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Shake Your Crop Tops in Various Different Ways

Since the 1990s, wholesale crop tops for women and girls have become an important garment of western clothing. Many famous actresses and fashionista always love to throw on it that is why the trend for crop tops has grown from toe to head. Today, we find it comes with hoods, sheer fabric and what not. It looks quite flattering on all the body shapes. On the street, you can find the millions of crop top styles. Therefore, let’s move forward and have a look at the various different ways about how to shake your crop tops.

  1. How to Wear Off-shoulder Crop Tops

    shestar wholesale puff sleeve tiger stripe pattern cropped blouse

    If you like to show off your collarbone, then the off-the-shoulder crop tops will be your favorite. It will look stunning on everyone. You can combine your normal off-shoulder crop top with your ripped jeans, wide-leg pants, high-waist trousers and skirt. Combine it with a neck piece or long earrings will make you look stylish and chic.

  2. Pair Crop Tops with Maxi Skirts

    The perfect choice of the combination is maxi skirt with a crop top. It looks wonderful during the summer and spring season. You can pick up a print crop top, it can be off-the-shoulder or full-sleeved style, and combine it with a plain and simple maxi skirt. You will love the loose and flared style of this outfit.

  3. Wear Crop Top with Flannel Shirt

    shestar wholesale asymmetrical hem cold shoulder plaid shirt

    Flannel Shirts are loved by everyone, especially professional women. In the same way, crop tops are very popular with women and girls. These two seem to be the best together. Choose a super chopped crop top from your closet and wear it with the shorts or jeans. Knot the flannel shirt around your waist and you are ready to go.

  4. Wear Crop Top as Formal Outfit

    You can also wear your crop top as a formal shirt. It will add a little coolness to your appearance. For this, take out your formal pants and wear them with a crop top as a workday outfit. In order to add a little formal effect, keep in mind to wear a leather belt and a temperament watch. You can even layer it with a blazer suit.

  5. Match Crop Top with High-waist Trousers

    shestar wholesale drop shoulder flutter sleeve knotted tie dye blouse

    Wear your hot and plain crop top with your high-waist trousers. Since you have already chosen a plain top, remember to opt for a printed or striped lower wear. This will make your appearance look more balanced without being too ordinary or exaggerated. Therefore, to achieve this look, shake a printed trousers with any type of plain crop top and accessorize it with a hat and studs.

  6. 6.Match Crop Top with Suspender Dress One of the most popular and tomboyish styles of wearing a crop top is to combine it with suspender dresses. Go for a crop top of plain t-shirt style and wear it underneath a suspender dress, which will highlight your belly in a perfect way. You can either go for a black or white crop and wear it with a pair of matching sneakers.
  7. Wear Your Jacket over a Crop Top

    shestar wholesale double pocket button down plaid co-ord teddy coat

    Most women love to wear a crop top underneath their jackets as it can give a thrilling effect. Not only that, the jacket also adds a layer to your entire outfit, making you look even more stylish. So, combine them together in the way of your leather jacket, denim skirt or skinny jeans and a crop top, and you are ready with a monochrome look.

  8. Crop Top and a Flared Skirt

    Just like a maxi skirt, crop top also looks the best with a flared skirt. The effect of loose and fitted will look the best on any figure. You can choose from midi-length or A-line skirt and match it with a contrasting crop top. Finish the look by pairing it with the heels and you are good to go.

  9. Crop Top with Jeans

    shestar wholesale rainbow striped print zip front crop top

    All the styles of crop top look flattering with your jeans. You can either opt for hood style crop top or a printed crop top, jeans will improve everything for you. If you want to try this style then you have to go for high-waist jeans. Pair the whole look with the right footwear and you are ready to rock the show.

  10. Crop Top with Denim Skirt

    The fact is that crop tops look attractive with the denim skirt. You can select a midi or pencil denim skirt and simply combine it with a crop top. This looks extremely delicate and stylish. Choose the crop top according to your body type and the style you want to express. Complete the look with a neck piece and a pair of high heels.


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Trendy Women’s Apparel for all Occasions in Chill Winter

Winter is already halfway through, and the weather is getting colder. Enduring the cold is worth it for the undeniably wonderful fashion trends that come with winter. Pull out your beloved boots from the back of your wardrobe that have been sitting there for the past six months. And the opt for a perfect long coat that is undoubtedly a must-have for winter. Winter is the best time to try a layered style. It calls for wearing endless amounts of wholesale women’s apparel that you can learn to mix and match, creating more winter looks for all occasions. Although just in case you need a little bit of inspiration, we still provide you with these trendy winter outfits ideas.

