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Bluehost is an EIG-owned host, one of industry’s largest. It’s actually so big it currently occupies the # 5 spot, with a 2.24 percent market share.

The provider covers all types of services, from shared hosting to cloud and dedicated servers, through WordPress-optimized packages.

But one thing to know about EIG — it’s a massive organization flaunting billions of dollars, but following a strict corporate model. It acquires popular hosts and gradually replaces its own staff and technology, creating a clone army.

Let’s just say money is gambling with this tech giant.

Like other EIG hosts, Bluehost uses a colossal 50,000-square-foot facility in Provo, Utah.

Bluehost India Features

BH performs well speed-wise, but the lack of servers near India makes Bangalore’s ping times less than impressive—642 ms was the lowest score on our list.

All Bluehost accounts come with unmetered space and bandwidth, but don’t think this means a large-scale project can go overboard. There are tons of other resource limitations you will reach before you grow too much.

But don’t worry — the host offsets some impressive server setup.

All machines are WordPress-optimized and packed with security enhancements — for example, ClamAV virus protection, secure FTP access, and IP blocking.

Bluehost even throws some automated backups, but they’re overwritten every week, so it’s better to keep a separate copy offline.

Some other benefits include:

Isolation of capital

Having limited resources isn’t bad at all. This means that other accounts on the same server can not handle too much and adversely impact your website performance.

Bluehost ensures its hosting in India with advanced resource isolation. Whenever a client starts taking too much CPU or RAM, it is temporarily redirected to a less loaded location.

Experts in spam

Spam Experts is a leading email filtering solution and advanced online communication protection.

Starting with the Plus plan, BH India includes the set of tools in each shared account, guaranteeing 99.9% of all known spam and malware.

Especially useful to run email marketing campaigns.


India’s best web hosting must have A-class support, but Bluehost is far from that standard.

Up to more off-the-script questions, operators might seem helpful enough.

Imagine my shock, for example, when a reporter insisted that and are totally different.

I mean you have the same domain, website, logo, even the support box was

And that’s just a simple company-related question, imagine if you had a mission-critical issue, and somebody gives you bogus information …

Nevertheless, provides 24/7 support via phone , email, and tickets, but don’t expect any in-depth help.

Reviews of users

Trustpilot – 2.4/5 (6 reviews)
HostAdvice 6.2/10 (8 reviews)
WebHostingGeeks 4.50/5 (2 reviews)
Bluehost and Bluehost India operate separately, so you can find information about web hosting services in India specifically.

Given the few online reviews, the company has a long way to go. A reputable host should not allow slow server speeds, downtime, and refund issues.

Bluehost India plans and prices

Basic, 199 INR / mo
Plus, 299 INR / mo
Choice Plus: 299 INR / mo
Pro, 859 INR / mo
BH does not offer India ‘s cheapest web hosting service, but rates are fair.

The single website plan starts at 199 INR / mo (about $2.80 / mo), or you can host unlimited projects for 299 INR / mo (about $3.95 / mo).

And that’s just introductory prices. Renewal prices are even higher, costing at least 499 INR / mo for the entry-level contract.

One thing you might find is that you can switch between website versions US and IN. India is the more expensive alternative, placing your account at a closer server spot.

Our judgment

Bluehost is India ‘s strong web hosting option. The company puts reasonable prices on its products, emphasizing unmetered space and bandwidth. If support is on the same level, it can easily sweep the local market.

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