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Empire Waist Dresses Can Ramp up Your Look

In a rapidly changing world, fashion has become an indispensable part of our lives, there is always something new to look out for, from trendy crop tops to denim styles and how to pair different wholesale dresses. If you are also one of those people who love something classy, magnificent, yet very flattering on your body, then you will find that the place you visit today is quite valuable.

shestar wholesale v-neck sequins stitching gradient evening dress

There are a variety of empire waist dresses that complement your kind of shape. Whether your figure is pear, apple or curvy. With its unique style, you will definitely express your own opinions when you step into any occasion. This kind of dress is such that you can rock it no matter the occasion, or the kind of body you have. It is almost always suitable for every body shape, you only need to pick the right fabric and style for your own unique figure.

Definition of Empire Waist Dresses

Empire waist dresses, also known as empire silhouette or empire waistline dresses, is one of the styles of dresses, in which the corset of the dress is below the bust and gives it a high-waist appearance. It flows down as a gathered skirt which is elegant and loose-fitting. A simple empire waist dress will lengthen the wearer’s figure as they are particularly appropriate for petite women or plus size women who would want to pay more attention from the waist to their bust.

The History of Empire Waist Dresses

This unique style is actually part of the Neoclassical fashion. It can restore the style of the Roman art which portrayed women wearing loose fitting rectangular tunics. The empire style dresses began to be popular in western and central Europe at the end of the 18th century, most regions also followed this trend with raised waistlines, becoming a popular fashion style for women. It was usually dressed in white to indicate a high social status. Nowadays, this kind of dress style is widely chosen among brides for their wedding day.

How to Rock an Empire Style Dress

There are quite a number of things to keep in mind when you plan to wear an empire waist dress. These guidelines will provide you with better help in wearing this style of clothing, and make you look like this outfit is customized for you.

shestar wholesale lace patchwork a-line evening dress

  • Do away with Billowy Fabrics

    When choosing a fitting empire waist dress, you must remember to avoid billowing and gathering fabrics. Having a pleating under your waistline can make the dress look more flattering in the tummy area. In addition, the billowing fabric tends to hide your shape. Instead of choosing this kind of fabrics, it is better to look out for a more body-hugging fabric.

  • Check out an A-line or Sheath Dress

    When you are wearing an empire-style waist dress, the best cut will be an A-line or a sheath. Any of them you select will highlight your narrowest points while also showing the curves rather than hiding them completely. You can also go for long-style dresses as they look great with empire waist but get the one that can skim your lower body. Make sure to avoid picking baby-doll dress styles.

    shestar wholesale deep v-neck plain party halter maxi dress

  • Do Less Voluminous Bottoms

    If you are going to throwing on an empire-waist top, make sure to avoid bottoms that will increase the volume of the dress, such as wide-leg trousers or A-line skirts. In fact, separating the two styles does not work well with the pairing. You can rather opt for slim styles like skinny or straight-leg denim jeans.

  • Take on Deep Necklines

    Flattering necklines like sweethearts and v-necklines look stunning when wore with an empire-waist top or dress. They increase the length of the natural neckline, making your body seem taller and slimmer.

    shestar wholesale split hem tie dye tube dress

Four Empire Waist Dresses You Should Try

In this section, we will talk about some of the wonderful empire waist dresses you can get for all kinds of occasions. Ranging from proms, weddings to just any formal or casual gathering.

  • Maxi Empire Waist Evening Dresses

    With a charming v-neckline, the pretty evening dress features flowing sleeves with a subtle high low hemline. You will stand out from club events, prom party, weddings or any formal outing.

  • A-line Empire Waist Dresses

    The fantastic sequin-upper empire waist dresses will make your look more flattering from a wedding to a prom or cocktail. It has a high neckline and lace bust, which will look great in an evening affair.

    shestar wholesale sexy backless embroidery mesh lace dress

  • V-neck Empire Waist Dresses

    The dress with its simple empire waist chiffon, it makes a bridesmaid look perfect for a wedding event. It features a deep v-neck, no padded undergarments and lining. This is definitely a combination you can’t resist!

  • Off-shoulder Empire Waist Dresses

    The outstanding empire waist dress features an off-shoulder neckline and flowing sleeve with a waistband design, and then accompanied by wide shoulder straps. It is ideal for evening party, graduations or any other casual events.


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How to Style Your Favorite Denim Jeans

Everyone has their favourite jeans, whether it’s your best pair of skinny jeans or your most comfortable boyfriend jeans. No matter what your style is, it is more than likely that you’ve had your beloved wholesale denim jeans for a while. After all, they are timeless and they stay fashionable season after season. However, after wearing the same jeans for a long time, you may fall into style ruts, always pairing them with the same old pieces. Well, no more! Give the boring t-shirt and sandals a miss this season and show off your favourite jeans through styling.

