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How to Throw on White Dresses in a Fashion Way

The white dress is a timeless item. All through the years even today, a white dress can lead the fashion trend. Especially, our versatile wardrobe is incomplete without wholesale white dresses. But most women don’t opt for one, mainly because they think an all white dress to be the trickiest piece to throw on. If you have run out of ideas and style tips for a white dress garment, no worries, here we provide you with the best suggestions for monochromatic dress, a stylish and not boring look. Now let’s check out the most flattering and trendiest ways to carry a gorgeous look in a white dress.
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  1. Pick the Right Color

    shestar wholesale v-neck jacquard shirring chiffon dress
    White is more than just a color. There are a variety of shades available in white. It is crucial to choose the right shade according to your skin tone. The brighter shades of white are appropriate for the girls with dark skin tone, while the girls with warmer skin tones should look for cream and ivory shades of white. Sometimes mixing different shades of white in an ensemble can help you get rid of that monochromatic appearance.

  2. Experiment with Different Textures

    To add a touch of style, you should avoid using the same fabric from head to toe. Utilize different fabrics in a single garment. If you are going to an evening party and you feel it to be chilly outside, put on a denim jacket, long coat or a trench on your shoulders.

  3. Say Yes to Loose-fitting White Dresses

    shestar wholesale white crochet round collar hollow out dress
    White is a summer staple that should be airy and flouncy. White tends to show you are larger than your actual weight as it makes your body parts more prominent. To avoid this stuffed appearance, we would recommend that you wear loose-fitting and flowing white dresses.

  4. The Best Way to Wear a Tight White Dress

    shestar wholesale lantern sleeve round neck solid waist dress
    We do not recommend white dresses that are too tight, but what if you already own a white one? Camouflaging is what we would advise you. For a fitting white dress, it’s better to camouflage the problem area with some white overcoat. Or if you want to shake a white fitted skirt, match it with some colored tops. Finally, for slim-fitting white outfits, do not opt for sheer or thin fabrics. Because the thinner a fabric is, the more problem areas you will have to deal with. Looking for some thicker fabrics for an all-white fitted dress is the perfect choice.

  5. Add a Pretty accessory

    Throwing on your favorite little white dress! Stop for a while and think about how to accessorize a white dress to get the perfect look. Using colorful fashion accessories with white dresses can add a great style. Whether it’s a chic clutch, leather jacket, high heels or handbag. Even adding a boldly hued lipstick attract your attention. The colors that go best with a white dress are shades of pink, green or dark blue.

  6. Add Metallic Allure the White Dresses

    shestar wholesale solid color twisted textured sweater dress
    Metallic accents are the best way to increase eye-catching sparks. Adding a gold or silver metal belt on your waistline, would not only add charm but it’s also a wonderful way of giving a slimming illusion to your waistline. In addition to a wide belt, holding metallic clutches or putting on metallic shoes, are definitely going to get you noticed.

  7. What Jewelry to Wear with White Dresses

    shestar wholesale back bow v-neck button women sundress
    White dresses tend to be simpler in appearance, so you can easily go bolder in the choice of jewelry. Instead of opting for white jewelry, it’s better to play with various colors. Metallic and wooden jewelry pieces are also great choices. Long and layered chains look great with necklaces. If it’s party on the beach, bohemian jewelry and neck pieces would give you a distinctive style. For a special evening party, highlight your white attire with a bejeweled statement necklace. For ears accessories, chandelier earrings can add a stylish glow to any white garment, especially with a mini one.

  8. Which Shoes Should be Wear with a White Dress

    shestar wholesale solid color lace trim bodycon cami dress
    The last and most important question that comes to mind is what color shoes should we choose to match the white dress. For a white dress, you can have unlimited choices in footwear. First of all, most girls prefer wearing high heels. The fashionable shoes with white are beige, black or silver. Beige and silver colors are the best choices to maintain the monochromatic feel of white. However, if you don’t want to go with the same look, bold colored shoes will also make a stand out addition to your overall look.
    Lastly, many women lack confidence in wearing white shoes. But this may be a great option. White shoes are suitable for white dress and look great when your dress is not white completely. In this case, when you have the addition of colorful belts, stripes, or scarves in your white dress, matching white shoes will give a chic appeal.


The white dress from She Star is a timeless treasure. Women of any age group can throw on this color easily. As a woman at the forefront of fashion, you have to get a bit skills to have fabulous fashion and sleek style. And following all the tricks mentioned about, you are surely going to own one.


