How to avoid grammar mistakes while writing and speaking English?

If you are a beginner try to use a simple sentence, beginners can make mistakes because they are trying to make complicated sentences. To make your English sound fluent learn Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar.

Make/build your vocabulary:

Keep on making your vocabulary each day, by collecting new words to learn and repeating these words every day, and memorize the collected words. Using a dictionary to learn more new words. First, you have to know more words, then read the sentence and try to make new sentences as your own. By reading more and more sentence you can get more meaning of the words so you can speak English easily. Every day you learn 6 words, and write those words and meaning on the paper each word at least 10 times. Every day you have to speak English will help to increase your confidence. If you are interested to speak in English, Spoken English Classes in Tambaram at FITA helps to increase your English fluency.

A common mistake in English:

Inappropriate Use of Tenses:

Incorrect: Sanjana will went to temple tomorrow.

Correct: Sanjana will go to the temple tomorrow.

Subject-Verb Agreement:

Incorrect:dog growl at the Policeman.

Correct: dog growls at the Policeman.

Misplaced Apostrophes:

Incorrect: The customers objections were ignored.

Correct: The customer’s objections were ignored.

The above mistakes are made common in all aspects. To overcome all these challenges step into Spoken English Classes in Velachery at FITA  and learn the language professionally under Language Trainers and speak the language fluently.

Practice with your friends:

You have to play a small conversation with your friends, it helps to increase your fluency. you have to try the below topics this can be useful to you

  • Talking about school
  • Eating at a café
  • Grocery shopping
  • Going to the movies

Here the teachers give you an in-depth training Spoken English class in T Nagar will help you to extend your career hopes since English is being spoken by several people over the world.

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