  1. How to Wear Skinny Jeans

    shestar wholesale high waist fringe hem ripped skinny jeans

    Skinny jeans have been a wardrobe staple for every fashion-loving woman for a long time. The close-fitting style is easy to wear and can bring incredible weight loss to your legs while still highlight your wonderful curves. This season is all about choosing the right balance for your skinny jeans. As most skinny styles come in the most flattering colors, such as dark blue wash or black, find balance by throwing on them with light colored tops and shoes. White blouse, in particular, look great when paired with denim skinny jeans. Select a loose style, such as flowing off-the-shoulder top, to balance out the extremely slim look of your pants.

  2. How to Wear Ripped Jeans

    shestar wholesale high rise ripped distressed fitted jeans

    Ripped jeans are a style that every woman has tried at least once in their lives. The deliberately worn style of denim is available in a variety of cuts but always provides a similar feel. Tame your ripped jeans by pairing them with certain finished pieces this season. The balance of polish will adjust the texture of your jeans and create an avant-garde fashion look. Wear items that are sleek, which can offer coverage to offset the flashing of skin from your legs. Turtleneck sweaters and blazers are an simple way to get the desired look. Finish the whole look with chic accessories, such as necklaces, a handbag, and sunglasses.

  3. How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

    shestar wholesale street style straight leg ripped jeans

    Boyfriend jeans make your weekend outfits look cute and relaxing, comfortable and fun to wear. Pair your boyfriend denim jeans with a loose, knit jumper for cooler weather and a crop top or loose blouse for warmer weather. No matter which style you choose, make sure to keep your waist defined to help balance out the weight of these loose, oversized pants. In terms of footwear, boyfriend jeans can be dressed up or down this season. Pair them with some open-toed high heels to add shine, or wear them with the casual white sneakers that are essential this year. Just keep in mind to roll the cuffs of your boyfriend jeans up at the bottom. Doing so will create a flash of skin at the ankle, preventing your body from looking overwhelmed in fabric.

  4. How to Wear Cropped Jeans

    shestar wholesale high waist ripped fitted cropped jeans

    Cropped jeans are one of the most popular styles this season. The simple cuts are most commonly seen on straight and skinny-leg styles of jeans sitting on the hips. Wear your cropped jeans this season with the hems position is about one to two inches higher than your ankles. This tiny skin sparkle will create a perfect balance when worn with flat shoes, such as sneakers and sandals. If you want to wear high heels, choose a chunky style with closed toes to maintain the appearance. Finish off this fantastic weekend attire with a relaxed top to keep things casual and let the length of the jeans become the focus.

  5. How to Wear High-waist Jeans

    shestar wholesale high waist gradient color jeans

    High-waist jeans are just so wrong that they are right. Maybe we don’t know what exactly it is, but those mid-blue, straight leg styles are somewhat fashionable. Perhaps this is how they perfectly cinch the waist, creating a coveted hourglass silhouette. Or perhaps it’s the way that they lengthen your legs. No matter what it is, they are our favorite. So if you love them too, rock them proudly this season. Just remember to leave the rest of your old styles at home and go for stylish items instead. Experiment with feminine blouses and tops in lightweight cotton and satin to add a sense of modernity and fashion. If you are still worried about the look being not quite right, add high heels to immediately enhance your youthful style.

  6. How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans

    shestar wholesale street style fringe trim cutout ripped distressed jeans

    While straight-leg jeans are a classic style, they can appear a little uninspired sometimes. In order to make the straight-leg style more interesting, please choose a design with large cuffs at the bottom and match it with a striking style. An eye-catching T-shirt, a printed blazer and statement shoes all make great additions to the garment with this type of denim.

  7. How to Wear Flared Jeans

    shestar wholesale high waist classic buttoned flared jeans

    Flared jeans are back and street style fashionista loves to them all season long. Whether you choose an oversized style or something more refined, these stylish jeans from She Star are a must-have in your wardrobe. To follow the trend, wear these jeans with other 70s fashion styles, such as platform heels and a leather jacket.


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Exquisite Attire to Wear with Knitwear for Women

There are various ideal outfits for women in every season, and the winter is no exception. Wrapping up in some stylish and trendy knitwear to welcome the arrival of this winter. All knitwear such as cardigans, wholesale knit dresses, scarves, gloves and hats are brought out in winter. I believe you must be ready to welcome this winter season with those cozy and warm pullovers and Knitwear. Every girl loves to look attractive, and winter can also allow them to look as cute and charming as they want due to these chic knitwear. But we all know that keeping warm in winter is equally important.

shestar wholesale Hollow Batwing Sleeve Knitting Halter Dress

Knitwear Styles to Try this Winters

For women who always want to look stylish, it becomes a bit tricky when it comes to large Knitwear. What outfits that a girl should wear with it to achieve the best look? And what styles of knitwear are in fashion? You will find hundreds of trendy girl outfits to wear with Knitwear this winter. There are many different ways to style your beloved and stylish knitwear this winter so that you can stay both warm and good looking.

shestar wholesale Bishop Sleeve V-neck Knitted Sweater

Prepare to rock warm scarves, beautiful dresses, cardigans, cozy and oversized sweaters with knitwear this winter, and enjoy the winter occasions in a fashionable style. Taking out your time to find more clothing styles, and I hope you will find your pretty outfit to wear with your favourite knitwear and try this winter.

