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How to Style Your Favorite Denim Jeans

Everyone has their favourite jeans, whether it’s your best pair of skinny jeans or your most comfortable boyfriend jeans. No matter what your style is, it is more than likely that you’ve had your beloved wholesale denim jeans for a while. After all, they are timeless and they stay fashionable season after season. However, after wearing the same jeans for a long time, you may fall into style ruts, always pairing them with the same old pieces. Well, no more! Give the boring t-shirt and sandals a miss this season and show off your favourite jeans through styling.

  1. How to Wear Skinny Jeans

    shestar wholesale high waist fringe hem ripped skinny jeans

    Skinny jeans have been a wardrobe staple for every fashion-loving woman for a long time. The close-fitting style is easy to wear and can bring incredible weight loss to your legs while still highlight your wonderful curves. This season is all about choosing the right balance for your skinny jeans. As most skinny styles come in the most flattering colors, such as dark blue wash or black, find balance by throwing on them with light colored tops and shoes. White blouse, in particular, look great when paired with denim skinny jeans. Select a loose style, such as flowing off-the-shoulder top, to balance out the extremely slim look of your pants.

  2. How to Wear Ripped Jeans

    shestar wholesale high rise ripped distressed fitted jeans

    Ripped jeans are a style that every woman has tried at least once in their lives. The deliberately worn style of denim is available in a variety of cuts but always provides a similar feel. Tame your ripped jeans by pairing them with certain finished pieces this season. The balance of polish will adjust the texture of your jeans and create an avant-garde fashion look. Wear items that are sleek, which can offer coverage to offset the flashing of skin from your legs. Turtleneck sweaters and blazers are an simple way to get the desired look. Finish the whole look with chic accessories, such as necklaces, a handbag, and sunglasses.

  3. How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

    shestar wholesale street style straight leg ripped jeans

    Boyfriend jeans make your weekend outfits look cute and relaxing, comfortable and fun to wear. Pair your boyfriend denim jeans with a loose, knit jumper for cooler weather and a crop top or loose blouse for warmer weather. No matter which style you choose, make sure to keep your waist defined to help balance out the weight of these loose, oversized pants. In terms of footwear, boyfriend jeans can be dressed up or down this season. Pair them with some open-toed high heels to add shine, or wear them with the casual white sneakers that are essential this year. Just keep in mind to roll the cuffs of your boyfriend jeans up at the bottom. Doing so will create a flash of skin at the ankle, preventing your body from looking overwhelmed in fabric.

  4. How to Wear Cropped Jeans

    shestar wholesale high waist ripped fitted cropped jeans

    Cropped jeans are one of the most popular styles this season. The simple cuts are most commonly seen on straight and skinny-leg styles of jeans sitting on the hips. Wear your cropped jeans this season with the hems position is about one to two inches higher than your ankles. This tiny skin sparkle will create a perfect balance when worn with flat shoes, such as sneakers and sandals. If you want to wear high heels, choose a chunky style with closed toes to maintain the appearance. Finish off this fantastic weekend attire with a relaxed top to keep things casual and let the length of the jeans become the focus.

  5. How to Wear High-waist Jeans

    shestar wholesale high waist gradient color jeans

    High-waist jeans are just so wrong that they are right. Maybe we don’t know what exactly it is, but those mid-blue, straight leg styles are somewhat fashionable. Perhaps this is how they perfectly cinch the waist, creating a coveted hourglass silhouette. Or perhaps it’s the way that they lengthen your legs. No matter what it is, they are our favorite. So if you love them too, rock them proudly this season. Just remember to leave the rest of your old styles at home and go for stylish items instead. Experiment with feminine blouses and tops in lightweight cotton and satin to add a sense of modernity and fashion. If you are still worried about the look being not quite right, add high heels to immediately enhance your youthful style.

  6. How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans

    shestar wholesale street style fringe trim cutout ripped distressed jeans

    While straight-leg jeans are a classic style, they can appear a little uninspired sometimes. In order to make the straight-leg style more interesting, please choose a design with large cuffs at the bottom and match it with a striking style. An eye-catching T-shirt, a printed blazer and statement shoes all make great additions to the garment with this type of denim.

  7. How to Wear Flared Jeans

    shestar wholesale high waist classic buttoned flared jeans

    Flared jeans are back and street style fashionista loves to them all season long. Whether you choose an oversized style or something more refined, these stylish jeans from She Star are a must-have in your wardrobe. To follow the trend, wear these jeans with other 70s fashion styles, such as platform heels and a leather jacket.


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Bright Wholesale Plus Size Jeans will Take You to the Next Level

When it comes to dressing up a perfectly curvy figure, some fashion bloggers have the inspiration to create trendy, form-flattering garment.

These fashion lovers have different figures and styles, but what they have in common is that they are keen to dressing their bodies confidently in figure-conscious outfits and stunning accessories.

