Growing Brand Awareness On Facebook

Growing Brand Awareness On Facebook

It’s no secret that Facebook has become the place to advertise your business and meet new audiences over the years.

Whatever company you are, from food and wine to gift and hair accessories, Facebook makes it easier for you to thrive in your niche.

Growing brand recognition and advertisement on Facebook is crucial to your success. With over 2 billion active users a month, if you’re not on Facebook, it’s like you don’t. There’s so much promise in Facebook’s advertisement platform waiting to be found. Whether increasing your conversions, driving traffic to your website or extending your scope, Facebook enables you to do anything.

Keep reading to understand why your brand recognition on Facebook is more important than ever and how these particular brands have succeeded in doing so.


FitFlop debuted in 2007, three years after Facebook established itself. The shoe company began to change how society perceived shoes; they could be both fashionable and comfortable.

By designing biomechanics and style trends shoes, FitFlop was born.

After successfully launching Facebook video ad campaigns, the company managed to increase its online revenue by 73%.

Using Facebook’s smart advertising platform and algorithms, FitFlop could determine when targeting its audience and potential customers would be most successful. They used lookalike crowds and interactive advertising.

Besides a 73% rise in online sales, the advertising hit $100,000 in net revenue by the end of the campaign.


PureGym celebrates its contract-free membership plans and 24-hour open access. This, however, has not prevented them from using Facebook’s advertisement platform to continue their brand recognition.

To better understand how the retargeting and prospecting campaigns influence their conversions, PureGym used Facebook’s conversion lift tool to research the incrementality of these campaigns.

This took place in July 2019, helping them decide where to better distribute their budget. The study results have achieved £29,000 in net sales, over 1000 net monthly gym memberships, and a 6.9% rise in conversions.

They made heavy use of video advertising as well as traditional and core audiences to reach the ideal potential customers.

Happy shoes

The cheerful sock brand, Happy Socks, has been around since 2008, revolutionising the world’s sock outlook.

During December 2018, Happy Socks launched ads to raise sales for two of the biggest holidays: Christmas and Valentines Day. They did this using Facebook Messenger.

They cleverly introduced a very personalised customer experience, where they could pick socks for Christmas or Valentines Day gifts to loved ones.

The customised campaign was accomplished first by reaching a large audience, before switching to a more targeted demographic of people aged 20-50 years. Using Facebook’s Messenger and its guided shopping experience, customers easily found what they needed.

The verdict was that customers showed a greater interest in Messenger ‘s easy yet enjoyable personalised shopping experience. In December, Happy Socks obtained a 2.39X ROAS and a 3X ROAS in February.


Clinique is one of the world’s best-known beauty brands. From November 2018 to June 2019, they launched a global campaign to introduce their new moisturiser range.

The goal behind the campaign was to raise awareness of purchase , sales, and overall brand awareness, as well as reach Gen-Z and the millennial audience.

Video ads were used to raise awareness by targeting women’s most popular topics when considering skincare; namely benefits, concerns, and ingredients.

For purchase consideration, each market was responsible for its own creative assets, depending on the variations of that specific market.

Lastly, advertisements were retargetted to customers depending on their past behaviour.

The eight-month campaign performed impressively. Some of the outstanding achievements included a 36-point lift in addition to cart, 13-point lift in ad-recall, and 10-point increase in brand awareness.

Now’s the time

Socio-media and the digital marketplace are booming. There’s no time like this to build your presence on Facebook and start creating your own success storey campaigns.

Large brands like Clinique, Marks & Spencer, and Nike, for example, show that brand recognition can expand via Facebook. But the lesser-known brands, maybe like FitFlop, also prove that Facebook isn’t just for major players.

Facebook is designed to make customising your ad campaigns to your unique audience and business needs easy. This is certainly one of the best resources available to raise brand recognition.

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