays, embedded systems rarely use this type of code.

Programming language: 

It is very laborious and time-consuming to write machine code. Learning and uninstalling it is challenging. High-level programming languages are frequently used to solve this. Languages are widely utilized, like C, C++, etc.

Embedded System Architecture

The embedded system architecture has two data types. Once information and code are in different elements of memory, architecture is related to the architecture of Harvard. When data and code are all in the same section of memory, the architecture is referred to as the architecture of Von Neumann.

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Elements of the apache JMeter and Its usages

Apache JMeter is a large open-source software with impressive testing capabilities. The database server is a framework that holds tons of apps and clients, so it’s useful to know how JMeter Course in Chennai operates or plays; how effective it is to handle customers or applications concurrently.

To verify the application or server’s high performance, use JMeter to conduct high-performance testing for excellent outcomes.

Before we understand JMeter’s overall view, let us just look at the three test strategies listed below:

  • Performance Test

  • Load Test

  • Stress Test

Utilizing JMeter, the performance testing process offers the device or software with the following features.

Performance Testing:

The quality evaluation focuses primarily on evaluating the speed, scalable, and reliability of a computer program. This software-supported characteristics & usability are not just performance testing issues. The intention of performance testing is not only to fix bugs in the programs but also to figure out and remove the bottlenecks.

JMeter is valuable for performance testing static resources quality like JavaScript, HTML, Servlets, flexible resources including JSP and AJAX.

JMeter is helpful in determining the total number of active users that can be able to manage by the user’s web pages.

JMeter is effective for presenting different performance reports in graphical examines.

Load Testing:

Load testing is a component of performance testing to determine the overall system below the state of the load. Load testing can be conducted whenever a large number of users operate a similar request within a certain period of time. Load Testing models JMeter’s intended use by simulating different devices to control web services at the same time.

Stress Testing:

Stress testing is critical for understanding the system’s maximum ability limits. Normally we go through the same test to identify the robustness of the system when it comes to excess load and help program management evaluate whether the system can operate sufficiently if the actual load is far above the normal limit.


When all the database gets overloaded beyond its load capacity, every server or web database has a maximum load capacity, it will start to react slowly and cause mistakes. Stress testing is helpful in JMeter to evaluate the web server’s maximum load. If you want to know more about JMeter and Come into FITA for JMeter Training in Chennai to make your bright career…!

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Installing the Pega Platform Personal Edition:

Pega Platform TM’s Personal Edition version provides a perfectly functioning Pega Platform TM version which you can download to learn how to make and check apps on your desktop. Including the Personal Version, the regulations and programs you build can be stored and eventually moved to a digital version of the Pega System.

Installation package:

The Personal Edition installation package combines certain segments:

  • Apache Tomcat

  • Pega Platform Personal Edition

  • PostgreSQL

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)


Verify that your desktop computer achieves the following preconditions before downloading the Personal Edition:

Intel-based desktop or laptop operating Microsoft Windows 64-bit edition with at least 2 GB of free RAM. See that the Platform Sustain Guide for data on aided editions.

For the following sections 20 GB of free disk space:

5 GB of uninstalled documents after installation can be removed.

8 GB for data downloaded, which may grow over time while using the PEGA system.

A provides the version of the browser:

  • Google 9 or next

  • Firefox Chrome 5 or next

  • Microsoft Internet Discoverer 9 or next

Installation from your download box:

Personal Version downloaded the PRPC PE documents.

Extricate the contents to a list on your workstation.

Double-click the directory of install.bat in the file. The machine opened a window of control and then the deployment wizard begins. If the install.bat directory is not running, check that the directory way has no spaces.

To ensure that the installation of the Personal Edition became successful, examine the details on the Summary and Preconditions tab. Click Next.

Explore the technology authorization for the Personal Edition as well as its third party services on the Authorization Policy site. Click Next.

The needed parts will be selected on the parts to be installed website. If you don’t like to continue the Pega Platform automatically since installation, apparent the checkbox for Launch PRPC. Click Next.

Navigate to the directory where you want the Personal Copy to be downloaded from Select Directories. Otherwise, on your C: drive, the installation will build the PRPCPersonalEdition directory.


If you are interested to know more about PEGA installation and come into FITA for PEGA Training in Chennai, which provides the best techniques about this technology with professional certification. After finishing this PEGA Course surely you will get a lot of job opportunities in this field and PEGA certification quite benefits for your bright future.

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Features of UNIX

What Is UNIX? 

UNIX has been created in the early 1970s at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories. The UNIX os has gained its reputation over the four decades of its use as one of the most effective, scalable and flexible safe operating systems in the world. Since its inception, the UNIX operating system has been under constant evolution. For databases, desktops and laptops, it is a highly stable framework. UNIX systems do have a Microsoft Windows-like graphical user interface that offers a user-friendly environment. UNIX systems started to grow rapidly in the early 1980s and were noted by market analysts and researchers.

Yet developers continued to build yet add their features in an attempt to further distinguish rival UNIX system products.

Why should I select UNIX?

You must select the application based on the needs of your platform. Determines different functions that you need to execute on your website along with the computer program and server you need to operate.

Which is the best institute in Chennai for UNIX Training?

FITA is the best platform for Unix Training in Chennai, which provides placement assistance. They are also giving the best techniques for this course with real-time practical by our experts.

Which languages for scripts are necessary for UNIX?

More than almost any other software, UNIX allows a wide range of programming languages. C, C++, Shell, Perl, Tcl, Python, Apache Spark, and PHP are the most famous.

What is UNIX help databases?

The UNIX systems are SQL and MySQL. What one you want depending on your requirements and services from your Web Hosting Provider. When selecting your web hosting service, this is an essential item for you to review.

Why is UNIX good for hosting goals?

Quite obviously, it’s better than Windows. It’s also better and much more efficient. An estimated 70 percent of web servers run UNIX / LINUX


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Introduction to UNIX

What is UNIX?

UNIX is the multiuser operating system (OS), it was developed in AT and T’s Bell laboratories in the first 1970s. The four decades of use, this operating system has gained the status as one of the foremost powerful, resourceful and adaptable stable operating systems encompassing.

The operating system has been below stable improvement ever since its beginning, it is the most constant system for servers, laptops and desktops. This is also has a graphical user interface similar to Microsoft Windows, which renders an effortless to learn and utilize the environment.

UNIX systems started to improve posthaste and it noticed by enterprise investigators and researchers. Completely the 1980’s, the discussion about the powers and weaknesses of UNIX systems often raged. Further separate playing UNIX operating system products, investigators held building and adding more characteristics of their own.

Why we choose UNIX?

You should select the program based on your website requires. Assign particular functions you require your website to operate along with the programming language and database needed to make them. Now, Unix Training in Chennai is a very trending IT course, if you want to perform in this process. FITA is the correct place for Unix Course in Chennai with well experienced in this industry.

Define FreeBSD and OpenBSD:

There are two foremost Unix-based OS operating systems: FreeBSD and OpenBSD. The best thing about these systems is that they seem to be very constant once you download them on your devices. OpenBSD is known to be the strongest OS worldwide. The OpenBSD, you will become to sacrifice any features for protection. 

The FreeBSD is produced to give a robust and full-featured environment for apps, its support broad types of web browsers, office suites, email users, graphics programs, programming environments, network servers and much more.

What are the scripting languages in UNIX?

UNIX sustains a broad category of application languages, more than any other operating system. The most popular include C, C++, Shell, Tcl, Python, Java, Perl and PHP. 

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