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Fantastic Women’s Apparel for a Wonderful Birthday

There is a special day worthy of your celebration every year, so we should wear fantastic wholesale women’s apparel to spend this day happily with friends. This is the perfect time to gather your friends, family and everyone you love and have a wonderful time! From the nightclub to a quiet brunch with your favorite people, you must dress up for the party. Here are some of the best birthday costume ideas that you can rock for your important day.

The Ideas of Birthday Dress

  • Cocktail Dresses

    As one of the most popular styles, a cocktail dress is undoubtedly a wise choice when it comes to your birthday. The design of this dress is classic and timeless, hitting at the knee or below and offer a feminine feel. You can pick up something with a strapless neckline or long sleeves, and don’t be afraid to play with color and texture. Put on a pair of high heels to lengthen your legs, and you will be getting compliments all night long.

  • Mini Dresses

    Show off your figure and enjoy your wonderful birthday with one of these chic mini dresses. It’s ideal for any season of the year and you can dress it up or down with all kinds off accessories. When the temperature drops, throw on it with charming stockings, and when the weather gets warmer, show off your long legs with nude high heels. Upgrade your look with a leather biker jacket or replace the heels with chunky boots.

  • Maxi Dresses

    Have a relaxing dinner with your closest friends in a flowing maxi-length dress. It is a right choice for your special day. Opt for a well-fitting and a sweetheart neckline or an asymmetrical design, which is perfect for any season and occasion. If you are going to the bar for a cocktail, you will celebrate in a stylish way.

Upgrade Your Birthday Look with Rompers

Wear fashionable and sexy rompers to take your birthday to the next level. Creating a streamlined effect with maximum impact, this is an essential piece of women’s apparel for your birthday. Whether it is made of denim, leather or cotton, you can rock this chic ensemble during any time of the year. Cinch in your waist with a belt and shake your romper with a pair of stunning heels. If you are feeling a little wild, why not wear something bright like red, blue or yellow? For a more classic appearance, go for black, gray or a navy blue option.

A Statement Suit

Make a statement of personality with a bold suit. Choose from bright colors like purple, red or yellow and stand out from the crowd by playing with texture. Unlike regular apparel, this is an ideal option for girls who love making an impact on their birthday. If you are ready to go further, fasten the suit and forgo a shirt underneath, making sure to use double-sided tape to secure the blazer in place. Finish the look with a pair of chic earrings and a fun clutch. From dinner to the dance floor, you will be the star of this party.

Sexy Birthday Apparel

Be a showstopper in a stylish and sexy garment for your birthday. From the nightclub to the dinner, these ensembles will definitely turn heads, no matter where you are going. Shake the mini dress to reveal some legs, and pair it with an oversized blazer and stilettos to make the look warmer. Emphasize your features in shades of pastel blue, opt for black if you want to have a classic look. For these looks, the best way is to show off one asset, whether it is your legs or arms. Add a set of simple earrings or an eye-catching necklace, and you will be celebrating your important day looking better than ever.

Cute Birthday Outfits

Take the most precious pictures for your birthday in one of these gorgeous and cute costumes. Whether it’s plaid and stripes, as long as you wear this stunning attire, you will amaze everyone. Depending on the time of day, a streamlined silhouette with black roll-up collar and pants, pink accessories, or personalized trousers can be created. This is a great opportunity to blow out your candles in a breathtaking ensemble.

Plus Size Birthday Garment

It’s the best time to celebrate your birthday, so get ready to do it in a stylish way! A suit with a sheer top is a great choice for winter’s nightwear, and a pencil skirt with an excellent blouse looks amazing during spring. Mix and match fabrics and patterns to show your personality, and cinch in your waist with an oversized belt for a perfect look. In order to lengthen your legs easily, shaking your barely high heels and add a color like yellow so that you can really stand out. Keep your makeup simple and style your hair in loose curls to create a wonderful touch.


