How To Create And Join Messenger Rooms On Instagram

How to use Instagram Messenger Rooms

Step 1: Go to Instagram Direct messages and press the Video Call icon at the top right.

Step 2: Now tap “Create a Room” and then send Instagram invitations to your friends.

Step 3: Tap “Join Group” if you want to join a Messenger Rooms video call, confirm if you want to open the room recently announced in the Messenger Rooms app facebook. It was previously only accessible through Facebook and Messenger apps.

Last month, the social media giant had announced it would introduce the feature to Instagram and WhatsApp. This was rolled out to select users in April. The company made Messenger Rooms open to all last week.

Users can start creating Messenger Rooms on Instagram, but they’ll have to go to Messenger for the video call.

To use Messenger Rooms, only the creator requires a Facebook account, while others may use a shared connection to access the video call even if they have no FB account.

The functionality provides much space creator power. He decides who can join the call. The room ‘s owner may also delete anyone from the call or lock the room, so nobody else can enter.

It does not default encrypted end-to-end, but Facebook has promised it won’t listen in on video calls and these calls will be completely private.

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