Get to know Some Science behind Wedding Rituals

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Indian weddings constitute of several rituals that seem to be purely “born out of beliefs and superstitions”. But there is so much more behind these rituals. In fact, there are scientific reasons behind these rituals of an Indian wedding. Yes, some are purely out of belief like Indian wedding cards carrying the motifs of Hindu deity. But not all of them are a pure belief or born out of mythological tales. Get to know more about these rituals and ceremonies along with the scientific reason behind them:

The benefit of Mehndi

Mehndi ceremony is quite popular among all Indian wedding ceremony. You can find a special mention of it in Indian wedding cards too. Brides apply henna on their hands and legs. In fact, this is applied to the groom’s hand as well. The reason being Mehndi has antiseptic properties and is soothing for skin. The cooling effect of Henna helps to calm all the nerves due to the stress of so many ceremonies and wedding planning. Also, Mehndi prevents the skin from infections caused by fungus.

Haldi, the “wonder herb”

Haldi ceremony is another ritual that holds within the “ecstasy of tradition” and “benefits of science”. You can easily spot the schedule of this ritual in Indian wedding invitations. From the archaic times, Haldi which is turmeric powder is used for “natural glow” of skin. In fact, this is called as “wonder herb” owing to its medicinal properties. The turmeric is believed to protect the skin against bacterial infection. As per Hindu rituals, it is applied to “bride and groom” to fend off “bad spirits”.

Sindoor to calm your “head”

Sindoor, the vermillion powder is considered as one substantial symbol of “matrimony” as per Hindu culture. It is not just that but is one health benefactor as well. Vermillion powder constitutes of lime, turmeric and very less level of mercury metal. Brides tend to wear this on the hair partition. The scientific reason behind applying Sindoor is that its mercury constituent cools down the body and makes the bride feel more “relaxed” amidst the stress of wedding ceremonies.

Holy fire: the natural air purifier

The holy fire is believed to be one of the constituents of which the whole universe is made of. The bride and groom make seven rounds around that holy fire while taking their vows. The fire is also believed to be the “natural” environment cleanser”. During the wedding rituals, various things like ghee, wood, herbs, etc are put into that fire. The smoke then emancipated from this is the strong air purifier. It has the health benefit as well and is advantageous for all the people sitting over there.

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