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Exquisite Attire to Wear with Knitwear for Women

There are various ideal outfits for women in every season, and the winter is no exception. Wrapping up in some stylish and trendy knitwear to welcome the arrival of this winter. All knitwear such as cardigans, wholesale knit dresses, scarves, gloves and hats are brought out in winter. I believe you must be ready to welcome this winter season with those cozy and warm pullovers and Knitwear. Every girl loves to look attractive, and winter can also allow them to look as cute and charming as they want due to these chic knitwear. But we all know that keeping warm in winter is equally important.

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Knitwear Styles to Try this Winters

For women who always want to look stylish, it becomes a bit tricky when it comes to large Knitwear. What outfits that a girl should wear with it to achieve the best look? And what styles of knitwear are in fashion? You will find hundreds of trendy girl outfits to wear with Knitwear this winter. There are many different ways to style your beloved and stylish knitwear this winter so that you can stay both warm and good looking.

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Prepare to rock warm scarves, beautiful dresses, cardigans, cozy and oversized sweaters with knitwear this winter, and enjoy the winter occasions in a fashionable style. Taking out your time to find more clothing styles, and I hope you will find your pretty outfit to wear with your favourite knitwear and try this winter.

What are Different Styles of Knitwear

Cold-weather style wants you to stay warm in knit. Taking a walk in winter, chatting with friends in coffee shops, and happy moments with your loved ones would be incomplete without your favourite chunky cardigan or knit dresses. There is no doubt that knitwear can make your cold months extra warm and comfy. However, how girls can match their beloved Knitwear with their outfits to make it extra attractive is also crucial.

shestar wholesale Christmas Pattern Jacquard Knit Cardigan

Knitwear comes in various styles, colors, patterns and thicknesses. Although cardigans are more fitted, which can also be found with wide sleeves and lengths down to the knees. Not all cardigans have a fixing function either, some may only naturally fall off the shoulder while some may just have a thick button at the collarbones. Of course, this is more for feature purposes than actual practicality.

How to Wear Cardigans with Style

Cardigans can change your winter outfits. No matter where you go, you can wear a stylish cardigan on any occasion, whether it is a casual gathering with friends or a formal business meeting. To create a weekend look, you can wear a cardigan with typical jeans, a white T-shirt, or chinos and sneakers will absolutely look cool.

shestar wholesale Drop Shoulder Tie-dye Knit Cardigan

How will Knit Jumpers Look on Your Outfit

When it comes to looking stylish during the cold months, knit jumpers have a broad spectrum. Chunky knitting patterns are the most popular, as are light-colored knitting patterns with a simple logo on the front. There will also be an influx of stripes and animal patterns also this year. Knit jumpers are not really warm but also versatile. Wearing a dark-colored chunky jumper with any casual blazer can create a stunning winter look.

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What Shoes Should Your Wear with a Knit Sweater

The obvious solution to this question is a pair of boots. The best option of shoes is none other than stylish boots which have become a popular item for girls to wear with their sweaters and other knitwear in winter. You can wear leather work boots and motorcycle jacket with classic blue jeans that will definitely look great with your knitted sweater.

Wear Jewelry with Your Knit Dresses

shestar wholesale Batwing Sleeve Solid Knitting Smock Dress

Of course, jewelry especially a choker, or single necklace will look wonderful if you are wearing a boat-neck or V-neck knit dresses. This is because the boat-neck dress is open and your neckline is visible. Likewise, if you have a cowl-neck dress, cuff bracelet and earrings will look chic and stylish. Minimalist dresses such as funnel-neck dress make your costume elegant when paired with dangling earrings.

Accessories to Go with Knitwear

Complete your appearance with this chic cropped turtleneck sweater. You can wear it with loose black trousers and high-heels to create the illusion of tall legs. As an alternative, high-waist pants or a maxi skirt can also be a relaxing way to look fashionable without dressing up too much. This is an excellent choice for girls who want to spice up their winter wardrobe.

shestar wholesale Turtle Neck Leopard Knit Sweater


When deciding what to wear that is not only warm but also make you look stylish during the winter, believe us! There are no hard and fast rules, You can experiment with your casual garment and of course your beloved knitwear. For your convenience, we have brought up some cute outfits from our online store wholesale women’s apparel supplier She Star that girls will surely love. All of these looks are unique, exquisite, and perfect knitwear looks, so that you must have a try this winter season.


