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What is LinkedIn Live?

Every week, I use LinkedIn to discuss current events and connect with other content creators.

And I’m not alone. Indeed, in 2020, LinkedIn had nearly 700 million active users and was one of the largest social media channels.

Last year, companies started using the new live streaming technology of the social network.

While in 2016, Facebook and Instagram released live streaming services, LinkedIn recently decided to join live-streaming platforms.

In February 2019, individual users launched LinkedIn Live. Announced this year that LinkedIn Live will also be available for business sites.

With this announcement, LinkedIn agreed “to bring you deeper convergence between LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live by transforming these two products into a new solution for virtual events that allows you to stay connected to your communities and meet your customers wherever they are.”

Live streaming remains popular among audiences. Yes, Internet users watched live video 1.1 billion hours in 2019.

According to Go-Globe, live streaming is expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic by the end of 2020.

LinkedIn Live streams have increased by 158% since February 2020.

Although LinkedIn Live is currently unavailable to all businesses, it may be time to start thinking about live streaming.

To start with LinkedIn Live, you can complete a live broadcaster application online.

In this post, let ‘s review how to use LinkedIn Live in your marketing strategy to attract new audiences.

Virtual Events

Since the latest integration of LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events, the site is a perfect place to host your virtual events.

LinkedIn virtual events allow you to meet your audience and host your event in a trusted environment.

Hosting a virtual event on LinkedIn Live will help attract the right professional audience.

You can post your activities with your company friends, plus send invites to your first-degree profile connections.

Instead of taking and posting videos later during your virtual conference on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Live allows you to connect to your audience in real-time.

LinkedIn Live sees 23 times more comments per host and six times more reactions per post than native video.

With LinkedIn Live, you can engage and connect in real-time during your virtual events.


LinkedIn is a major hub for recruiters and job-seekers alike. Recruiting is one of the key benefits of providing a LinkedIn profile for individuals and brands.

With LinkedIn Live, you will support your recruitment efforts by showcasing your corporate community, presenting team members, and answering your audience’s questions.

You may also host a live panel with employees to work for your company. Team members can discuss what their hiring journey looked like, and give tips to people one day wanting to work for your company.

You may also host a Q&A for various team members to demonstrate their unique positions. For example, you can have them introduce themselves and their role, and then question their daily tasks and duties.

If you want to use LinkedIn Live to support your recruiting efforts, consider other social media tactics that you have implemented, and then strategize how they can convert into a live stream.

Leadership Analysis

One of most companies’ central LinkedIn strategies is to use the social media platform to position yourself as industry leader.

To do this with LinkedIn, you will analyze current business developments and improve your content creation strategy.

Using LinkedIn Live, you will host a forum for business experts, including your company’s, to address market trends and issues.

You may also host a live stream to interview business professionals and experts.

Amplifying thinkers and engaging in industry discussions is a great way to use LinkedIn Live to attract new audiences.

Show expertise

Not being redundant, but becoming an authority is an important part of your marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Live is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise.

Using live streaming technology, you can share your tips with your audience. To do this, brainstorm topics that interest your audience.

If you struggle with ideas, consider repurposing old content like blog posts or YouTube videos.

Producing live streaming content will help boost your marketing strategy.

Notify New Product or Partnership

As a professional social media platform, LinkedIn is great for announcing a new product or partnership.

You might consider doing this on LinkedIn Live. You can bring your company and partner representatives to discuss what the new partnership entails.

This is also a great opportunity to educate your audience.

By launching a product during a live stream, you will get your audience’s immediate input, answer questions, and live demonstrations.

LinkedIn Live ‘s announcement proves that live streaming remains an important tactic in your marketing strategy. Yes, this feature demonstrates customers’ interest in engaging with brands in real-time.

If you’ve used Facebook and Instagram Live already, LinkedIn Live maybe another platform to use and experiment with, especially if your audience is more likely to be on LinkedIn than other platforms.

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