What are Different Styles of Knitwear

Cold-weather style wants you to stay warm in knit. Taking a walk in winter, chatting with friends in coffee shops, and happy moments with your loved ones would be incomplete without your favourite chunky cardigan or knit dresses. There is no doubt that knitwear can make your cold months extra warm and comfy. However, how girls can match their beloved Knitwear with their outfits to make it extra attractive is also crucial.

shestar wholesale Christmas Pattern Jacquard Knit Cardigan

Knitwear comes in various styles, colors, patterns and thicknesses. Although cardigans are more fitted, which can also be found with wide sleeves and lengths down to the knees. Not all cardigans have a fixing function either, some may only naturally fall off the shoulder while some may just have a thick button at the collarbones. Of course, this is more for feature purposes than actual practicality.

How to Wear Cardigans with Style

Cardigans can change your winter outfits. No matter where you go, you can wear a stylish cardigan on any occasion, whether it is a casual gathering with friends or a formal business meeting. To create a weekend look, you can wear a cardigan with typical jeans, a white T-shirt, or chinos and sneakers will absolutely look cool.

shestar wholesale Drop Shoulder Tie-dye Knit Cardigan

How will Knit Jumpers Look on Your Outfit

When it comes to looking stylish during the cold months, knit jumpers have a broad spectrum. Chunky knitting patterns are the most popular, as are light-colored knitting patterns with a simple logo on the front. There will also be an influx of stripes and animal patterns also this year. Knit jumpers are not really warm but also versatile. Wearing a dark-colored chunky jumper with any casual blazer can create a stunning winter look.

shestar wholesale Tassel Knitting Striped Smock Shawl Sweater

What Shoes Should Your Wear with a Knit Sweater

The obvious solution to this question is a pair of boots. The best option of shoes is none other than stylish boots which have become a popular item for girls to wear with their sweaters and other knitwear in winter. You can wear leather work boots and motorcycle jacket with classic blue jeans that will definitely look great with your knitted sweater.

Wear Jewelry with Your Knit Dresses

shestar wholesale Batwing Sleeve Solid Knitting Smock Dress

Of course, jewelry especially a choker, or single necklace will look wonderful if you are wearing a boat-neck or V-neck knit dresses. This is because the boat-neck dress is open and your neckline is visible. Likewise, if you have a cowl-neck dress, cuff bracelet and earrings will look chic and stylish. Minimalist dresses such as funnel-neck dress make your costume elegant when paired with dangling earrings.

Accessories to Go with Knitwear

Complete your appearance with this chic cropped turtleneck sweater. You can wear it with loose black trousers and high-heels to create the illusion of tall legs. As an alternative, high-waist pants or a maxi skirt can also be a relaxing way to look fashionable without dressing up too much. This is an excellent choice for girls who want to spice up their winter wardrobe.

shestar wholesale Turtle Neck Leopard Knit Sweater


When deciding what to wear that is not only warm but also make you look stylish during the winter, believe us! There are no hard and fast rules, You can experiment with your casual garment and of course your beloved knitwear. For your convenience, we have brought up some cute outfits from our online store wholesale women’s apparel supplier She Star that girls will surely love. All of these looks are unique, exquisite, and perfect knitwear looks, so that you must have a try this winter season.


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How to Choose the Right Wholesale Baby Clothes?

Do you often have trouble choosing clothes for your baby? Do you often worry about your child wear uncomfortable? Are you looking for a long-term supplier of quality children’s clothing? Kiskissing is one of the professional wholesale baby clothes supplier. There are thousand of styles on-sale. You will choose your interested item at Kiskissing.

Rompers & jumpsuits. Every family with a baby is familiar with rompers and jumpsuits. From newborn babies to 2-3 years old babies are suitable to wear rompers and jumpsuits. Most crawling suits are made of soft fabric such as pure cotton or cotton blended. And the costumes are designed not to shackle the child. Not only can children have fun, but it is also very convenient for parents to change clothes and diapers for their children. They are really the first choice for a lot of families.

kiskissing wholesale baby clothes love heart knitted jumpsuit

Children’s dresses. I believe there are a lot of moms and dads are very keen on dressing up their babies. If your baby is a girl, it is more like to buy babies dresses and small shoes for the baby to wear. Kiskissing has thousands of wholesale baby clothes.There is also a huge variety of wholesale dresses. Whether it’s a casual dress for daily life or a dress for activities. Whether it’s a spring dress or a winter dress, you can find one that you like in KisKissing.