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How to Dress Like a Minimalist with Womens Clothing

Actually, a minimalist closet can be anything you want it to be, and “boring” may not be on your wish list. The basic principles of a minimalist wardrobe is to streamline the the essentials, keep only the items you need, going for quality over quantity, and choosing pieces that are versatile instead of trendy. In this way, you are going to save money as your purchase volume will be reduced, even if the statement items you buy are higher quality and more expensive than what you currently own. However, you can also save more time because your wardrobe will be smaller and most of the wholesale womens clothing in your closet will work together. Therefore, no more marathon sessions of trying on garment to determine what to wear.
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It sounds pretty good. But if you are used to maintaining a huge closet and experimenting with various colors, patterns, and funky silhouettes, then you may still worry that if you reduce and turn off most of the brightness, you will end up feeling bored with neutral colors. Minimalist dressing may not be suitable for everyone, but high-quality fabrics, interesting proportions, and great attire are things that everyone can enjoy. Keep reading the article below to learn how to dress like a minimalist with womens clothing.

  1. The Beauty of Minimal Look

    shestar wholesale Single Breasted Knotted Hem Feather Shirt
    The beauty of minimal dressing is that it can draw trends and loud patterns into the spotlight and focus on the contours of the clothing. This means that it is an excellent time to experiment with interesting new takes on classic items. The same white shirt can be found anywhere, rather than looking for a shirt that can transform a familiar shirt fabric into a new silhouette with a unique neckline or interesting sleeves.

  2. Focus on One Point

    shestar wholesale Lapel Collar Plaid Detail Corduroy Jacket
    If you want to make a minimal piece of garment more attractive, make sure to choose the piece as the focal point of the whole. Throw on a simple pair of pants with a sculptural top, or an elegant dress with a leather jacket. Likewise, a basic T-shirt goes well with a pleated skirt, and a pair of skinny jeans is the perfect companion for a subtly draped poplin top. You can even consider accessories as the main candidates as the focus of your attire, and then match some personalized shoes with stylish and smooth clothing.

  3. Less is More

    shestar wholesale Plus Size Bowtie Neck Daisy Print Shirt
    When you try to minimize the size for the first time, you may want to increase the number of layers or accessories to increase the visual interest of the garment made of solid fabric. But if you love the cut of your outfits, you should trust them to make a statement for you rather than layer all the accessories over it. Put back your oversized scarf and try to wear small and delicate earrings instead, or resist the desire to wear a flashy pair of high heels and go for a simple pair of flat shoes instead. When you step out of your comfort zone, you may find your beloved new look.

  4. Looking for New Silhouettes

    shestar wholesale Stripe Sleeve Pocket Smock Dress
    As you decide to shop for fewer clothes and wearing them more, now it’s the perfect time to not only rock your favorite styles, but also find new silhouettes to elevate your look. Some women are most comfortable in trimmed and tailored attire, but a favorite style of minimalist dressing table is the cleverly oversized look. If all of the current clothes in your wardrobe are tight-fitting, try something loose-fitting and draped for a change of pace.

  5. Make a Contrast

    shestar wholesale Notched Neck Solid Knitted Pullover
    Many minimalists have only a few classic colors in their closets, such as white, navy and the indispensable black. Of course, this is not the only way to be minimalist, but if it is the strategy you choose, then you will not be limited to monochromatic ensembles. Some placement of contrast will greatly increase the interest of clothing composed of simple parts and a few accessories.

  6. Consider Your Accessories

    shestar wholesale Women Fringe Trim Woven Leather Tote Shoulder Bag
    One of the biggest advantages of a minimalist closet is that you will shop for less, but get better parts made of high-quality materials and destined for a longer lifespan. So why not try to extend these benefits to your accessory range, as well? Instead of purchasing and owning dozens of pairs of shoes, consider which style is the most versatile and durable. Instead of always changing a handbag for every piece of clothing, try to find one that will match everything or almost all of the items in your closet.