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The Best Tips of Styling Maxi Dresses for Petite Women

Finding the right formal wholesale maxi dresses for petite women is hard, but it is not impossible. Even though your daily style might be mainly casual, you still need some formal maxi dresses for occasions like a black-tie party or a formal event. It is a wardrobe that every petite woman must have.

shestar wholesale Chain Decor One-shoulder Sequins Evening Dress

And if you are short, wearing petite formal maxi dresses can also be highly flattering for you. It creates a constant series of colors to give the illusion of length. Back in the days, some people once gave the impression that maxi-length dresses was only appropriate for women to wear on the beach. Nowadays, many designers are making maxi full-length dresses. The most important thing is to keep the silhouette simple, such as a sheath or A-line to avoid being overwhelmed by the maxi dress.

  1. Silhouette is the Foundation

    shestar wholesale v-neck bow halter dressThis is the importance of silhouette in fashion, especially in petite fashion. As the petite figure depends on what you wear to lengthen and elongate, the silhouette of the petite garment could create it or break it for you. Because of your petite figure, the most flattering formal maxi dresses are those with simple and sleek silhouette to complement your natural body shape. Each silhouette produces a different shape and suits different body types, but there are several that usually look better on petite women than others.

  2. The Neckline Makes a Big Difference

    shestar wholesale A-line Collar Ruffle Sleeve Solid DressWhen it comes to petite formal maxi dresses, v-neck or sweetheart necklines are your best choices. So don’t underestimate the power of the neckline. They can completely change the shape of your face and even the look of the entire garment. Both the v-neck and sweetheart necklines can create enough space around your face. What that does is to make your face look more slender, even without the help of makeup. Most petite women have the typical feature of shorter necks. A deep v-neck can lengthen your neck and make you appear taller. The v-neck is also eye-catching up and down, creating the most flattering shape for petite women. If you are a petite pear-shape, off-the-shoulder maxi dresses will be the most flattering to you. As off-the-shoulder neckline can form a horizontal line to balance the heavier bottom half of a petite woman.

  3. Treat This as an Investment

    shestar wholesale Suspender Crisscross Split Sequins DressSince formal dress can be such a high-quality item, it should be treated as an investment when buying. From a long-term perspective, the investment mentality means that you are buying the best value, and the spending mentality will make you jump up to the trend of the quarter at the lowest price this season. You will need more than one formal dress in your closet to participate in different events. Most of us prefer certain patterns, styles and even length, and we tend to be adding similar style to our wardrobe. For formal dresses, the wise way to shop is to invest in an eye-catching item to make you look different in the event.

  4. Pick Your Jewelry Wisely

    shestar wholesale Tie Sleeve Lace-up Split Cape DressWhen we talk about the styling of a formal petite maxi dresses, jewelry is a must. For a petite woman, the key to creating a jewelry style is to attract attention from above rather than downward. This means that wearing anything higher up like hair accessories and necklaces will attract attention to your face rather than others. Necklaces with long pendants are an excellent choice for elongating your short neck. The reason is that the long pendant will attract your eyes up and down, making your neck look longer than it actually is. If you are a petite woman, you also do not want the necklace to be too long to hang under your chest and look unsuitable for you. The more pleasing length of a necklace is 2 to 3 inches above the chest, which can draw more attention to your face and can be worn with any neckline.

  5. Select the Right Shoes to Match Your Maxi Dresses

    shestar wholesale stylish belted v-neck sleeveless dressPairing high heels with formal petite maxi dresses will make you appear taller. Generally, nude pumps are the most favorite shoes to petite women, as they look like extension of your legs. If you are a petite woman of color, then any shoes that are closest to you skin tone will be most wonderful to you. Pointed high heels are best for short women.Compared to round toes or square toes, it may be only half an inch away, but this slight change makes your legs look completely different. The lower the upper, the longer your legs will look. If you don’t know what the upper is, consider those pumps that show a little bit of your toe cleavage.

  6. The Bag Completes the Overall Dress

    shestar wholesale Flare Sleeve Ruffle Detail Glitter Party DressChoosing the suitable bag to match the petite maxi dresses is an important step to finish the whole outfit. When it comes to selecting the best handbags for petite women, size plays an important role in whether or not they are appropriate for them. They main idea here is that a petite woman should carry bags proportional to their sizes. If a petite woman is carrying a huge handbag, it may look as if she is struggling.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean smaller is always better, because all petite women are slim and skinny. If you are a curvy petite woman, carrying a small clutch may actually make you even larger and lose the original balance. Therefore, the key is that the size of the bag should be balanced with the overall proportion of a petite woman.


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