How to Buy liquor Online? TASMAC Online Delivery

TASMAC Online Delivery: Know how to shop online? Internet shopping, alcohol online free delivery from Book Indian Tasmac APP Ordering Liquor. Home delivery of liquor through a portal at a requested price.

Online Liquor Purchase 

Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) will introduce today’s home delivery and online reservation of liquor and other parts of the state through its website,, and mobile app. Yesterday, May 8, 2020, Madras’ high court ordered the closure of the state’s entire TASMAC store, citing that social distancing norms were violated during the lock-down. While the High Court, on the one hand, closed all the stores, the online reservation was now allowed to buy the same liquor at home.

TASMAC Online Delivery in Coimbatore

How to buy liquor Online?

  • Go to the TASMAC App in Play Store & Visit for TASMAC online booking.
  • Register with your name, gender, date of birth, mobile number, address and mail Id.
  • Once you have registered, enter and confirm the desired secret code number.
  • Enter the Aadhar card number and requested details. If you’re not involved, you should skip this.
  • Load ordered preferred products and go to ‘Add money’ section. You can pay the ordered drinks in the “Fast Pay” option. You’ll get QR code later. The data will be registered on the cell phones of the TASMAC workers, the QR scanned, the organized items distributed.

TASMAC Online Delivery in Chennai

Wine shop online Booking

Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) has a state monopoly over 5,300 state-owned liquor retail stores. Online liquor delivery bookings in Tamil Nadu are scheduled to begin today. Online purchasing of liquor will be available via the TASMAC website (link below) and the mobile app upon launch.

All TASMAC wine shops are closed until May 17, 2020, and only online reservations and delivery are permitted.

TASMAC Online Buy Liquor Website

Today, TASMAC is scheduled to launch its website and app to offer online reservations and home delivery to liquor seekers. The Company has not already informed liquor platform or app and service online reservations. TASMAC is scheduled to release an online liquor booking website, helpline, and/or home delivery smartphone app information today.

Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation’s website is Whether a new link is added to your current website or a new site/app is launched remains to be seen, however.

At its hearing on 8 May, Madras HC ordered all stores to be closed while lifting restrictions on online alcohol sales and domestic supplies. The court received numerous reports that people rushed into shops to buy liquor and didn’t follow social space rules.

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