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Tips for Wearing Clothing for Your Baby in Winter

In winter, many parents are afraid that their babies will catch a cold when they wear less, so they will wear a lot of clothes for their babies, but this is actually not reasonable. How to wear wholesale baby clothing for your baby in winter can keep warm and help your baby grow up healthily. Today this article will share with you how to wear clothing for your baby in winter.

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First of all, why not wear too much for your baby?
One is that wearing too much makes it easier to get sick. Babies have a faster metabolism than adults, and they like to move constantly. If they wear too much, they will easily sweat. When the cold wind blows, it is easy to catch a cold. Second, it will affect the baby’s development of big sports. Wrapped into a ball, the baby can’t open his arms and can’t move his calves. How can he be flexible? Statistics show that babies born in winter start learning to crawl earlier than babies born in summer, and on average nearly 5 weeks earlier! Therefore, you really can’t wrap too much in winter and don’t delay your baby’s athletic ability development.

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Baby has a fast metabolism and is actually more afraid of heat than adults. So when we wear clothing for our baby, we can refer to ourselves.
1.Baby in confinement: wear one more indoors than adults;
2.2~3 months old baby: You can wear as many clothes indoors as adults, and one more outdoor;
3.Little boy/girl: Because they move a lot, they can even wear a little less indoors than adults, and they can wear the same clothes as adults outdoors. Keep their abdomen warm.

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In addition, there is a tip for wearing clothing, which is to make your baby’s clothes peel off layer by layer like an onion. The baby’s single piece does not need to be wrapped too thick, just wear a few more pieces. The biggest advantage of this method of wearing is that it can be increased or decreased in time according to needs.
The upper body can be folded : cotton underwear + knitted sweater + warm vest + padded jacket.

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The lower body can be folded : cotton close-fitting trousers + cotton trousers (especially cold winter, you can add a pair of woolen pants as appropriate).

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Babies under 1 year old can choose one-piece cotton clothes to keep their belly warmer. Remember to choose the style that you easily wear and take off, which can change diapers easily.

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Let your baby wear comfortably and warmly. There are many stylish baby clothing for choosing.

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The Best Ways to Wear Classic Blazers in Different Styles

Winter is here and we all know that sometimes it is difficult to look fabulous beneath all those sweaters and shawls to keep you warm. But believe me, one can look stylish and elegant, even in the cold winter if they dress rightly. If you want to look classy and be effortless about it, wholesale blazers are a perfect choice. Even at work, parties or casual events, you only need to match your outfits with a blazer to look fabulously and shine among all. No matter what clothes you wear, a simple, trendy or bright blazer can help you to get the look you want. We can provide you with some tricks about how to use those trendy blazers with your regular outfits.
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Tips for Styling a Blazer Fashionably

Before we move on to see the many different ways that you can show your style with blazers, let’s learn some tips and tricks that should be kept in mind when purchasing your blazer first. We will also think about what blazer styles are appropriate for what styles and occasions.
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  • When shopping for a blazer, make sure that your blazer is well-fitting but not too tight on your shoulders.
  • If you are a person who is fall in love with buying blazers, go for different lapel styles. The different lapels on all your blazers will make your outfits look unique.
  • Opt for variety in blazers. A solid blazer do look great but it is always work well to have a printed blazer in your wardrobe.
  • Your blazer should fit you well in such a suitable way that if you want to button it up, your blazer does not need to be over-stretched or lose its actual shape.
  • You can also wear a blazer over casual outfits as well. As much as blazers are considered to be worn on formal occasions, they look perfectly stylish and chic when worn on jeans or shorts and T-shirt.

The Ways to Wear Blazers in Different Styles

  1. How to Wear Blazer with Belt

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    You can create a quite stylish look with your blazer if you do not want to rock it in a traditional style. Wear a beige or black and white plain blazer with fringe detailing all over the lapels, and sleeves. For the pants, wear ripped jeans and carry a black clutch. In order to increase a bit of smartness to the look, tie a black leather belt over the blazer at the waist, instead of using the button style of the fixed blazer. Another way to style the blazer with a belt is to go with the most popular white and black dress look. Throw on a white blazer over the black trousers and tie the blazer with a black belt at the waist.

