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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence focuses on the development of smart machines that work and respond like humans. Artificial intelligence systems are intended to work on such matters as speech comprehension, training and solving problems.


It is the science and engineering to render particularly smart computer programs for smart machines. The similar task of understanding human intelligence by using computers. Scientists say, “A.I. It’s near,” which means that the time is near when a programmed Artificial Intelligence will be more intelligent and begin to think like a human being.


We mentioned Intelligence in the above explanation. But, do we know what Intelligence is really, the computational part of the ability in one’s world to achieve goals. And that means synthetic, I think you all know exactly what it means artificial.

Let’s talk about it now,


When did Started?

Several people began to work independently on smart machines after World War II. ALAN TURING’ was the first person to study smart machines. In 1947, he gave a lecture on it, spreading the word to the world, and maybe he was the first to decide on it. The best way to study computer programming is to build machines. And by 1950 scientists around the world began to focus on computer programming.


Turing Test

ALAN also said about the conditions for considering a machine to be smart. He claimed that if a robot succeeds in pretending to be a human being and has all the intelligence as a human being, then you certainly think it is intelligent. And that requires a test called the Turing Test. Turing Test is held every year in a number of major science centers such as the MIT Media Lab, Harvard University and many others. Sometimes a computer can be considered smart without passing the Turing test.


Intelligence Human Level

The ultimate goal is to make computer programs that can solve problems and achieve real-world goals. However, most of the A.I. Researchers believe that new basic aids are needed and, therefore, it cannot be predicted when the level of human intelligence is achieved. Some people are saying that A.I. It’s a bad idea because it’s impossible to create A.I. Well, according to them. 


On the other hand, most intrepid scientists have invested in A.I. and one of them are’ ELON MUSK,’ I really think’ Elon musk’ is the future of science and technology, it’s the real Tony Stark of that era. Elon Musk has donated millions for the future of the Institute of Life, and now his organization is making use of this money by funding research to keep artificial intelligence “robust and beneficial.” In the past, he brought Terminator up while discussing his concerns about the evolution of A.I. and he said that A.I. Has the potential to be’ MORE DANGEROUS THAN NUKES ‘ Musk says’ A.I is our greatest existential threat.’ Scientist Stephen Hawkings and Elon Musk signed an open letter to make sure A.I. Science is going to be beneficial to mankind.


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