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KisKissing is a professional wholesale website for children’s clothing. Since the opening of the store has been favored by many customers. And the price is good. After you sign up at KisKissing, you will have an wholesale account, and you can enjoy all our wholesale benefits and discount.

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KisKissing is a wholesale baby clothes supplier , but there is no minimum order quantity. It is convenient for you to place the sample order to test the quality. What’s more, the delivery time is fast. They cooperate with the best express company such as DHL/FedEx/UPS. It usually takes around 13 days to get the package. If you want to get more details, please contact Kiskissing.


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How to Match Different Skirts or Dresses?

After spring, summer, autumn and winter, after a change of mood, facing the coming new year, everyone is looking forward to a complete relaxation. The easiest and most direct way to relax starts with your outfit tomorrow. Easily set up but beautifully dressed, it naturally achieves the subtraction of time and energy, and the addition of mood and image. With this minus one plus, the state of relaxation can be found instantly.

For women, wholesale womens skirts can be said to be a single product that cannot be given up all year round. In the autumn and winter seasons, most of the longest skirts that everyone starts with are half-length skirts. Compared with dresses, half-length skirts are more malleable. Not only are styles diversified, they can also be matched with various tops to create a warm and fashionable style, which is practical and beautiful.


    shestar wholesale Lace-up Split Hem Leather Skirt

    Of course, the dress is also an indispensable item for autumn and winter. Wearing a dress in autumn and winter basically does not have to worry about what to match. As long as you put on a coat outside, you can go out, which is convenient and ensures good looks.


    shestar wholesale Solid Color Fringe Trim Textured Pleated Dress

    Many people think that a long skirt can cover up the problem of thick calf. In fact, when covering the thick legs, it will also invisibly reduce the proportion of your body. Long skirts are more suitable for simple styles. You can choose an A-line version of the long skirt, which stretches the waistline, while also covering our hips.


    shestar wholesale Belted Waist Botton Front Corduroy Skirt

    The pleated skirt from She Star comes with fairy air, which is very gentle and sweet when worn alone.
    It can be matched with sweaters and suit jackets to neutralize the gentle temperament, and the overall shape is more capable and neat.


    shestar wholesale High Rise Color Blocking Pleated Skirt

    In the autumn and winter seasons, while ensuring your own temperature, spend some careful thought on wearing or try to match different styles yourself, so that the whole person will immediately become different, and it is also a dazzling one in the crowd.

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How to Dress Like a Minimalist with Womens Clothing

Actually, a minimalist closet can be anything you want it to be, and “boring” may not be on your wish list. The basic principles of a minimalist wardrobe is to streamline the the essentials, keep only the items you need, going for quality over quantity, and choosing pieces that are versatile instead of trendy. In this way, you are going to save money as your purchase volume will be reduced, even if the statement items you buy are higher quality and more expensive than what you currently own. However, you can also save more time because your wardrobe will be smaller and most of the wholesale womens clothing in your closet will work together. Therefore, no more marathon sessions of trying on garment to determine what to wear.
shestar wholesale One Shoulder Batwing Sleeve Black Smock Top
It sounds pretty good. But if you are used to maintaining a huge closet and experimenting with various colors, patterns, and funky silhouettes, then you may still worry that if you reduce and turn off most of the brightness, you will end up feeling bored with neutral colors. Minimalist dressing may not be suitable for everyone, but high-quality fabrics, interesting proportions, and great attire are things that everyone can enjoy. Keep reading the article below to learn how to dress like a minimalist with womens clothing.

  1. The Beauty of Minimal Look

    shestar wholesale Single Breasted Knotted Hem Feather Shirt
    The beauty of minimal dressing is that it can draw trends and loud patterns into the spotlight and focus on the contours of the clothing. This means that it is an excellent time to experiment with interesting new takes on classic items. The same white shirt can be found anywhere, rather than looking for a shirt that can transform a familiar shirt fabric into a new silhouette with a unique neckline or interesting sleeves.

  2. Focus on One Point

    shestar wholesale Lapel Collar Plaid Detail Corduroy Jacket
    If you want to make a minimal piece of garment more attractive, make sure to choose the piece as the focal point of the whole. Throw on a simple pair of pants with a sculptural top, or an elegant dress with a leather jacket. Likewise, a basic T-shirt goes well with a pleated skirt, and a pair of skinny jeans is the perfect companion for a subtly draped poplin top. You can even consider accessories as the main candidates as the focus of your attire, and then match some personalized shoes with stylish and smooth clothing.