  1. Experiment with Casual Winter Apparel

    Winter season is the best time to try your casual wardrobe. You may find that this is the look you end up wearing the most besides work outfits. Due to the need of layering, your options are endless. In order to keep your legs comfortable, wear a pair of thigh-high boots under a midi dress or over your favorite long coat. You can also layer long-sleeve shirts under down coats or jackets for extra warmth while staying stylish.

    shestar wholesale lapel collar belted plaid tweed hooded coat

  2. Winter Office Wear

    It’s easy to dress up for work appropriately during the winter season. Generally, the more skin that’s covered, the warmer. In the old days, the classic office wear is a matching trouser suit, and it never seems to go out of style. Otherwise, in order to create a more casual work look, pair your jumpsuit with a trench coat and killer heels. If you want a little more girly temperament, you also can’t go wrong with a pair of plush stockings and a pencil skirt. Complete the look with a striped blouse, a check coat and a pair of boots. By the end of the coldest months, you will be very grateful for the cool change, as it expands your office attire choices by a mile.

    shestar wholesale notch collar tie up woolen overcoat

  3. Trendy Winter Garment

    In the chill winter months, we usually want to cover as much skin as possible, and sometimes at the expense of this in exchange for a trendy look. This look can still be achieved with a dress and knee high boots. Yes, there may be a bit of bare skin on display that feels the chill, but at least you’ll look wonderful. The best practice is to hide your safety shorts under your dress so that your thighs are not exposed to the elements, just your knees. If you are bold enough, go for a mini dress, a matching full-length coat and a pair of chic kicks. You’re sure to gain more attraction while walking down the street in this outfit.

    shestar wholesale ruffle hem pearls beaded knitting dress

  4. Club Winter Attire

    In winter, we usually tend to sacrifice the feeling of our fingers and toes to look great when hitting the club. In addition, once you enter the room, all that body heat in the room will warm you right up. So, you can still wear your beloved crop top, or little black dress underneath your long coat, and then send it to the cloakroom as soon as you get inside. Keep in mind that knee or thigh-high boots are a sexy item when you head out to the town in the cold evenings. Otherwise, you can still throw on your strappy heels if you will prefer to.

    shestar wholesale loose pocket buttoned fuzz leopard coat

  5. Sexy Winter Outfits

    Who says you can’t look sexy in the cold Winter? The best way to achieve this is by rocking a windbreaker with a large belt cinching in at the waist. After all, there is something about a closed windbreaker that makes others wonder what’s underneath. Then finish the whole look with patent leather or snakeskin boots. Otherwise, nothing is more sexier than thigh-high boots and a little black dress.

    shestar wholesale solid flap pocket belted tweed shirt coat

  6. Winter Date Costumes

    Date nights in need of a look that is both easy-going and elegant, while also being feminine and sexy. Shaking a feminine knitting dress, then match it with a pair of sneakers during the day. If you are a girl who prefer pants, opt for jeans. Then put on a pair of high-heels and a warmer coat over a simple blouse for that girl next door look. If you are going out to dinner at night somewhere so nice, rock an suitable length dress with a long-sleeve top and a pair of heels. You may be wondering whether you would ruin your apparel with your winter coat, well the answer is no if you choose the right style.

    shestar wholesale single breasted corduroy tank dress

  7. Winter Wedding Apparel

    Do you want to look elegant at a winter wedding? The easiest way to do so is by getting a long coat that cinches at your waist and then accessorizing with big earrings, an exquisite clutch and a pair of eye-catching shoes. Or, go for a plain dress that’s detailed, and select a perfect pair of wide-leg trousers paired with fancy heels. You will look elegant on this important occasion, and the bride will appreciate the effort you put in for her special day.


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Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore can make or break our career if you don’t choose the right training center

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore can make or break our career if you don’t choose the right training center

Gone are the days of traditional marketing where the marketer had to spend thousands of bucks on billboards, newspapers, and television. Therefore, marketing was the ballgame of those companies that had high budgets. And for those with a low budget, it was not easy. But things have transformed. Now, even for the startup, it is possible to reach millions of prospects by spending a few dimes.  And this method or you rather say the strategy of marketing is called digital marketing. From MNCs to small companies, everyone needs a team of digital marketing experts. Therefore, if you are a digital marketing expert, chances are you will have a bright future ahead of you. But if you are not and looking to change your career or would like to pursue a career then, needless to say, this is the right time to learn this online marketing. If you are living in Bangalore and looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore, then go for Digital Kora. 

This is the topmost education center that offers high-end Internet marketing training at the most reasonable prices. A team of experts has painstakingly designed the curricula of the course. The one and only aim of Digital Marketing Training in BTM is to make the maximum number of digital marketing experts and place them in the top-rated companies all over India. The classroom is well-furnished with all the essentials required for a practical based training program. Emphasize has been put on the practical class, not on the theoretical class. This is a lab oriented training wherein learning the subjects matter thoroughly on some dummy projects would not get you anywhere. As companies look for candidates with real-time experience. With that in mind, here at Digital Kora, you would get to learn while working on live projects of clients. The trainer will be guiding and rectifying you throughout this course. So, with every passing day, you would be strong in each and every aspect of Internet marketing. 

