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Selenium with Java : Getting Started to Operate Automated Tests

When one plans to optimize the evaluation of web applications, Selenium is the very first thing that comes to mind. Selenium is a useful device since it is not only free software, but also a web application portable software testing platform that supports multiple languages such as Java, C#, Ruby, Python. Selecting the correct language depends on the testing application, the support group, the test automation frameworks available, reliability, elegance, and, of course, seamless integration of the construction.

Java is a common language for coding. After JavaScript and SQL, it is the 3rd most frequent back-end software, according to StackOverflow.

The step by step tutorial on how to kick-start Selenium with Java is illustrated in this post.

Why Developers prefer Selenium With Java?

Java has been supported by a good group of developers to produce documents and solve problems to be the most favored programming language among app developers. Therefore, the writing of selenium test cases using Java has numerous advantages:

  • Selenium supports Java. The active group of contributors and comprehensive documentation can also be leveraged by testers to write test cases. 
  • Programs written in Java are quicker than Python and other common languages. 
  • Compared to other programming languages such as Python, Java is more widely used in business applications, making it easier to integrate Selenium tests.

Eventually, the choice of the correct language varies according to the project, organization, and personalities who operate it. When dealing with Selenium, an important requirement is to know the language in depth. 

Getting Started with Selenium using Java

One needs to put the multiple aspects together to Learn Selenium with Java, to begin testing.

Selenium is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, and various operating systems (OS). Different browsers such as Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge and Firefox are also assisted. It can be used to optimize practical tests. In order to achieve a continuous test plan, Selenium is also easy to integrate with devices like Jenkins, Maven, and Docker. Tools such as TestNG and JUnit further help to structure selenium tests for ease of maintenance and report production.

We explain how to set up and maintain a quick test with Java bindings through Selenium in this segment.

Pre-requisites for Setup Configuration

The following elements are needed to obtain begun with automation:

  1. Java(JDK)
  2. Selenium Client and WebDriver Language bindings
  3. Building and Running the first test
  4. Eclipse
  5. Configuring Selenium Webdriver with Eclipse

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