  3. Less is More

    shestar wholesale Plus Size Bowtie Neck Daisy Print Shirt
    When you try to minimize the size for the first time, you may want to increase the number of layers or accessories to increase the visual interest of the garment made of solid fabric. But if you love the cut of your outfits, you should trust them to make a statement for you rather than layer all the accessories over it. Put back your oversized scarf and try to wear small and delicate earrings instead, or resist the desire to wear a flashy pair of high heels and go for a simple pair of flat shoes instead. When you step out of your comfort zone, you may find your beloved new look.

  4. Looking for New Silhouettes

    shestar wholesale Stripe Sleeve Pocket Smock Dress
    As you decide to shop for fewer clothes and wearing them more, now it’s the perfect time to not only rock your favorite styles, but also find new silhouettes to elevate your look. Some women are most comfortable in trimmed and tailored attire, but a favorite style of minimalist dressing table is the cleverly oversized look. If all of the current clothes in your wardrobe are tight-fitting, try something loose-fitting and draped for a change of pace.

  5. Make a Contrast

    shestar wholesale Notched Neck Solid Knitted Pullover
    Many minimalists have only a few classic colors in their closets, such as white, navy and the indispensable black. Of course, this is not the only way to be minimalist, but if it is the strategy you choose, then you will not be limited to monochromatic ensembles. Some placement of contrast will greatly increase the interest of clothing composed of simple parts and a few accessories.

  6. Consider Your Accessories

    shestar wholesale Women Fringe Trim Woven Leather Tote Shoulder Bag
    One of the biggest advantages of a minimalist closet is that you will shop for less, but get better parts made of high-quality materials and destined for a longer lifespan. So why not try to extend these benefits to your accessory range, as well? Instead of purchasing and owning dozens of pairs of shoes, consider which style is the most versatile and durable. Instead of always changing a handbag for every piece of clothing, try to find one that will match everything or almost all of the items in your closet.


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Holiday Party Dresses for Women will Elevate Your Style

This season is time to be jolly and break out your holiday dresses! I love this time of the year best as no matter where you go, you can always dress up yourself! Wholesale party dresses are a staple in your wardrobe between November and January. And you never know when you will need one. I always prefer to have multiple options rather than under-dressed, so I like to keep a few dresses in my closet at this time of the year to be prepared for the last parties and invitation. Today I will introduce how to choose the best holiday party dress for your parties and events.

shestar wholesale sexy v-neck women irregular strap dreses

How To Choose Your Holiday Party Dresses

  1. Decide What to Invest in

    The first step in choosing a dress is to figure out how many parties and occasions you will need to attend. Decide whether you want to invest in a really nice and expensive one and wear it several times, or choose a few lower-priced dresses. Before making this decision, carefully consider the participants to each of the parties on your list. If you will be seeing the same group of people at several events, it is recommended that you go with the lower-priced options and choose multiple outfits. However, if the majority of people are going to be different at your events or parties, investing in an excellent holiday dress might be the best choice for you!

  2. Read the Invitation Carefully

    Of course, not all holiday parties require modest and elegant dresses. Read the invitation letter carefully and think about the most appropriate outfit. Sometimes there will be a specific dress code, pay attention to the location. If you are outdoors, or in a tented venue, you may want to wear a jumpsuit or something that can cover your legs. The ugly sweater parties are big this time of the year, I think you do not want to be the only person showing up without one.

    shestar wholesale snake skin printed prom dress

  3. Figure out the Occasions

    In addition to a dress, you may need to bring a gift if it is an occasion to exchange gifts. And you need to understand where these things may fit into your budget. Finally, you will want to consider the other guests. If it is an office party, you might want to be conservative with something like a fitted and flared dress, but if it’s all your friends and you’ll be heading to the bars later, a bodycon dress may be the perfect choice.

Holiday Party Dress Ideas

shestar wholesale back crisscross sexy stripe bodycon dress

Once you figure out what is required at the party, then you can make your choice of dresses. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. They are classic and will always be a winner. During the holidays, the generally accepted color is red, so maybe a red attire or dress is more appropriate for you being a little more festive.

  1. Casual Party Dress

    Casual party dresses are wonderful as you can wear them on other occasions too. They double as brunch costumes, or look like they are best suited for this time of year on date night. Many families may host a Christmas party every year, which is a pretty casual affair. Over the years most girls would go from wearing casual sweater dresses. While not a dress, trousers are a more casual choice for holiday parties. I like these green pants that look chic and are very comfortable to wear for a long time. This attire is another one that you can rock to the office or out to a casual party or evening event.

    shestar wholesale tassel trim sequins halter split dress

  2. Semi-formal Party Dress

    If your party is more semi-formal, then a cocktail dress or little black dress would be more appropriate for the occasion. Wearing a festive red dress to a holiday brunch that is more semi-formal than casual. In addition, I think it will be difficult for you to find someone unhappy with you being overdressed. As far as I am concerned, dresses are perfect for any occasion. If you aren’t given a dress code, then the semi-formal style is your best choice. The velvet faux wrap dress is my favorite style as it looks pretty without being over the top and it doesn’t exceed the highest price. The length and style of the dress give it a more casual side, and the burgundy color just screams holiday to me.

