Xamarin has now been built for Windows and Visually Studio for Mac for Visual Studio 2019, a cross-platform mobile development system.

The wrapping around the native APIs and resources is small, so everything you can do in Java / Kotlin for Android and in Goal-C / Swift for iOS can be achieved using C#. Xamarin training in Chennai will teach you how to develop a mobile application.

About the platform war

Apple’s rights of the particular patent have been caught in countless legal battles, after Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, between Apple and Google. In the process, Microsoft also took part in the foray, alleging that Android violated some of its patents. While the battle has taken place in recent years, there is no clear indication of who won the network wars. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating on two networks shoulder to shoulder.

Uses of Xamarin

  1. Native apps run on a mobile device directly. The devices are equipped with hardware features such as cameras and sensors such as an accelerometer, a compass, etc. The online xamarin training will help you to create a mobile application.
  2. Native applications are rich in features and are interactive and have full hardware access. Although this is a good approach, Xamarin developers need to learn a language for individual platforms: Goal-C for iOS and Java for Android. 
  3. It’s costly to maintain different codes for multiple platforms with businesses needing applications to run on multiple platforms, which are not usually easily distributed to other platforms.

Xamarin Studios (IDE)

Integrated Development Environment has a crucial role to play. A good IDE allows any creative effort to be accelerated. Xamarin is a world-class IDE that offers the development, installation, reviewing, packaging and other software (in addition to Visual Studio support), a stroll through the woods.

Certification in Xamarin technology

Students and others who are interested in learning more about Xamarin technology can join in FITA which is the best training center in the city with professional trainers. Students are provided with Xamarin Certification in FITA once they complete the course. 

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