  2. Matching Shorts and Blazer Outfit

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    Blazers look great when worn with denim shorts. We always see women and girls wearing blazers over cotton or denim shorts, as shorts is a pretty trendy way to style an outfit with a blazer. This plain blazer short suit look is definitely suitable for everyone, and even if you are timid, you can also pull this look off so nicely. The white tank top brings a little breakthrough to the whole look. The black evening clutch adds a touch of perfection to the outfit.

  3. Blazer with Crop Top

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    Who says blazers can only to be worn over shirts or full-length tees. Nowadays, crop tops are also at the top of fashion. We always see so many girls on the street wearing crop tops over jeans or pants and they look so stylish. In order to take your look to a whole new level, add a blazer to your crop top. A white crop top over pants and a solid blazer to make the look amazing.

  4. Blazer with Ripped Jeans

    shestar wholesale Women Casual Solid Color Cardigan Blazer
    Blazers can make stunning casual wear outfits too. If you are a fan of mixing and matching your casual side of the wardrobe with formal wear, here is what you can do to create an interesting and trendy look. Wear your ripped jeans that you love with a gray tee shirt every day. Pull on your comfortable sneakers for the casual bit of the attire. With that wear your checkered blazer will look particularly good!

  5. Skinny Pants and Blazer for Work

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    If you are going to participate in a work meeting and want to go for a simple and clean look, just grab a white button-down blouse or a simple black T-shirt along with skinny pants and a printed blazer. You can make your look more fashionable by adding a strapped wrist watch matching the color of your pants.

  6. How to Wear an Over-sized Blazer Stylishly

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    It is not always necessary to have your own blazer to complete the look. You can just borrow one from your friends to show your personality. Well, in this case, you can make an amazing appearance by wearing classic black trousers, a white v-neck T-shirt and then put your oversized blazer on your shoulders to create a chic look. Go for shiny pumps and clutch with the whole outfit.


These are all the amazing and stylish ways you can wear blazers with a variety of outfits. Style it with jeans or trendy crop tops, blazers will surely make you look more fashionable. All these styles are perfectly trendy and well worth your investment. Opt for a style that you like the best and show off that sexy blazer look in your own unique way.


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Tips for Choosing Children’s Shirts

After having a baby, parents attach great importance to their children’s food, clothing, housing, and transportation. They must not only dress well, but also dress beautifully. Many mothers will dress their children carefully. For example, wholesale kids shirts, casual shirts are more popular for adults, and their casual and generous make many people love them. With the development of fashion and the increasing enrichment of children’s clothing, casual shirts have also become the daily wear of some children. So, what aspects should Bao Ma pay attention to when choosing children’s shirts?

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Children’s Shirt Material Selection

  1. Children’s shirts are relatively fashionable clothes and are currently more popular in children’s clothing. Material can be divided into pure cotton, blended fabric and cotton and linen materials.

    Pure cotton: good elasticity, not easy to pilling, good air permeability, it is the material of choice for infants and young children, safe and comfortable to wear. Combed cotton is the best pure cotton, which is more comfortable and softer than ordinary pure cotton.

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    Blended spinning: Blended spinning is a blended chemical fiber fabric. It is a product woven by blending cotton and chemical fiber materials. It has the style of polyester and spandex and the advantages of cotton fabric. Elasticity and durability are better than pure cotton.
    kiskissing wholesale kid boy stripe bowtie shirt
    Cotton and linen: Cotton and linen refers to textiles made of cotton and linen, with soft texture, excellent permeability, breathability and sweat absorption.
    kiskissing wholesale hawaiian style kid boy summer casual holiday printed shirt

  2. According to sleeve length, it can be divided into long sleeve and short sleeve. Can be selected according to the season and preferences. Long-sleeved shirts are more suitable for babies to wear in the spring and autumn seasons. They are both fashionable and trendy. You can also choose thicker long-sleeved shirts as a coat for your children. kiskissing wholesale kid boy print white shirt

For children, choosing the most suitable is the best. Come to our wardrobe and choose a shirt that belongs to your child!


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