National Mutt Day: What It Is And How To Celebrate It?

National Mutt Day is a very special day for all those mixed breed dogs that are in shelters instead of having happy and peaceful lives in a lovable home. Majority of the time, pure bred dogs are adopted and mutts are often abandoned in shelter homes. Due to this, National Mutt Day came into existence to raise awareness about the situation.

In this blog, we will first look at what exactly National Mutt Day is all about before rounding it up on how to celebrate this special day.

What Is National Mutt Day All About and When Is It Celebrated?

Colleen Page, an animal welfare advocate and pet expert learned about the unpopularity about mutts in shelter homes and why people coming to adopt dogs preferred purebred dogs instead of mutts. With this thought in mind, she decided to create not one but two special days for mutts and raise awareness about them among the general public. Hence, since 2005, the world celebrates National Mutt Day on 31st July and 2nd December each year. At the end of it, the main goal is to get people to adopt mutts from shelters because they too deserve a happy home.

How To Celebrate National Mutt Day?

National Mutt Day should be all about mutts and with this thought in mind, let us look at the few ways in which you can be a part of this special day.

#1. Adopt A Mutt: It’s as simple as it gets. On National Mutt Day, visit your nearby shelter home and come away with the cutest ever mutt on this planet. Surely, you’ll be making one of the best decisions ever. Mutts are not only adorable, but also very lovable. The perfect combination needed to liven up your life.

#2. Volunteer At Your Local Shelter: If adopting a mutt seems difficult due to various personal reasons, then to satisfy yourself that you were indeed a part of National Mutt Day, we recommend you to go to your nearby shelter home and volunteer. You will get to spend some quality time with many mutts and feel satisfied that you were a part of National Mutt Day.

#3. Spread Awareness: Having a mutt or not, you can at least play your part by spreading awareness about adopting mutts. Uploading pictures of mutts on the internet with a few beautiful touching words, you can reach a large number of people. It will help in raising awareness, and who knows, you might be responsible for the next mutt to find a wonderful home. Share Awareness tips about flea and tick and infection cause due to that.

#4. Donate As Much As You Can: Last but not least, you can donate some financial help to your local shelter so that it can help them take good care of the mutts living in the shelter.

Just like any other breeds of dogs, mutts too deserve the same love, care, and affection. We hope you will play your part in spreading awareness about mutts and tell people about how awesome these adorable creatures are. Moreover, if you plan on adopting one, then that’s amazing news. Besides, you’ll be getting a furever friend if you do (adopt)! Take care, and stay safe.

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