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Top Fashion Tips for Women with Pear-shaped Figure

A perfect figure to die for is the dream of every woman. The ideal figure is not a standardized thing, but the human body has many shapes, and all of which can be called perfect. One of the body shapes is the “Pear-shaped figure”. As the name suggests, pear-shaped bodies look like a pear. If you have discovered yourself as a pear-shaped woman, then we have some wholesale womens fashion tips listed down for you.

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How to Dress up a Pear-shape Figure

Give it a good read to know how to look flattering in your outfits that look best on a pear-shaped figure. Here are some stunning tips you must know if you have a pear-shaped body and wonder what attire would look best on it.

1.Which Neckline Looks Best for a Pear-shaped Women

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If you have a pear-shaped body, different types of necklines can work well for you. However, if you want to create a certain width on your shoulders in order to balance out your wider hips, you should pay attention to the styles of the neckline and boat necks. Similarly, it is found that the low-cut neckline is the perfect choice for pear-shaped women. The reason is that a low-cut neckline usually helps to bring your face more in focus instead of your heavy bottoms.

2.Avoid Wearing Tight Fitted Shirts

shestar wholesale tie hem buttoned striped shirt

Since the bottom of the pear-shaped body is heavier, it creates an unbalance with the upper half of the body. To solve the problem of this unbalance, you should focus on your upper body to define the waist. Avoid wearing too tight shirts or too loose blouses to avoid overemphasizing the thighs and hips. Fitting-well shirts will give you a more exquisite look rather than a skin-tight style or skin-tight ripped jeans ending at the waistline.

3.Coats for Pear-shaped Women

shestar wholesale winter notch collar buttoned plush coat

Every woman wants to wear a flattering coat to keep herself stylish as well as warm in the winter. If you are a pear-shaped woman and are looking for a coat that works well for your unique figure, we recommend that you follow the same as we suggested for your shirts, the same will go for the coats. More suitable will be a long loose coat, which can draw attention away from your waist and heavy hip area. Some flattering coats with buttons or belts may be an ideal choice. In addition, a coat with a large fur neckline will help you create an hourglass illusion. Knee-length coat with a belt can help you accentuate your small waist.

4.Chic Skirts for Pear-shaped Figures

shestar wholesale high waist pu leather pleated peplum skirt

More than a perfect type of skirt for a pear-shaped figure will be an A-line skirt. This will make your waist look slimmer and obviously giving you a more refined look. A-line skirts will skim your body to help you overemphasized the bottom. You can also throw on skirts with stylish ruffles and skirts embellished with beading at the bottom hem. These skirt styles can help you draw attention to your curvy bottom without adding bulk to your broad hips.

5.Jeans Styling Ideas

shestar wholesale fringe raw hem bell bottom jeans

If you have a pear-shaped body, finding jeans that fitting-well and may be a difficult challenge. The mantra of a woman with pear-shaped bodied will be dark flared bottom jeans. Avoid tight, faded colored jeans as it will draw everyone’s attention to the wide hips and thigh area. Opt for a tight belt, it will give a more prominent look to your heavy bottom. You can also go for high-waist jeans, as these jeans have a curved waist and can fit your waist best. What’s more, wearing high-waist jeans can also lengthen your legs.

6.Go for Right Accessories

shestar wholesale frill trim v-neck floral peplum blouse

It is recommended that pear-shaped women accessorize their top part with the right accessories, such as necklaces and earrings. Achieve a perfect balance among accessories like necklaces, earrings and scarves to provide yourself with a bright and fresh look. However, do not over-do everything, otherwise, it will look more tacky. You can wear big round earrings or small pearl-shaped studs as it is evergreen jewelry style at any time. If you want to take your attention away from your thighs and buttocks, you can also wear colorful scarves, personalized hats, etc., which all look good.

