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In 1973, a Hindustan Unilever lab research scientist discovered that vitamin B3 could lighten the skin color when applied topically. Realizing its strength and enormous potential, he began investigating the possibility to use it to modify skin pigmentation.
The first lightening cream, Fair & Lovely, was launched after two years of meticulous research and experimentation. Using 100 % safe ingredients, it gave women effective and visible fairness, and more than that, it gave hope. Hope millions of women around the world, particularly in Asia, who wanted fairer, even skin, how it made them feel about themselves, and how it made the world see them.

Being firmly established as the leading global fairness cream doesn’t mean we stop innovating. It means we work harder than ever. Fair & Lovely was born in a scientific revolution, and science is still the heart of our business. Via ongoing comprehensive research and growth, we aim to provide equal treatments with superior effectiveness to reach more and more women worldwide.
For the past 40 years, Fair & Lovely has represented Women’s Dreams. This company has championed women ‘s greatest interests and desires. Throughout her past, Fair & Lovely motivated people to go after their dreams, even when they were at odds with what society expected them to do. When society expected women to marry mainly through arranged marriages in the 80s, Fair & Lovely gave them hope that women could marry by choice. In the 90s, when women desired not only marriage but an equal relationship, Fair & Lovely encouraged them to believe this was possible. In the 2000s, when society believed a woman’s place was at home, she was encouraged to choose her own career. And today, when women still don’t get equal opportunities despite much progress, and society continues to impose barriers on women, Fair & Lovely will give women confidence to overcome their own hesitations & fears to achieve their true potential.

Fair & Lovely wishes to make a positive impact in society in its own small way – by helping women build courage to follow their aspirations and ambitions. Fair & Lovely can do so not only by empowering people, but also through offering resources like higher education, job and entrepreneurship through the Fair & Lovely Foundation.


Every girl has a dreaming of what she wants to do, a vision of carving her own identity before she gets married. We understand these dreams’ importance and the need to invest in your future to become self-reliant. After all, self-reliance is key to establishing your own true identity.

Welcome to the Fair & Lovely Foundation, our initiative to empower women like you economically, follow your goals and achieve your true potential. We seek to encourage an attitude of self-reliance and independence among young women by providing scholarships in the areas of higher education , vocational training, and entrepreneurship.

Come, take the first critical step towards your goals and become self-reliant by applying for Fair & Lovely Foundation scholarships.


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