If anytime you are unable to attend any calls, you will be given backup classes. Every week, there would be a doubt clarification session where you can have your doubt clarified. Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore offers the most comprehensive training program. All the aspects of digital marketing are covered in this course. If you want to take your career to the next level, you can even take the international certification, online. If you have that in your mind, then Digital Kora can help you crack that exam. They will provide you with the preparation side by side of the usual training session. Once you are done with the training, you would need to attend the mock test to evaluate your knowledge. Once passed, you would be ready to attend the interview in the local companies and MNCs. However, if you wish to start your own consultancy or training center, they will guide you through in this regard.

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Microsoft SharePoint Features and Benefits

Microsoft SharePoint Features and Benefits

Multi-purpose functionality built-in:

Its versatility is the best of all SharePoint advantages. The collaboration network functions as an internal network that is essentially the internal website of an organization for sharing data, planning of projects, connections, and more.

Depending on the user’s status, administrators may grant various permission levels. In addition, the application has features for file sharing, file storage, social networking, business data, and practically almost everything concerned in the business’s daily operations. SharePoint Course in Chennai is very useful to operate in this software. 

Centralized administration

One of the most critical SharePoint 2010 advantages is the ease of managing. Managers can easily access operating features on a single dashboard, like security settings, coll, restore websites and site information, execute restore, and upgrade privileges. 


You can retain the standard benefits and characteristics of SharePoint online, or you can adapt them to your business requirements. 

Your team is able to make original components for each feature of Microsoft SharePoint. Similarly, you can customize the configuration of the entire program to reflect your marketing and to enhance the perceptive experience of employees with the application through the drag – and – drop features. 

Document management and collaboration

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 makes it very easy to coordinate information about your business in an open manner. A streamlined flow of data and cloud storage that can be accessed by mobile platforms are the significant benefits of SharePoint. Most of the professional workers are seeking SharePoint Training in Chennai with an advanced level of techniques. FITA Academy is the best SharePoint Training Institute in Chennai and we are having the well-experienced in this domain.

Educated workers make the right choices, meet deadlines, recognize and better contribute to the joint business plan. On SharePoint, file sharing is achieved by simply clicking or pressing a button. Yes, one of SharePoint’s 2013 various advantages is mobility.

Integration with your existing apps

Microsoft SharePoint provides seamless integration with the majority of your enterprise applications. Your Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word and PowerPoint), MS Exchange Server, MS Unified Communications, ERP, CRM, and several other back-office applications and updated version will work perfectly with the item.

Ease of use and design assistance

To develop your webpage or build database management systems, you would not need to employ a group of web developers because the features and advantages of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 also include the ability to build solutions, which better suit your business requirements.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIS) for such works are supported by SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server.

Content management

You can schedule and plan content for posting on different websites on the internet and social media. Social networking in SharePoint 2013 helps ideas, updates, and content to be easily exchanged.

Users can post Office documents on the website and distribute them within or outside of the enterprise. Similarly, they can build and edit activities from any computer and convert files, like PDF, Word, and Excel, to and from different formats.


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Yoga Pants Have Become Popular in the Fashion Circle

It is wise to understand that there are many styles of yoga pants, so finding the one that suits you is crucial. Comfort is the key when choosing wholesale womens pants as well as personal style preferences. Skin fit, crops or full length are all ideal options when it comes to yoga pants. If you are wearing them for sporting purposes or working out in the gym, then skin fit ones would be more suitable for you. If you practice yoga regularly, then maybe flared yoga pants or loose-fitting crops may satisfy your relaxation needs. Nowadays, you would always see many top celebrities throwing on yoga pants as casual wear or for street fashion style.

How to Rock Your Yoga Pants

You can easily pair loose-fitting yoga pants with crop tops or bodysuits to provide maximum movement without any problems while exercising as well as giving greater comfort. For a more fashionable style, rather than for practical, you can match skin-fitting bottoms with an oversized asymmetrical jumper. Knee-high boots or even ankle boots with leg warmers over skinny fit yoga pants will become a wonderful combination for autumn and winter.

What to Wear with Yoga Pants

  1. Wear Right Size of Yoga Pants

    Never wear yoga pants of the wrong size, as it will give an awkward look and avoid underwear lines to be seen. Always make sure that your yoga pants are made of a breathable material, which dose not have such a cruel effect on the skin in the summer season. It is best to perform a calf test with your yoga pants that you intend to purchase from any clothing store.

  2. Which Shoes to Wear with Yoga Pants

    What you can wear with yoga pants can be classical sneakers,casual flat shoes, jogging shoes or athletic shoes. Avoid wearing high heels, loafers or shiny slippers, as they will never go well with a pair of yoga pants ever.