    shestar wholesale hot fit stone decor one shoulder bodycon clubwear dress

  3. Formal Party Dress

    This is the one that everyone seems to be struggling with. Formal usually refers to a cocktail dress, but it actually means that you will see everything. From mini dresses to floor length gowns. Just because you see everything does not mean you want to be one of everything. Your host will appreciate it that you follow the attire per her request. Formal dresses are generally a floor-length evening gown or a cocktail dress. This gorgeous sequin dress is one of the favorites of fashionista this season. It’s ideal for a formal occasion because it’s sparkling, which usually means more fancy, and it has a good length to move around in. I love the long-sleeved and high-neck that keep it classy while still being a mini dress.

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Funky Clothing can Offer Women a Fashionable Look

If you got tired of wearing the typical boring costumes at parties and dinners. Then here are some amazing wholesale womens clothing ideas for you that can bring vibrant and fresh colors to your closet and make the most of your sartorial expertise. Add some trendy fashion pieces to your wardrobe and match them to make it a perfect stylish look that will stand out from the crowd. The past year had some excellent color combinations and versatile cuts. Now you can take off those boring outfits and add some exquisite designed items that will distinguish your style statement from that of others.

shestar wholesale fungus edge shirred floral dress

Crazy Funky Fashion for Women

  • Wear Contrasting Colors: Avoid wearing shirt and pants of the same color. Always wear contrasting and mismatching hues, so don’t become a matching figure.
  • Wear a Different Color Combination: To enhance your funky fashion style, go for non-traditional color combinations. Dare to carry red and pink in the same dress.
  • Getting Better When You Accessorize: Yes, you heard that right. The more, the better. You can bring feather or tassel earrings, a fitting-well belt around your waist, extra-long bohemian styled necklaces or even a large brooch.

    shestar wholesale cowl neck leopard detail smock top

  • Make Vintage Look Great: Rocking long flared pants with a classic length blouse. Floral printed trousers with a pair of solid-colored button-down shirt are worth a try during the spring season.
  • Say Yes to Fringes: A tasseled shirt or fringed bag both look equally fabulous when it comes to trendy fashion look. This hack does magic at any time of the year. By the way, have you tried tassel footwear yet? If not, then it’s indeed worth a try.

How to Wear Funky Clothing for Women

shestar wholesale asymmetric draped pleated leopard cami top

  1. Supermodel Funky Style

    Supermodels have been trying hard on some pleasing and eye-catching shades this year. However, which one of them will go well with your skin color and figure type may bother you. Women with slender body shapes should choose the vibrant and bright colors and prints to bring out the extra charm and avoid the dull hues and geometric textures while plus size women should opt for contrasting shades or mismatched prints. Short lengthened dresses with a pencil cut are really the supermodel items, but any girl can slay these costumes if they select prints casually. Also, take a look at these funky festival garment for girls to wear every day.

    shestar wholesale flutter sleeve tie up floral dress

  2. Floral Funky Style

    Floral fashion is all about stunning colors and combinations, and there is nothing better than a lace top and pastel or white floral dresses. Striped shorts look equally attractive when worn with bandage blouse. But plus size women should not wear this kind of top as it will enhance the chubbiness by giving volume. For more amazing floral style trends, check out the best and trendy casual styles of floral.

  3. Funky Dress Up for Beach

    What is the appropriate funky outfit for a beach party? This is the solution for you. Stripe printed slit-cut skirt and a loose blouse or a tube crop top. Make sure that the top you choose is a light fabric that is cool and comfy. If you are heading out to the beach, don’t miss out on these gorgeous beachwear attire for trendy women.

    shestar wholesale ruffle sleeve v-collar buttoned blouse

  4. Semi-formal Funky Attire

    Chic light chiffon or any other striking material top in neon or attractive shade, plus a little embroidery or badges looks particularly elegant with formal dresses or skirts. Such combination like this will look stylish and sophisticated with heels and some chic jewelry.

  5. Funky Outfit for Prom Night

    A lace mini dress in some striking shades like sequin, plum, shocking pink, and red are a perfect option for prom party. This will make you look indifferent and chic. Wear some classy ear studs and chic high heels to finish the look.

    shestar wholesale round collar bodycon sequins party dress

  6. Trendy Funky Street Style

    All you need are some chic skirts, which can be lace as well as printed, and some funky belts when it comes to fashion street style. Petite girls should opt for some fitting belts, and plus size girls should add some wide belts to cover the fat.

