Keyword Research in SEO

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What is Keyword Research?

Truth to be told, there is no single definition or process to keyword research and here we decided to provide two basic explanations for keyword research: through the eyes of a digital marketer and an SEO.

Keyword Research Definition


For any digital marketer, keyword research is about identifying the actual search terms or phrases that are often used by their potential audiences.

For SEOs, keyword research also involves an added value of metrics which we use to identify the best keywords to aim for first.

Why is Keyword Research So Important to SEO?


·        The Right Keywords Leads You to Potential Buyers

·        Keyword Analysis can inform Your Marketing and Writing

·        Expand Your Funnel by Understanding Leads & Their Interests

·         Keyword Research Boost Traffic


Types of Keywords

·         Short-tail keyword

·         Long-tail keyword

As their names suggest, a short-tail keyword is key phrases that are short and vice versa. Short-tail keywords typically consist of less than 2 words, whereas long-tail keywords consist of more than 3 or more words. Here are some examples to get you started:

Short-tail keywords: running shoes, dance class, WordPress plugin
Long-tail keywords: best Nike running shoes, dance classes for kids near me, WordPress SEO plugin


Short-tail keywords are keywords that have low focus. They are general keywords that get a high volume of searches. This is evident in the SERP. When volume is high, the competition, without a doubt will become high. Hence, the cost to rank for the keyword would be high as well. Considering there are many competitors, and if your business isn’t ranking well, the conversion rate will be low.

For long-tail keywords, the characteristics are the complete opposite. They are focused keywords. Not all users’ type in the same focused keywords. With that said, their search volume is low as well as their competition. The cost to rank for this keyword will be low. On the other hand, the conversion rate tends to be high.

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