  3. Which Tops to Wear with Yoga Pants

    You can wear yoga pants with a leather jacket or a blazer with any the monochrome shirts underneath during the winter. Yoga Pants also look pretty awesome with crop tops, t-shirts, and sweaters. The best part about yoga pants is that they are not only in black color. You can also shop for yoga pants in any solid color or even in pickled color. Opt for primary solid color yoga pants so that you can style them up with various tops.

5 Stylish Looks Created by Yoga Pants

  1. Sporty Look

    This combination is perfect if you are an athletic girl and love to play different kinds of sport. You can wear this attire when going for football lessons or rugby sessions, or even when you are going out to play tennis. For this kind of outfit, you need to go for black color skin tight yoga pants and along with it go for a pair of classic sports shoes to give yourself a comfortable and casual look for the sport activities.

  2. Rocking Cowgirl Look

    The denim shirt with black yoga pants is definitely worth a try! Accessorize this look with a pair of white sneakers and a chunky scarf. This is definitely a great way to dress up yoga pants. You can change the whole outfit by just making perfect pairs and matching combinations. For this kind of look, you need to go for yoga pants in black color and pair them with a long denim shirt. You can add a beige infinity scarf along with it to finish the look.

  3. Simple Yoga Look

    A simple white tank top and black waist banded skin-fitting crop yoga pants. It is a great look for yoga and gentle exercising. For casual outfits, you can pair up yoga pants with a longer trench coat, as a long outerwear can envelop up your bottom and thighs, you can make your leggings a little bit edgy. You could opt for a pair with strong elasticity or made of faux leather to make a head-turning and talk of the town look.

  4. Casual Beach Look

    You can wear yoga pants as beachwear or you can rock them too. As far as color combinations are concerned, they can maintain the desired brightness. For instants, for a classic look, you can go for black colored yoga pants along with a white-colored crop top. And you can also turn to a white color sleeveless T-shirt with any other bright color yoga pants like bright orange, yellow, pink, etc. For the shoes, you can wear your trusty pair of good sandals.

  5. Winter Yoga Look

    Yoga pants from She Star are a fabulous transitional choice for the fall and winter season. You can wear underneath clothes or tunics, which means you can return to wearing your personal favorite winter outfit for a longer period of time. Stripe sleeve hem hoodies matched with the black high-waist pants. Accessorize this look with a pair of exaggerated round earrings and sunglasses!


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These Amazing Apparel Tricks Will Make You Look Stunning

Today is Friday night, and you are searching through your closet to put together the right wholesale women’s apparel, but you just can’t seem to find any suitable outfits. This is a struggle that all women are fitting, but things are not as complicated as you think. You can make your life a lot easier with some smart fashion tricks that can keep you in the best condition in any situation. You can adjust the choices according to your personal style, body shape and personality, but most of these tricks are applicable to any women.

  1. Shop Outfits for a Big Event

    shestar wholesale Zipper Back Slim Cutout Lace Mermaid Dress

    Whether you are getting married or just attending a formal event, you will definitely take a lot of time to look for the right outfit. In order to improve efficiency and be satisfied with your choice, you should go shopping with the right hairstyle, makeup and shoes, so that you can find the more suitable attire. Plus, don’t forget to throw on some nice underwear – you won’t want to dismiss a dress that doesn’t look great on you as you haven’t paid attention to your curve line.

  2. Extend the Life of Your Knitwear

    shestar wholesale Fringe Hem Turtleneck Stripe Cloak Sweater

    The fact of something is called knitwear shouldn’t mean much, so the first step towards a long and interested life of an item made out of knitwear is shopping for a quality piece. There are many different ways to deal with this material, but you can easily end up with an overpaid inferior sweater. However, there are a lot of indicators that can show you what are you looking for. Firstly, you should be looking for thicker knitted attire, and secondly, try to stretch it, if it is pulled back, it’s a good type of knitwear. You are likely to pay good money for any quality knitwear item, so you should handle it carefully, which means you should wash it with cold water by hand.

  3. Dress It up in a Couple of Seconds

    shestar wholesale Single Breasted Lace-up Graphic Print Shirred Blouse

    We would be grateful if the days were a bit longer, but regarding the fact that will not happen, you should use a variety of tricks in order to dress up quickly. A nice bow tie always feels good, and you can make it work great with almost anything. If you don’t have any high heels near buy, you could classify your flat shoes by placing clip on earrings on them.

  4. The Rules of Showing Skin

    shestar wholesale Off Shoulder Ruffle Sleeve Tie-up Dress

    In terms of rules, we should mentioned those about showing skin. It’s quite simple, showing one body part at a time. So if you want to show your cleavage, pay attention to not combine it with mini length, and the other way around. Appearance and feeling attractive shouldn’t be based on your level of nudity. It is always nice to retain a little bit of mystery.

