Hardest Topics on the CCNP for Switch Exams.

For the Switch exam, the main features are run on a number of the Cisco Switching platforms. The purpose of the article is to review the hardest topic. The five topics are selected for an informal review of the SWITCH exam topics and include Switch Virtual Interface (SVI), Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP), Virtual LANs (VLAN), and Switch port security. 

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  1. Port Security

A big part of any current switched support is security. One of the features that can be configured on changed is port security. The port protection allows the network designer the ability to limit the devices that are provided on special switch ports.      

It could be compared only to allow a single device with a particular MAC address. It is best to have a clear idea of the options, which includes the three different types of violation actions (shutdown, restrict and protect), the other types of learning (static, dynamic, and sticky), Port security is also maintained on 2950 switches and can be tested with only them if needed.

  1. Switch Virtual Interfaces (SVI)

The general theme that will show during this feature is that hands-on is the best way to determine any of these technologies. The majority of these covered on very cheap equipment like Cisco’s 2950s. Multilayer switching is not one of these features. For testing the features, the cisco 3550 or higher is wanted.

An SVI can be produced on these things when routing between VLANs is required. The idea behind an SVIis that each VLAN can be configured as an interface and those switch ports that are included in that VLAN are treated as a physical LAN section.

This way the device can route traffic between VLANs at layer 3 with the switch itself both shifting and routing. This article is not all that difficult to understand if the applicant is easy with routing interfaces, but practice on live material will always help in a greater knowledge of what is possible.

  1. VTP

The VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) presents a process of configuring VLANs across various related switches. The switches are combined via trunking protocol. The different switches communicate to a single database of the VLANs. Switch A is connected to Switch B and VTP has been configured, A user on switch A could create a new VLAN 50 which would then be propagated to switch B, a similar action would occur if a VLAN was deleted.  

The purpose of this article is to give an idea to the SWITCH exam applicants of which topics most (but not all) other applicants have struggled with. Hopefully, the content of this article can help you study these topics and have a successful voyage towards your CCNP certification. Learn CCNP Training in Chennai at FITA Academy.  

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