Overview Of SEO

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a methodology of procedures, methods, and tactics used to improve the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking position in the search results page of a search engine1 the world’s most successful search engine, uses an ever-evolving algorithm that aims to evaluate sites in the way that a human reader would. SEO can be done with the methods of Offpage and OnPage.

Types of SEO:

·         White Hat;

·         Black Hat;

·         Grey Hat; and

·         Negative SEO.


Black hat SEO:

It will take you where you want to go quicker. It is usually less costly because you are taking shortcuts to the capital by going against published Google Webmaster Guidelines. Many black hat SEO Training tactics are particularly spelled out in the guidelines as something you should NOT do. As such, they carry the risk that your website and/or content will rank lower, be forbidden from search results, or reduced the next time Google updates its ranking algorithm. That is no small matter. Google updates its ranking algorithm roughly 500-600 times a year.

 White hat SEO:

 It is the techniques and based on the different deal, adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines but regularly take longer and cost more to carry out. White hat SEO brings very little risk and directs to perform satisfying and increasing value over time. You’ll find most of the valued SEO and content marketing firms like Moz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Roundtable, the SEM Post, Stone Temple, GSQI, and Philadelphia-area Seer Interactive and SEMRush all use and recommend white hat SEO tools and procedures.

Grey hat SEO:

It falls somewhere in the middle as these tactics are not particularly called out in Google’s Guidelines. You should be careful about taking this path as it is not safe to believe that just because a specific method isn’t identified or mentioned as being ambiguous and one that will get you into difficulty, that it will not conflict negatively with your rankings.

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