  5. Make Outfits Work for You

    shestar wholesale Surplice Neck Belted Floral Wrapped Kimono Dress

    Do you want to know why some people simply know how to wear the right outfits? There is actually no mystery there, and you can also achieve it by just thinking about what you are wearing a little bit more. It all depends on your body structure and you should tend to emphasize your features in the right way. For example, wearing a v-neck will make your torso look slender, while a mini skirt will do wonders for the length of your legs. Embrace your body curve and learn to fall in love with all its imperfections.

  6. Solve the Trouble Caused by Jeans

    shestar wholesale Fringe Hem Ripped Skinny Denim Pants

    You won’t be able to have a fashionable garment collection without jeans, and it’s difficult to balance trendy ones with those which fit you perfectly. Regardless of the type, the first rule of buying jeans is that when you are in doubt about the size, you should always opt for the smaller size, as they’ll stretch after only two washes. It’s an easy way to do your stitches and hams, it doesn’t cost much and you can decorate your denim jeans where you like. When it comes to changing them, make sure you have washed them twice before visiting the tailor. One suggestion is that all hems of your jeans should go up to the tops of your shoes.

  7. Accessorize with Bold Colors

    shestar wholesale Square Graphic Pendant Party Earrings

    Accessories are what actually gives an outfit a personal style. The way of accessorizing play an important role of your style. Most of outfits in your color may be neutral colors, so you can combine them when you find the right color. An interesting addition is to try switching a set from your attire with the one you select. And you should know that accessories can round out an outfit, so try to take time to put on a couple of items.

  8. Take Care of Your Garment

    You don’t need to spend so much time in the closet if you don’t take care of all those outfits you have carefully chosen. A high-quality iron, a good cleaning agent and a few seconds you should specifically check the instruction on a garment is all it takes, so don’t be lazy. The truth of the matter is that mastering some fashion tricks will allow you to develop and polish up a unique style that suits you well and makes you look stunning.


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Holiday Party Dresses for Women will Elevate Your Style

This season is time to be jolly and break out your holiday dresses! I love this time of the year best as no matter where you go, you can always dress up yourself! Wholesale party dresses are a staple in your wardrobe between November and January. And you never know when you will need one. I always prefer to have multiple options rather than under-dressed, so I like to keep a few dresses in my closet at this time of the year to be prepared for the last parties and invitation. Today I will introduce how to choose the best holiday party dress for your parties and events.

shestar wholesale sexy v-neck women irregular strap dreses

How To Choose Your Holiday Party Dresses

  1. Decide What to Invest in

    The first step in choosing a dress is to figure out how many parties and occasions you will need to attend. Decide whether you want to invest in a really nice and expensive one and wear it several times, or choose a few lower-priced dresses. Before making this decision, carefully consider the participants to each of the parties on your list. If you will be seeing the same group of people at several events, it is recommended that you go with the lower-priced options and choose multiple outfits. However, if the majority of people are going to be different at your events or parties, investing in an excellent holiday dress might be the best choice for you!

  2. Read the Invitation Carefully

    Of course, not all holiday parties require modest and elegant dresses. Read the invitation letter carefully and think about the most appropriate outfit. Sometimes there will be a specific dress code, pay attention to the location. If you are outdoors, or in a tented venue, you may want to wear a jumpsuit or something that can cover your legs. The ugly sweater parties are big this time of the year, I think you do not want to be the only person showing up without one.

    shestar wholesale snake skin printed prom dress

  3. Figure out the Occasions

    In addition to a dress, you may need to bring a gift if it is an occasion to exchange gifts. And you need to understand where these things may fit into your budget. Finally, you will want to consider the other guests. If it is an office party, you might want to be conservative with something like a fitted and flared dress, but if it’s all your friends and you’ll be heading to the bars later, a bodycon dress may be the perfect choice.

Holiday Party Dress Ideas

shestar wholesale back crisscross sexy stripe bodycon dress

Once you figure out what is required at the party, then you can make your choice of dresses. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. They are classic and will always be a winner. During the holidays, the generally accepted color is red, so maybe a red attire or dress is more appropriate for you being a little more festive.

  1. Casual Party Dress

    Casual party dresses are wonderful as you can wear them on other occasions too. They double as brunch costumes, or look like they are best suited for this time of year on date night. Many families may host a Christmas party every year, which is a pretty casual affair. Over the years most girls would go from wearing casual sweater dresses. While not a dress, trousers are a more casual choice for holiday parties. I like these green pants that look chic and are very comfortable to wear for a long time. This attire is another one that you can rock to the office or out to a casual party or evening event.

    shestar wholesale tassel trim sequins halter split dress

  2. Semi-formal Party Dress

    If your party is more semi-formal, then a cocktail dress or little black dress would be more appropriate for the occasion. Wearing a festive red dress to a holiday brunch that is more semi-formal than casual. In addition, I think it will be difficult for you to find someone unhappy with you being overdressed. As far as I am concerned, dresses are perfect for any occasion. If you aren’t given a dress code, then the semi-formal style is your best choice. The velvet faux wrap dress is my favorite style as it looks pretty without being over the top and it doesn’t exceed the highest price. The length and style of the dress give it a more casual side, and the burgundy color just screams holiday to me.

