Difficulties in IELTS Exam

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IELTS Exam is one of the tests that examine the language proficiency of the candidate in all skills that includes the listening, speaking, writing, reading ability of them. This test is done commonly with candidates who are native English Speakers and non-native English speakers.  Therefore for the majority of the candidates, this exam brings a shivering fear in them.

Generally when a candidate decides to appear for the IELTS exam, then it is clear that they are going to compete with most of the candidates for a different native.

In this article we have pointed out dome of the common difficulties that are faced by a candidate while appearing for the IELTS exam. They are as follows:

1. Will the candidate be able to listen and understand the ascent of the native English Speakers?

2. Is that an issue or makes them scoreless if they fail to attend or miss any of the questions that are difficult for their level?

3. What is the level of friendliness an examiner shows in front of the candidate during their “Speaking Test” conversation?

4. Will the candidate be able to communicate properly with his/her “Speaking Test”?

5. Will the candidate be able to attain a good score in the Speaking test by impressing their examiner?

6. Is the vocabulary level that the candidate possess is sufficient for them to clear their Writing test?

7. It is known that in IELTS Exam writing test is the toughest among all. So there comes a doubt that whether the candidate can write on a completely unknown topic and clear the writing test with a decent good score?

8. Does the candidate have the fear that he/she may get nervous all of a sudden during their conversation in the speaking test?

9. And the major fear for everyone who appears for the exam is that is he/she as the time concern to complete all his test levels incorrect and within time?

The above listed are some of the reasons that induce fear in a candidate before appearing for the IELTS Exam. Having a prior practice with the tasks allows the candidate to score high in the exam. Taking up an IELTS Coaching in Chennai provides the candidate with sufficient practice and so can get their skills enriched in a better way. This in turn helps the candidate to score high in the IELTS Exam at ease.

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