Is Possible to Study MBBS Abroad Without NEET?

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Okay, NEET (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test) is an entrance test for 12th passed aspirants who want to study MBBS abroad. Since this test allows all medical students to gain MBBS admissions abroad. This NEET exam is for studying MBBS abroad, such as MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in Germany, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in China, etc., but also for studying MBBS in India. Indian medical aspirants must pass this exam with at least qualifying marks so they can take good admissions abroad. Also if you want MBBS admissions in India, you need to score minimum marks in the 2020 NEET entry test.

But what if you didn’t qualify or want to study MBBS abroad without NEET! Let’s answer these issues in brief:

Study abroad without NEET Overseas MBBS without NEET Exam

When discussing MBBS admissions abroad, medical aspirants need to know that MBBS admissions abroad can not be acquired in top MCI-approved medical universities abroad, even in India , particularly for Indian students who want to return to India for their practice / work. Therefore, it is mandatory for medical aspirants to obtain at least qualifying marks in the NEET entrance exam 2020 so that they can study MBBS abroad in MCI-approved medical universities abroad.

Even if you don’t qualify for NEET Exam 2020?

According to MCI requirements (Medical Council of India), it is mandatory for medical aspirants to obtain at least qualifying marks in their NEET entrance exam 2020 to successfully attain their MBBS admissions abroad. But if you don’t achieve the qualifying marks in the NEET Exam 2020, you won’t be able to acquire your MBBS seats in MCI-approved top medical universities abroad.

This year, will NEET droppers apply to Study MBBS Abroad?

However, there is still hope for the medical aspirants who dropped out last year and are preparing to take MBBS abroad in this year’s top MCI-approved medical universities. Yet there’s no NEET notification this year! Last year, droppers had to wait until the NEET entry 2020 result announcement.

Is NEET 2019 3-year-old?

Medical aspirants might think NEET 2019 is valid for the next 3 years. So, let me inform you there’s no such confirmation reported by NEET. Just a assurance that NEET 2020 will be valid for the next 3 years, i.e. If students choose to drop their MBBS Abroad Admissions 2020, they can easily apply their MBBS admissions abroad for the next 3 years.

Can Medical Aspirants wait for Next Year if the NEET Exam 2020 fails?

Well, if medical aspirants fail in the NEET Exam 2020 then they won’t be able to take MBBS abroad admissions in top MCI-approved medical universities in foreign countries automatically, resulting in a void in medical education along with a negative effect on the student’s mind. To prevent this scenario, you can enroll in any pre-medical course before you earn at least qualifying marks in your NEET exam to study MBBS abroad in top medical universities. Also, the pre-medical course syllabus (one-year) will help you better prepare for the upcoming NEET test. So, it’ll be good to crack the upcoming NEET exam. You can acquire direct MBBS admission in foreign countries at MCI Accredited Medical Universities after both NEET exams and a 1-year pre-medical course.

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