    shestar wholesale hot fit stone decor one shoulder bodycon clubwear dress

  3. Formal Party Dress

    This is the one that everyone seems to be struggling with. Formal usually refers to a cocktail dress, but it actually means that you will see everything. From mini dresses to floor length gowns. Just because you see everything does not mean you want to be one of everything. Your host will appreciate it that you follow the attire per her request. Formal dresses are generally a floor-length evening gown or a cocktail dress. This gorgeous sequin dress is one of the favorites of fashionista this season. It’s ideal for a formal occasion because it’s sparkling, which usually means more fancy, and it has a good length to move around in. I love the long-sleeved and high-neck that keep it classy while still being a mini dress.

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Funky Clothing can Offer Women a Fashionable Look

If you got tired of wearing the typical boring costumes at parties and dinners. Then here are some amazing wholesale womens clothing ideas for you that can bring vibrant and fresh colors to your closet and make the most of your sartorial expertise. Add some trendy fashion pieces to your wardrobe and match them to make it a perfect stylish look that will stand out from the crowd. The past year had some excellent color combinations and versatile cuts. Now you can take off those boring outfits and add some exquisite designed items that will distinguish your style statement from that of others.

shestar wholesale fungus edge shirred floral dress

Crazy Funky Fashion for Women

  • Wear Contrasting Colors: Avoid wearing shirt and pants of the same color. Always wear contrasting and mismatching hues, so don’t become a matching figure.
  • Wear a Different Color Combination: To enhance your funky fashion style, go for non-traditional color combinations. Dare to carry red and pink in the same dress.
  • Getting Better When You Accessorize: Yes, you heard that right. The more, the better. You can bring feather or tassel earrings, a fitting-well belt around your waist, extra-long bohemian styled necklaces or even a large brooch.

    shestar wholesale cowl neck leopard detail smock top

  • Make Vintage Look Great: Rocking long flared pants with a classic length blouse. Floral printed trousers with a pair of solid-colored button-down shirt are worth a try during the spring season.
  • Say Yes to Fringes: A tasseled shirt or fringed bag both look equally fabulous when it comes to trendy fashion look. This hack does magic at any time of the year. By the way, have you tried tassel footwear yet? If not, then it’s indeed worth a try.

How to Wear Funky Clothing for Women

shestar wholesale asymmetric draped pleated leopard cami top

  1. Supermodel Funky Style

    Supermodels have been trying hard on some pleasing and eye-catching shades this year. However, which one of them will go well with your skin color and figure type may bother you. Women with slender body shapes should choose the vibrant and bright colors and prints to bring out the extra charm and avoid the dull hues and geometric textures while plus size women should opt for contrasting shades or mismatched prints. Short lengthened dresses with a pencil cut are really the supermodel items, but any girl can slay these costumes if they select prints casually. Also, take a look at these funky festival garment for girls to wear every day.

    shestar wholesale flutter sleeve tie up floral dress

  2. Floral Funky Style

    Floral fashion is all about stunning colors and combinations, and there is nothing better than a lace top and pastel or white floral dresses. Striped shorts look equally attractive when worn with bandage blouse. But plus size women should not wear this kind of top as it will enhance the chubbiness by giving volume. For more amazing floral style trends, check out the best and trendy casual styles of floral.

  3. Funky Dress Up for Beach

    What is the appropriate funky outfit for a beach party? This is the solution for you. Stripe printed slit-cut skirt and a loose blouse or a tube crop top. Make sure that the top you choose is a light fabric that is cool and comfy. If you are heading out to the beach, don’t miss out on these gorgeous beachwear attire for trendy women.

    shestar wholesale ruffle sleeve v-collar buttoned blouse

  4. Semi-formal Funky Attire

    Chic light chiffon or any other striking material top in neon or attractive shade, plus a little embroidery or badges looks particularly elegant with formal dresses or skirts. Such combination like this will look stylish and sophisticated with heels and some chic jewelry.

  5. Funky Outfit for Prom Night

    A lace mini dress in some striking shades like sequin, plum, shocking pink, and red are a perfect option for prom party. This will make you look indifferent and chic. Wear some classy ear studs and chic high heels to finish the look.

    shestar wholesale round collar bodycon sequins party dress

  6. Trendy Funky Street Style

    All you need are some chic skirts, which can be lace as well as printed, and some funky belts when it comes to fashion street style. Petite girls should opt for some fitting belts, and plus size girls should add some wide belts to cover the fat.

