Some of the coolest things that PHP can do are

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1. E-Commerce:-

E-commerce is one of the most popular PHP applications.
Industries are always looking to create new streams of revenue online from a
small business level to a business level. This gives you a distinct advantage
with your customers whether you know how to leverage existing e-commerce
platforms or create your own from scratch.


2. Image processing and

You can do more than just output HTML to your browser
using the GD library with PHP! In various file types, you can generate images
like jpeg, png, and gif. This PHP feature helps to create thumbnails images,
add watermarks, redimension and crop pictures and even create a gallery of


3. Build a Dynamic Website

You can dynamically add pages and elements to your
websites with PHP. The HTML page is initially created and divided between the
header, main text, and sections thereof. Bring the PHP extension into your next
pages and use the Includes server-side for every new header and footer tab.
Flexible sidebars and top sections of navigation can also be given.


4. Facebook Application

Using PHP, you can integrate Facebook with your website.
The Facebook Developer wiki allows you to get started if you created Facebook
apps with a different language or wish to start with PHP.



5. Creating an online

When the website deals with trade, entertainment,
products and services, internet users have to feel connected to a product or
message. You may create their own online PHP-driven community or choose from
the scripts that are widely available on your website. Again, I recommend using
a PHP Framework if you plan to build your own forum from scratch. For example, Code
Igniter has classes and assistants to manage the most routine tasks you can
imagine. However, you can use various building tools for the site.


Some of the most popular ones

   *PHP BB


   *Pun BB



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