Browse through these outfits with wholesale plus size jeans, put together from some of our favorite curvy fashionistas, and take away their secrets for how to create striking looks for your own plus size figure.

  1. Plus Size Black Skinny Jeans

    shestar wholesale Plus Size Ripped Raw Zip Hem Black Skinny Jeans

    Black skinny jeans are the best friends of a big girl for those times when you want to balance a bottom-heavy figure.

    This stylish, polished, feminine daytime attire in well-fitting, black denim plus size jeans is ideal for wearing to the office, client meetings and negotiations.

    If your workplace is conservative, ignore the ripped jeans hems and replace the t-shirt with a white blouse.

    Throw on this wholesale plus size jeans look like the one as pictured, with a ladylike quilted bag and classic black pumps to complete the exquisite look.

  2. Plus Size Ripped Cropped Jeans

    shestar wholesale Plus Size Ripped Cutout Denim Pants

    Weekend dressing can be jeans and a crop top easily, but still look sophisticated enough to take you to the next level when you walk into brunch with your friends.

    Just take a look at this flattering look, in which a simple pink, cotton crop top, light blue denim jeans are upgraded with the addition of a classic high-heels and a pretty statement necklace.

    You could also wear this look for a date or coffee meet-up during the day, when you want to look pretty and put-together but do not want to spend too much time.

  3. For a Polished Casual Outfit

    shestar wholesale Plus Size Leopard Detail Skinny Jeans

    This is a good example of how to pull together a daytime garment that’s stylish and easy to get dressed in, but looks polished and is suitable for daytime wear. You will stand out from the casual weekend crowd when you greet a beautiful day in perfectly fitting skinny jeans.

    And matched with a classic, light-fitting tight button shirt will show an wonderful effect. Add a dose of different fun with a notice-me handbag in a polka dot print. It is recommended to wear with your favorite sneakers, colorful flats or high-heeled sandals, to suit your personal fashion vibe.

  4. Plus Size Lace-up Bell Jeans

    shestar wholesale Plus Size Lace-up Bell bottomed Jeans

    Looking flattering at any size comes down to learning how to dress your body shape in outfits that fit you perfectly in any case. Here’s an excellent example of a head-turning, plus size outfit that’s quite simple to combine but looks incredibly confident and sophisticated.

    A sleeveless top with tie-waist detail cinches your torso at the slimmest position, while the flared jeans that spread out from the calf and the curve below the waist, creating a charming silhouette that will surely attract you attention.

    Wear high heels to elongate your legs to the greatest extent, and carry an easy clutch for all your essentials.

  5. Pair Plus Size Ripped Jeans with Pattern Tops

    shestar wholesale Plus Size Elastic Waist Fringe Ripped Denim Pants
    Forget everything you have heard about oversize styles from bold patterns, or insist in only one statement accessory when you are plus size.

    You can also look absolutely great in bold styles, so why not adopt a “more is more” fashion concept? When you put on dazzling outfits, you can transform your usual casual wear into denim.

    And making a statement to pair ripped jeans with bright or patterned tops, such as yellow polka-dot sweaters.

    Then add a big purse in a stylish collision pattern. Check out these tips the mixing patterns in your outfits more fashionable and appear confident.

  6. Wear Boyfriend Jeans with Long Coats

    shestar wholesale Plus Size Cutout Ripped Loose Denim Pants

    Boyfriend jeans are a must-have in the closet and as comfortable to wear as your favorite pajamas. However, if you are a woman of generous proportions, it’s easy to look clumsy or bigger than you actually are when you wear loose denim jeans.

    One sure way to avoid this is to pair your favorite boyfriend-style jeans with a long coat to cover the bottom, and it can also elongate and slenderize the whole look.

    A long coat is a perfect choice for cold days when sleeves would be too much. We love the choice here of an unexpectedly feminine color, which adds more confidence to plus-size women.

  7. Plus Size High-waist Skinny Jeans and a Cardigan

    shestar wholesale Plus Size High-waist Skinny Jeans

    You may think of lighter high-waist denim jeans as an essential for summer, but you can easily transition high-waist washing denim into fall and beyond by copying the trendy formula seen here.

    Style light-blue jeans, such as this one in the picture here, for autumn and winter by wearing them with a turtleneck sweater in a rich, saturated color and wear a long, cozy cardigan. A pattern sweater adds some interests to the top, which helps balance your figure well when you wear lighter jeans.


Heavy thighs are a real issue for many plus size girls. But that should not prevent you from wearing specific type of outfits.

Nowadays, many online shops, including our online store wholesale womens clothing supplier.

She Star, are preparing special works for plus size women.

Looking for them to find the one that perfectly fit your figure or simply follow the tips mentioned above.

And we promise you a chic and stylish appearance.


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