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Best tools are Used in Software Testing

Software Testing:

Software Testing is the best tool, which helps to identify errors in a software application. It is a technique of executing a source code with the intent to discover and eliminate bugs from the source code


Selenium is the most common platform for open-source test automation web applications. Selenium was an alternative automation framework for automation testers starting in 2000 and evolving over a decade, especially for those with advanced programming and scripting experience. Selenium has become a central platform for other open-source Software Testing tools, such as

  • Katalon Studio
  • Watir
  • Robot framework
  • Watir
  • UFT
  • Ranorex

Katalon Studio:

Katalon Studio is a versatile web application, mobile and web services test automation solution. The software helps various levels of research skill set. It is simple for non-programmers to begin an automation test project. While programmers can save time by creating and maintaining new libraries.


It is an open-source testing device based on Ruby libraries for web automation testing. Watir Helps for cross-browser testing like safari, headless, Chrome, Safari, browser, and IE. It also facilitates data-driven testing and combines with BBD structures such as Test unit, RSpec and Cucumber.


UFT is a well-known industrial research tool for functional analysis. It provides an integrated set of features for desktop, internet and mobile apps across platforms, including a range of APIs, Web services and GUI testing.


Ranorex is an extensive internet, mobile, and desktop testing tool for commercial automation. It features advanced GUI recognition capabilities, reusable test scripts, and recording/playback capabilities. This functionality is useful for understanding and implementing test automation to their projects for new automated testers.

Robot framework

Robot Framework is an open-source automation structure that applies the keyword-driven acceptance Testing and test-driven design (ATDD) approach. The Robot Framework provides various test automation requirements. However, its testing capabilities can be further enhanced by using Python and Java to introduce additional test libraries. Selenium WebDriver is a well-known Robot Framework library.

Software Testing Certification at FITA:

Software testing as a career, The software testers profile has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years. People can start their careers in the Testing field with the help of the Software Testing course in Bangalore. FITA teaches the student on a real-time basis with good placement support.

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