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The Best Tips of Styling Maxi Dresses for Petite Women

Finding the right formal wholesale maxi dresses for petite women is hard, but it is not impossible. Even though your daily style might be mainly casual, you still need some formal maxi dresses for occasions like a black-tie party or a formal event. It is a wardrobe that every petite woman must have.

shestar wholesale Chain Decor One-shoulder Sequins Evening Dress

And if you are short, wearing petite formal maxi dresses can also be highly flattering for you. It creates a constant series of colors to give the illusion of length. Back in the days, some people once gave the impression that maxi-length dresses was only appropriate for women to wear on the beach. Nowadays, many designers are making maxi full-length dresses. The most important thing is to keep the silhouette simple, such as a sheath or A-line to avoid being overwhelmed by the maxi dress.

  1. Silhouette is the Foundation

    shestar wholesale v-neck bow halter dressThis is the importance of silhouette in fashion, especially in petite fashion. As the petite figure depends on what you wear to lengthen and elongate, the silhouette of the petite garment could create it or break it for you. Because of your petite figure, the most flattering formal maxi dresses are those with simple and sleek silhouette to complement your natural body shape. Each silhouette produces a different shape and suits different body types, but there are several that usually look better on petite women than others.

  2. The Neckline Makes a Big Difference

    shestar wholesale A-line Collar Ruffle Sleeve Solid DressWhen it comes to petite formal maxi dresses, v-neck or sweetheart necklines are your best choices. So don’t underestimate the power of the neckline. They can completely change the shape of your face and even the look of the entire garment. Both the v-neck and sweetheart necklines can create enough space around your face. What that does is to make your face look more slender, even without the help of makeup. Most petite women have the typical feature of shorter necks. A deep v-neck can lengthen your neck and make you appear taller. The v-neck is also eye-catching up and down, creating the most flattering shape for petite women. If you are a petite pear-shape, off-the-shoulder maxi dresses will be the most flattering to you. As off-the-shoulder neckline can form a horizontal line to balance the heavier bottom half of a petite woman.

  3. Treat This as an Investment

    shestar wholesale Suspender Crisscross Split Sequins DressSince formal dress can be such a high-quality item, it should be treated as an investment when buying. From a long-term perspective, the investment mentality means that you are buying the best value, and the spending mentality will make you jump up to the trend of the quarter at the lowest price this season. You will need more than one formal dress in your closet to participate in different events. Most of us prefer certain patterns, styles and even length, and we tend to be adding similar style to our wardrobe. For formal dresses, the wise way to shop is to invest in an eye-catching item to make you look different in the event.

  4. Pick Your Jewelry Wisely

    shestar wholesale Tie Sleeve Lace-up Split Cape DressWhen we talk about the styling of a formal petite maxi dresses, jewelry is a must. For a petite woman, the key to creating a jewelry style is to attract attention from above rather than downward. This means that wearing anything higher up like hair accessories and necklaces will attract attention to your face rather than others. Necklaces with long pendants are an excellent choice for elongating your short neck. The reason is that the long pendant will attract your eyes up and down, making your neck look longer than it actually is. If you are a petite woman, you also do not want the necklace to be too long to hang under your chest and look unsuitable for you. The more pleasing length of a necklace is 2 to 3 inches above the chest, which can draw more attention to your face and can be worn with any neckline.

  5. Select the Right Shoes to Match Your Maxi Dresses

    shestar wholesale stylish belted v-neck sleeveless dressPairing high heels with formal petite maxi dresses will make you appear taller. Generally, nude pumps are the most favorite shoes to petite women, as they look like extension of your legs. If you are a petite woman of color, then any shoes that are closest to you skin tone will be most wonderful to you. Pointed high heels are best for short women.Compared to round toes or square toes, it may be only half an inch away, but this slight change makes your legs look completely different. The lower the upper, the longer your legs will look. If you don’t know what the upper is, consider those pumps that show a little bit of your toe cleavage.

  6. The Bag Completes the Overall Dress

    shestar wholesale Flare Sleeve Ruffle Detail Glitter Party DressChoosing the suitable bag to match the petite maxi dresses is an important step to finish the whole outfit. When it comes to selecting the best handbags for petite women, size plays an important role in whether or not they are appropriate for them. They main idea here is that a petite woman should carry bags proportional to their sizes. If a petite woman is carrying a huge handbag, it may look as if she is struggling.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean smaller is always better, because all petite women are slim and skinny. If you are a curvy petite woman, carrying a small clutch may actually make you even larger and lose the original balance. Therefore, the key is that the size of the bag should be balanced with the overall proportion of a petite woman.