  7. For Skinny Petite Girls

    Girls with slim figure really great in printed in box pleat skirts as they give volume and styles. Wear them up with leggings and oversized sweaters for a fall style fashion or crop tops in winters. In addition, skinny girls can go for off-shoulder tops that will make their sexy bone structure more attractive.

    shestar wholesale a-line collar ruffle sleeve solid dress

  8. For Plus Size Women

    Who said curvy women can’t participate in a fashion evening parties? Plus size women can select pleated skirts with tops in floral prints and high heels. These can be worn with stylish and embroidered belts, try to avoid wearing off-shoulder tops as they are significantly fatter.

  9. Essential Makeup Tips to Remember

    The nude makeup looks are ideal for funky outfits, but you can go for bright lip colors if you want to look more attractive. Generally, girls prefer wearing a bright red lip color to get rid of a dull look.


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Top Fashion Tips for Women with Pear-shaped Figure

A perfect figure to die for is the dream of every woman. The ideal figure is not a standardized thing, but the human body has many shapes, and all of which can be called perfect. One of the body shapes is the “Pear-shaped figure”. As the name suggests, pear-shaped bodies look like a pear. If you have discovered yourself as a pear-shaped woman, then we have some wholesale womens fashion tips listed down for you.

shestar wholesale tie shoulder tricolor pleated dress

How to Dress up a Pear-shape Figure

Give it a good read to know how to look flattering in your outfits that look best on a pear-shaped figure. Here are some stunning tips you must know if you have a pear-shaped body and wonder what attire would look best on it.

1.Which Neckline Looks Best for a Pear-shaped Women

shestar wholesale casual v-neck tricolor waffle smock top

If you have a pear-shaped body, different types of necklines can work well for you. However, if you want to create a certain width on your shoulders in order to balance out your wider hips, you should pay attention to the styles of the neckline and boat necks. Similarly, it is found that the low-cut neckline is the perfect choice for pear-shaped women. The reason is that a low-cut neckline usually helps to bring your face more in focus instead of your heavy bottoms.

2.Avoid Wearing Tight Fitted Shirts

shestar wholesale tie hem buttoned striped shirt

Since the bottom of the pear-shaped body is heavier, it creates an unbalance with the upper half of the body. To solve the problem of this unbalance, you should focus on your upper body to define the waist. Avoid wearing too tight shirts or too loose blouses to avoid overemphasizing the thighs and hips. Fitting-well shirts will give you a more exquisite look rather than a skin-tight style or skin-tight ripped jeans ending at the waistline.

3.Coats for Pear-shaped Women

shestar wholesale winter notch collar buttoned plush coat

Every woman wants to wear a flattering coat to keep herself stylish as well as warm in the winter. If you are a pear-shaped woman and are looking for a coat that works well for your unique figure, we recommend that you follow the same as we suggested for your shirts, the same will go for the coats. More suitable will be a long loose coat, which can draw attention away from your waist and heavy hip area. Some flattering coats with buttons or belts may be an ideal choice. In addition, a coat with a large fur neckline will help you create an hourglass illusion. Knee-length coat with a belt can help you accentuate your small waist.

4.Chic Skirts for Pear-shaped Figures

shestar wholesale high waist pu leather pleated peplum skirt

More than a perfect type of skirt for a pear-shaped figure will be an A-line skirt. This will make your waist look slimmer and obviously giving you a more refined look. A-line skirts will skim your body to help you overemphasized the bottom. You can also throw on skirts with stylish ruffles and skirts embellished with beading at the bottom hem. These skirt styles can help you draw attention to your curvy bottom without adding bulk to your broad hips.

5.Jeans Styling Ideas

shestar wholesale fringe raw hem bell bottom jeans

If you have a pear-shaped body, finding jeans that fitting-well and may be a difficult challenge. The mantra of a woman with pear-shaped bodied will be dark flared bottom jeans. Avoid tight, faded colored jeans as it will draw everyone’s attention to the wide hips and thigh area. Opt for a tight belt, it will give a more prominent look to your heavy bottom. You can also go for high-waist jeans, as these jeans have a curved waist and can fit your waist best. What’s more, wearing high-waist jeans can also lengthen your legs.

6.Go for Right Accessories

shestar wholesale frill trim v-neck floral peplum blouse

It is recommended that pear-shaped women accessorize their top part with the right accessories, such as necklaces and earrings. Achieve a perfect balance among accessories like necklaces, earrings and scarves to provide yourself with a bright and fresh look. However, do not over-do everything, otherwise, it will look more tacky. You can wear big round earrings or small pearl-shaped studs as it is evergreen jewelry style at any time. If you want to take your attention away from your thighs and buttocks, you can also wear colorful scarves, personalized hats, etc., which all look good.