  7. For Skinny Petite Girls

    Girls with slim figure really great in printed in box pleat skirts as they give volume and styles. Wear them up with leggings and oversized sweaters for a fall style fashion or crop tops in winters. In addition, skinny girls can go for off-shoulder tops that will make their sexy bone structure more attractive.

    shestar wholesale a-line collar ruffle sleeve solid dress

  8. For Plus Size Women

    Who said curvy women can’t participate in a fashion evening parties? Plus size women can select pleated skirts with tops in floral prints and high heels. These can be worn with stylish and embroidered belts, try to avoid wearing off-shoulder tops as they are significantly fatter.

  9. Essential Makeup Tips to Remember

    The nude makeup looks are ideal for funky outfits, but you can go for bright lip colors if you want to look more attractive. Generally, girls prefer wearing a bright red lip color to get rid of a dull look.


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Top Fashion Tips for Women with Pear-shaped Figure

A perfect figure to die for is the dream of every woman. The ideal figure is not a standardized thing, but the human body has many shapes, and all of which can be called perfect. One of the body shapes is the “Pear-shaped figure”. As the name suggests, pear-shaped bodies look like a pear. If you have discovered yourself as a pear-shaped woman, then we have some wholesale womens fashion tips listed down for you.

shestar wholesale tie shoulder tricolor pleated dress

How to Dress up a Pear-shape Figure

Give it a good read to know how to look flattering in your outfits that look best on a pear-shaped figure. Here are some stunning tips you must know if you have a pear-shaped body and wonder what attire would look best on it.

1.Which Neckline Looks Best for a Pear-shaped Women

shestar wholesale casual v-neck tricolor waffle smock top

If you have a pear-shaped body, different types of necklines can work well for you. However, if you want to create a certain width on your shoulders in order to balance out your wider hips, you should pay attention to the styles of the neckline and boat necks. Similarly, it is found that the low-cut neckline is the perfect choice for pear-shaped women. The reason is that a low-cut neckline usually helps to bring your face more in focus instead of your heavy bottoms.

2.Avoid Wearing Tight Fitted Shirts

shestar wholesale tie hem buttoned striped shirt

Since the bottom of the pear-shaped body is heavier, it creates an unbalance with the upper half of the body. To solve the problem of this unbalance, you should focus on your upper body to define the waist. Avoid wearing too tight shirts or too loose blouses to avoid overemphasizing the thighs and hips. Fitting-well shirts will give you a more exquisite look rather than a skin-tight style or skin-tight ripped jeans ending at the waistline.

3.Coats for Pear-shaped Women

shestar wholesale winter notch collar buttoned plush coat

Every woman wants to wear a flattering coat to keep herself stylish as well as warm in the winter. If you are a pear-shaped woman and are looking for a coat that works well for your unique figure, we recommend that you follow the same as we suggested for your shirts, the same will go for the coats. More suitable will be a long loose coat, which can draw attention away from your waist and heavy hip area. Some flattering coats with buttons or belts may be an ideal choice. In addition, a coat with a large fur neckline will help you create an hourglass illusion. Knee-length coat with a belt can help you accentuate your small waist.

4.Chic Skirts for Pear-shaped Figures

shestar wholesale high waist pu leather pleated peplum skirt

More than a perfect type of skirt for a pear-shaped figure will be an A-line skirt. This will make your waist look slimmer and obviously giving you a more refined look. A-line skirts will skim your body to help you overemphasized the bottom. You can also throw on skirts with stylish ruffles and skirts embellished with beading at the bottom hem. These skirt styles can help you draw attention to your curvy bottom without adding bulk to your broad hips.

5.Jeans Styling Ideas

shestar wholesale fringe raw hem bell bottom jeans

If you have a pear-shaped body, finding jeans that fitting-well and may be a difficult challenge. The mantra of a woman with pear-shaped bodied will be dark flared bottom jeans. Avoid tight, faded colored jeans as it will draw everyone’s attention to the wide hips and thigh area. Opt for a tight belt, it will give a more prominent look to your heavy bottom. You can also go for high-waist jeans, as these jeans have a curved waist and can fit your waist best. What’s more, wearing high-waist jeans can also lengthen your legs.

6.Go for Right Accessories

shestar wholesale frill trim v-neck floral peplum blouse

It is recommended that pear-shaped women accessorize their top part with the right accessories, such as necklaces and earrings. Achieve a perfect balance among accessories like necklaces, earrings and scarves to provide yourself with a bright and fresh look. However, do not over-do everything, otherwise, it will look more tacky. You can wear big round earrings or small pearl-shaped studs as it is evergreen jewelry style at any time. If you want to take your attention away from your thighs and buttocks, you can also wear colorful scarves, personalized hats, etc., which all look good.