7.Best Bags to Carry

shestar wholesale women pu leather shoulder baguette bag

A girl with pear-shaped body can hide wider hip with the right bag style. For all pear-shaped women with heavy bottoms, bags featuring shorter handles may be your best choice. These bags will cling to your shoulders, making them a look wider. Or you can hold it in your hand or wrist to enhance the visibility of the appearance. Side bags or sling bags aren’t appropriate for pear-shaped women, do not shop them to bring attention to your heavy bottoms. As far as types of bags are concerned, you can also carry oversized bags as well as clutches, which will add more luster to your charming look.


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How to Dress up the Clubwear to Make You Outstanding

For some girls, there is nothing better than dancing, and a nightclub is a good place to get down. When it comes to getting ready for a night out, there are certain principles to dress up your wholesale clubwear, but there are no rules for how to express yourself. From a girl’s evening out to a birthday party, there are many occasions and ways to show yourself and look as exquisite as a fashionista. Whether you are going to a bar or an inspired discotheque, here is the ultimate guide for women and girls to dressing for a club.

  1. Clubbing Outfits

    Whether you are heading to a nightclub or something elegant, turn some heads with a charming clubbing outfit. A slim fitting-well bodysuit looks wonderful with trousers or a mini skirt, or keep it casual with a crop top and denim jeans and boots. If you are heading out to a special event, opt for a bodycon dress or a sequins dress with high heels, and then show off yourself all night long.

  2. Nightclub Dress Codes

    If you’re unsure about what to wear to a nightclub or how to dress up yourself, then the key is finding a balance between looking stylish and being comfortable. Bodysuit, skinny jeans and a cute crop top or a jumpsuit, but there are no rules when it comes to dressing properly. However, no matter how you dress up, it’s best to avoid clumsy sneakers or unfitting T-shirts, so stick to evening outfits that are worth showing off.

  3. Go for Button-up Shirts

    Get inspired by the stylish look of the office wear with a button-up shirt. Whether you leave it unfinished or completely fixed, this is a prefect way to add interest to your outfit, no matter where you are. When the weather gets warmer, wear a light dress with a bra underneath or throw on an embellished design with a pair of jeans for a polished look. This is a fashionable and timeless choice for someone to wear to a club, so switch things up and try something new and interesting!

  4. Jeans or Trousers are also Great

    You don’t have to always to wear dazzling dress to a club, a pair of trousers or jeans are also a fantastic option. If you are going to make a statement, sequined, sparkly or shiny tops look great with a plain bottom. These are the best choices for any season of the year, and you’ll stay comfy so that you can be confident all night!

  5. Which Shoes Should You Wear to the Club

    There are some basic rules you can follow when it comes to club footwear. High heels and boots are a simple choice that can be worn with a variety of outfits, so why not go all out and rock them in wild shades of various colors and styles? If you want to dance all night, go for thick platforms or simple and clean sneakers. If you are wearing the latter, it’s best to choose something sophisticated and stylish. You can never go wrong with a pair of strappy stilettos or classic high heels, but make sure you are comfortable to make you keep confident.

  6. Clubbing Accessories

    Go all out and show off your worthy assets with extra fresh accessories. If you don’t want to carry a large wallet with you, opt for a belt bag or a clutch, so you can keep your hands free and still keep your possessions safely. Hairpins with bold words are a perfect way to keep the hair strands out of your face while you dance, and stunning necklaces and earrings are fantastic pieces to complete the attire. Don’t be afraid to match and mix things up and go all out and you will look amazing!

  7. What to Wear to a Club in Winter

    When the mercury drops and you’re ready to dance, the best way is to layer it on top of each other. Wearing an overcoat will keep you warm when you enter the club, but going for dark clothing, such as bras and pants, or a slinky dress. Make sure to put your outerwear in the cloakroom so that you can dance freely throughout the night. If you are planning to go bar hopping, pick a long sleeve jumpsuit or an attractive two-piece, then you will make every place you go to the hottest place in the world.

  8. How to Dress up for a Summer Club

    Keep it trendy and fresh in summer by rocking out one of these costumes. If the whether is too warm to work properly, opt for a leather mini skirt and a crop top with a pair of high heels. If you want to make a statement, why not throw on flared pants and a classic She Star blouse or something in one pastel shade? This is the season of going all out, so try something fun and watch the compliments!


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