7.Best Bags to Carry

shestar wholesale women pu leather shoulder baguette bag

A girl with pear-shaped body can hide wider hip with the right bag style. For all pear-shaped women with heavy bottoms, bags featuring shorter handles may be your best choice. These bags will cling to your shoulders, making them a look wider. Or you can hold it in your hand or wrist to enhance the visibility of the appearance. Side bags or sling bags aren’t appropriate for pear-shaped women, do not shop them to bring attention to your heavy bottoms. As far as types of bags are concerned, you can also carry oversized bags as well as clutches, which will add more luster to your charming look.


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8 Ways to Style Jewelry will Shock You Extremely

Maybe you also own a dazzling collection of wholesale women’s jewelry like other women, which filled with pieces you love or have forgotten you love. However, you are actually not making the most of it and you are not sure how to style it. Or maybe you are just not confident about which items should you buy to work with each other and for your style. The good news is that we have assembled a lot of handy jewelry styles and fashion tips to help you wear high-end, stylish and period jewelry that can complement the sense of your own style, personality and wardrobe.
shestar wholesale faux pearls trim irregular earrings

  1. Create Layers With Your Jewelry

    shestar wholesale 3 pieces punk style skeleton bracelet set

    Creating layers is an extremely popular style of wearing jewelry currently. If you want to layer necklaces, you can go for different lengths to attract the attention to your face. Different shapes, colors and textures will often work great. For bangles and bracelets, you can pretty much create a party of arms composed of different parts, and these parties will flash and bend as you move. Rings can be mixed, stacked and layered in various interesting combinations. You can even experiment with wearing a variety of different earring styles, if you have more than one pair of earrings or want to use earmuffs with other earrings.

  2. Don’t Forget to Change Your Earrings

    shestar wholesale rhinestone trim butterfly drop earrings

    It may be very easy to wear the same pair of earrings for several days or weeks. Or maybe you have not changed them almost all the time. But keep in mind to change up your earrings is an ideal way to create interest and style to your look every day. This is also a great opportunity to give your favourite earrings a good cleaning. You can simply wear a variety of small stud earrings every day to make some changes to your earrings subtly. Or you can add some dangling earrings to increase sparkle and movement according to your outfits. You can also shop for new pairs of earrings, which will attract more attention and will add some interest to your accessories collection.

  3. Experiment with the Mixing Metals

    It used to be considered a fashion to mix different colors of metal together, which is something I have always liked so much. Therefore, consider pendants that contrast with the colour of chain to which they are connected. The rings that combine different metal colors or layered necklaces made of different metals can add vitality and colour to your garment.

  4. Determine the Focus of the Whole Look

    This is another important decision to make while getting dressed, that is whether you want to be focused on your outfit jewelry. A simple or even dull outfit will almost always look quite stylish and chic with the right jewelry and accessories. You can opt for jewelry that really makes a statement to turn a simple outfit into trendy items. However, if you are wearing bright clothing, then it is usually best to go with smaller, more delicate jewellery pieces as a highlight.

  5. What’s the Focal Point for Your Jewelry

    shestar wholesale rhinestone heart pendant chain necklace

    If you want to dress up something special, where do you want people to point their eyes? If the jewelry you wear is designed to attract the eye, then it is usually best to make the visual focus on one body part that you want to pay attention to, such as your neck, hairstyle, or hands. For instance, if you’re wearing a dazzling necklace, then go for more delicate rings and earrings. Or you might even consider excluding them completely.

  6. How to Easily Extend Your Wardrobe

    shestar wholesale 4-pcs plaid jewelry set necklace 2 pairs earrings bracelet

    This might be an interesting thing to do if you have some free time. Just throw on basic clothing and try it out in front of the mirror, which contains all kinds of jewelry from your collection. Try different combinations of jewelry designs that you do not usually think about pairing up and add different accessories such as scarves, handbags or glasses. You will be surprised that what you can come up with to vary the appearance of even the most simple attire. If you don’t have many styles of jewelry or your collection is not very rich, then consider the types of jewelry pieces that can expand and increase fun and depth to your wardrobe.

  7. How do Your Sentimental Jewelry Pieces Fit in

    shestar wholesale ethnic tower clock pendant retro necklace

    Just because something is sentimental does not mean you have to wear it every day. Think about how you will feel if you wear a particular piece day to day and if that is an option for you. If you do opt to throw on one or more sentimental jewelry items most of the time, then consider how to layer those pieces with other accessories to increase the fun and variety to your style. If it’s a necklace you might think about using a longer chain or an adjustable chain so that it can be hung under the garment if doesn’t match the rest of your outfit.

  8. Don’t be a Slave to Trends

    Trends can affect what all of us wear to a certain extent, which is fine. But it’s never a good idea to follow fashion madly at the expense of your own style and personality, and you will eventually lose yourself. On the contrary, try to work out and develop your own style that suits you and gives you confidence. That may not keep up with the trend right now or at some point in the future, but once you own it then you will be fine. And don’t forget your personality, as we are all different and your own style should be allowed to express with the jewelry you opt for and how you present yourself in general.


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