7.Best Bags to Carry

shestar wholesale women pu leather shoulder baguette bag

A girl with pear-shaped body can hide wider hip with the right bag style. For all pear-shaped women with heavy bottoms, bags featuring shorter handles may be your best choice. These bags will cling to your shoulders, making them a look wider. Or you can hold it in your hand or wrist to enhance the visibility of the appearance. Side bags or sling bags aren’t appropriate for pear-shaped women, do not shop them to bring attention to your heavy bottoms. As far as types of bags are concerned, you can also carry oversized bags as well as clutches, which will add more luster to your charming look.


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Fabulous Hi-Low Skirts can Boost Your Confidence

Hi-low skirts are the new swag of recent years that not only looks the classiest clothing to date but also can boost your confidence if you rock it on the right occasions. Don’t worry about how to throw on it or how to match it with the right outfits or accessories, as I will tell you some tips here. These fabulous and matching wholesale womens skirts that make up some excellent hi-low styles will take your breath away in first glance. No need to wait any longer, just take a look and find the styles you have been looking for a long time.

Fabulous hi-low skirts are the best items of attire to wear anytime during the year. As it not only looks stylish but also provides you with great options for a variety of different occasions whether in summer or winter. The long back can help you keep warm in the cold winters, and the short front will give you a sense of ventilation during summers.

How to Style Your Hi-Low Skirts

  1. Casual Style

    shestar wholesale women tie side leopard skirt

    For your most casual styles or a simplest summer attire, this may be one of the ways to start off. A great touch of casualness in your hi-low style matched with a purposeful handbag, making it your best choice. The chiffon skirt is quite appropriate for summers as it’s breathable and flowing, while the long-sleeved blouse with a pretty print will bring a prefect look in summer. Add a belt to cover up any embarrassing issues and bring the finishing touches.

  2. What to Wear with High-low Skirts for Party

    shestar wholesale tie waist polka dots print split skirt

    Hi-low skirts are absolutely a great choice for parties. The hi-low skirts can be brought into your life, they are definitely a paradise option for party looks. Some strappy heels will also be great if you can easily pull off your high heels. The layered tailoring of this skirt is a very fashionable and chic style and is an essential you must have in your wardrobe, especially during the spring and the summer.

  3. Wear High-low Skirt with Ankle Boots

    shestar wholesale elastic waist polka dots split wrap skirt

    Hi-low skirts are a great way to get those ankle boots out the closet and finally throw them on with something that really matches them to the fullest. Some minimal jewelry would never go wrong if you know what to match with your outfit. The distinctive polka print would be prefect for spring or for a party at a friend’s house, especially if you are outgoing, as it will truly reflect on your personality.

  4. With Spaghetti Strap Tops

    shestar wholesale irregular hem single breasted pocket belted skirt

    If you are not sure what kind of tops is best for a hi-low looks. Here’s a great example. Add the element of a simple urban girl to your hi-low outfit with this exquisite sleeveless tank top that works well with hi-low appearance. This look is particularly ideal for dating nights or night outings at club because of the charming top and beautiful heels. Tie up your hair with a fishtail braid so that it does not show your face and does not prevent you from having a fun time.

  5. For a Night Out Look

    shestar wholesale irregular hem tassel trim denim skirt

    For a perfect night out look, you only need the right amount of class and boldness to have the best time. This stylish and sexy high-low skirt with a cross vest and beautiful earrings will undoubtedly give you the best look of the year. The statement cross vest will give you a bold outlook, as will the big round earrings. The irregular hem tassel trim denim skirt will be perfect for a night out clubbing and dancing all your worries away.

  6. Sophisticated Style for Work

    shestar wholesale solid color pleated irregular hem skir

    Sophisticated hi-low skirts can also appear in the workplace. They can be suitable if you know what to shop for. By stuffing the button-down into a shirt over an elegant hi-low skirt and a nice pair of heels, you can definitely turn your high-low outfits into a bunch of exquisite work look. Wearing such an appearance to impress your mom’s stuck up friends who think their children are the best, make your mother proud of you, and making a statement about how sophisticated and stylish you are an the same time.

  7. Prom Night Outfit Idea

    shestar wholesale hi-low hem high rise floral maxi skirt

    Costume culture is no longer the norm for prom. When hi-low skirts stepped into the game of all kinds of clothing, this hi-low awesome look will be your best choice at the prom with all eyes on you, as it’s not only elegant but also extremely fabulous. You can use silk fabric to make a hi-low skirt, which will give the whole a better flow and add a bow at the top to make it look more fashionable.

  8. Getting a Beach Look

    shestar wholesale solid color irregular hem pleated skirt

    Hi-low skirts are a perfect match for beaches as well. You no longer need to rely on bohemian styles on the beach, as you can just get a simple and elegant hi-low skirt, which will be the perfect match for hot weather and windy days. The skirt that flutters in the wind is sure to make you feel like a princess while keeping you cool under the hot summer sun. Add in a pair of earrings and grab your favourite sunglasses to finish your look for a fun day at the beach.

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