Importance of Spoken English

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Although the English language doesn’t have the largest number of native speakers in the world, it has the widest reach of English spoken today. Native as well as second-language English speakers are found in every single continent and in many areas including industry, politics, research, technology and media, English has become a lingua franca.

English is a working language and a language of global advertising of many international organizations, like NATO and the European Union. More than half of all websites are also the most common language on the Internet. Learning English is an opportunity for many people to gain access to a wider range of information, connections and opportunities.           

Here are some of the most common reasons for learning English in the world.

1.       There are more job opportunities for people who speak English. Businesses require employees who are able to communicate with English-speakers and clients. In addition, entrepreneurs can access a far wider range of customers online by using English.  People who can’t speak English have a real economic disadvantage in the U.S. or other English-speaking countries.

2.      Since English is the science and technology language, English speakers have more opportunities to work in these fields with others and to share ideas and new ideas.

3.      When their children are learning English at school parents who speak English are better placed to help and communicate with their children. In families who live in the country of English, the children often grow up to speak better English than the language of their parents. Taking up the Spoken English Class in Velachery leaves the best coaching with full-fledged guidance.

4.      It’s easier to travel if you can speak English. Since English is spoken first or second in so many various countries, English speakers as well as printed information can always be easily found in English, especially in hotels and areas visited by tourists.

5.      English gives students access to research and knowledge. Since many of our top academic journals appear in English, students and university students need a strong reading and writing understand-how in English. In addition, it should be published in English to give sufficient attention to a research study or other publication.

Joining a Spoken English Class in Anna Nagar enables you to get more practiced and gain a good level of confidence to speak English.

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