Choosing a Male or Female Massage Therapist

When you enquire for a spa massage, the first question arise in your mind is male or female therapist and female SPA massage therapists are in high demand. According to a recent survey in America, 85% of the massage therapists are female and many SPA salons won’t hire male therapist since they will get only few bookings. The reason behind choosing a female therapists is to get a smooth intimate touch required at the time of Thai massage in Chennai.

Reason behind choosing a women massage therapists.

Female clients feel more safe and comfortable when they are massaged by a female therapist, since same gender to gender there won’t be any judgement regarding the physical appearance, this is applicable to female gender, generally women won’t judge other women in terms of physical appearance. 

Female massage therapists has many benefits than men therapist. Because female therapist massage gently and give good pampering touch to the body.

Picking a good therapist

People who have experienced in going to the SPA frequently much don’t mind in gender, he/she more concerned with the skill of the massage therapist. Because massage therapists are trained their boundaries at the time of massage.  

Massage is a profession of customer – driven and ultimately the therapist will treat a client in equal respect and professionalism included boundaries if client is discomfort. It is very essential to have a discussion before the massage to avoid unnecessary problems. When it comes to pick the best Thai SPA in Chennai, I would suggest a Le Bliss SPA Thai Massage in Velachery for the best massage experience.

The Main benefits of Thai Massage

All massage is used to relieve stress from your routine work and solve health related issues. Also, any massage improves your energy and relieves motion problem and gives flexibility. Generally thai massage is said to give many benefits related to health. The sooper benefits of thai massage are:-

  1. Solve headache problems
  2. Decrease back pain 
  3. Relieve joint and muscle pain
  4. Enhance flexibility and solve motion problem
  5. Stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation
  6. Increase energy
  7. Improves the functions of the nervous system.

Choose the best SPA therapy for thai massage and gets relief from your stress and pain. Visit Le Bliss SPA in Chennai and get good pampering services. 

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