Installing the Pega Platform Personal Edition:

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Pega Platform TM’s Personal Edition version provides a perfectly functioning Pega Platform TM version which you can download to learn how to make and check apps on your desktop. Including the Personal Version, the regulations and programs you build can be stored and eventually moved to a digital version of the Pega System.

Installation package:

The Personal Edition installation package combines certain segments:

  • Apache Tomcat

  • Pega Platform Personal Edition

  • PostgreSQL

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)


Verify that your desktop computer achieves the following preconditions before downloading the Personal Edition:

Intel-based desktop or laptop operating Microsoft Windows 64-bit edition with at least 2 GB of free RAM. See that the Platform Sustain Guide for data on aided editions.

For the following sections 20 GB of free disk space:

5 GB of uninstalled documents after installation can be removed.

8 GB for data downloaded, which may grow over time while using the PEGA system.

A provides the version of the browser:

  • Google 9 or next

  • Firefox Chrome 5 or next

  • Microsoft Internet Discoverer 9 or next

Installation from your download box:

Personal Version downloaded the PRPC PE documents.

Extricate the contents to a list on your workstation.

Double-click the directory of install.bat in the file. The machine opened a window of control and then the deployment wizard begins. If the install.bat directory is not running, check that the directory way has no spaces.

To ensure that the installation of the Personal Edition became successful, examine the details on the Summary and Preconditions tab. Click Next.

Explore the technology authorization for the Personal Edition as well as its third party services on the Authorization Policy site. Click Next.

The needed parts will be selected on the parts to be installed website. If you don’t like to continue the Pega Platform automatically since installation, apparent the checkbox for Launch PRPC. Click Next.

Navigate to the directory where you want the Personal Copy to be downloaded from Select Directories. Otherwise, on your C: drive, the installation will build the PRPCPersonalEdition directory.


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