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Gorgeous Maxi Dresses for Plus Size and Short Figures

It is understandable that a lot of plus size styles and trends may be difficult to embrace for short and plus size girls, as plus size fashions are usually designed for taller women. Wholesale plus size maxi dresses have always been the favorite of plus size girls, but for shorter and curvier figures, these dresses can be a little tricky to style. But do not worry! We have compiled some handy tips to help our shorter and plus size women out. Hopefully, they can inspire you to embrace the maxi dresses this year. Before introducing some of our favorite maxi dress styles, here are some critical tips for styling the plus size maxi dresses that are currently in your wardrobe.
shestar wholesale plus size elegant cold shoulder lace evening dress

Critical Tips of Styling Maxi Dresses for Short and Plus Size Figures

  • If you own a favorite maxi dress that can check off all of your boxes, but it’s too long, get it altered or wrapped.
  • Stick to tight-curved materials or waist dresses so that you don’t drown out your figure. For loose-fitting dresses, accessorize with a belt or a long necklace that lengthens your body proportions. You can also add definition by styling your outfit with a plus size cardigan.
  • Show as much skin as possible! Since maxi dresses can be long and show little variance, take the opportunity to show some skin to make yourself look more flattering.

shestar wholesale plus size one shoulder patchwork plaid dress

Maxi Dresses that Enhance Short and Plus Size Figures

Although plus size maxi dresses may need to be wrapped or altered on the shorter figures, there are some specific styles of the maxi dresses that are very flattering for petite plus size bodies. Here are some favorite styles for this season that will make you feel more confident.

  1. Plus Size Maxi Dress with High Slit

    shestar wholesale plus size snake skin print split shirt dress
    While maxi dresses can extend most figures, they can easily outperform shorter frames, which is why we recommend investing in plus size dresses with a high slit. Not only does the slit create the illusion that your legs are slender, but this style also has a sense of sexiness.

  2. Off-the-shoulder Plus Size Maxi Dress

    shestar wholesale plus size off shoulder lace evening dress
    As mentioned in the critical tips above, when it comes to sporting maxi dresses as a short and plus size fashionista, showing some skin can make you look more flattering. Make sure that your plus size off-the-shoulder maxi dress cinches at the waist, so as not to overwhelm your gorgeous figure with elegance!

  3. Make Your Plus Size Maxi Dress Cinched Waist

    shestar wholesale plus size arab belt leopard tiger stripe dress
    Maxi dresses that fit tightly under the chest or at the waist are perfect for plus size and shorter figures as they can create shape and contour curves, ensuring that your body looks symmetrical under all that dress. This can be appreciated with the two kinds of maxi dresses above to create your new favorite look.

  4. High-Low Plus Size Maxi Dress

    shestar wholesale plus size patchwork polka dot ruffle dress
    If you love a high-quality maxi dress, but also desire to show off your legs and curves, try a high-low style. This style has a mini or midi length in the front while has a maxi length in the back. This dress is perfect for short and plus size girls because it can elongate the figure well.

Patterns and Colors to Embrace Your Figure

All colors are going for a petite plus size maxi dress, but there are some patterns that can help you hold up your outfits with a strong breath. The way these patterns work will create a visual illusion to help you flatter your figure.

  1. Stripe Plus Size Maxi Dress

    shestar wholesale plus size v-collar stripe frill dress
    What do you think of stripes? For the longest time, plus size women were told not to wear anything about horizontal stripes because they would make the body look wider. But at SheStar wholesale womens clothing store, we are all committed to wearing whatever pattern you love to embrace. However, vertical stripes may help lengthen your figure if you are on the shorter side. Particularly with the flowing nature of maxi dresses, vertical stripes may help define your shape.

  2. Floral Plus Size Maxi Dress

    shestar wholesale plus size lantern sleeve floral frill dress
    Stick to using smaller prints when it comes to prints like floral. Bigger prints may make your body look shorter and fatter instead of elongating your figure. Floral can be very tricky as they usually have so much going on. They are great for any type of casual get-together on a beautiful day but don’t overdo it. Sticking to smaller prints will help ensure that your elegant floral shine without taking over the entire outfit.


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