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Most Underrated Bollywood Actors

Bollywood, a word, shows many things when taken. Scandals, limelight, scandals, wealth, glory, and so on. Have you ever wondered this’s popularity?

Every year, many people go to Bombay only with a hope of having some part in a movie or web series or TV programme. Some attempt to become dance choreographers, some try modelling, some try to become musicians, some improve photography and videography skills, some come up with a brilliant storey, and much more.

Think everybody gets what they want? No, it’s not that. Having every work position in Bollywood is really difficult and time-consuming. You have to go through several obstacles, and if you’re smart enough, you can just get what you want.

In the industry, there are many actors who haven’t got the fame they really deserve and end up with sacrifices. They seldom achieve reputation and recognition. Also, they have trouble having the lead role in any script.

It’s mostly due to Bollywood’s nepotism and politics. The celebrity kids get the fame and lead the movie roles and get decent paychecks. They earn and continue awards and credits. Non-star kids hang out of this race, getting unusual contacts with VIPs. They can do better than these star men, though.

We’re here to list the top Indian actors who don’t get the fame they deserve.

Deepak Dobriyal:– The film industry’s very talented and hidden jewel, which only plays the role of Bollywood-supporting actor. He never gets a lead role. Even he doesn’t get points he deserves. Vishal Bhardwaj introduced him to Bollywood in Omkara in 2006, where he had many appreciations. Deepak also worked in movies like Tanu weds Manu, where he won many hearts with ‘Pappi”s comic appearance. He worked in movies like Shaurya, Tanu weds Manu returns, Dabangg 2, Hindi Medium, Angrezi Medium, and Shaurya.

Whatever movie he did, he did it with his heart. It’ll be interesting watching him work in the lead role. He has more promise than most. He also deserves more business and viewer exposure.

Adil Hussain:– One of the finest actors winning several awards, but also overlooked. Adil Hussain had acted in many movies including English Vinglish, Pi’s Life, Kaminey, etc. He has won awards including National Film Awards in 2017 for his two films for his performance. One is Maj Rati Keteki, the other Hotel Redemption.

He just got few Bollywood movies. Most of his works can be seen in art films showcasing his true creativity. He served in English, Bengali, Assamese, Malayalam, French, Marathi, and Tamil movies besides Hindi movies. You don’t want such a great actor to be known in film by playing lead roles?

Arshad Warsi:– Renowned for Circuit’s role in Munna Bhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Arshad Warsi is the actor in the list of actors who deserve more than they got. He’s also renowned for his comedy parts, but aside from that, he can play whatever character he gets. We can easily see his emotional character in Jolly LLB, where he had many audience appreciations.

He received most of his movies as supporting actor, but somehow managed to catch the audience’s interest in whatever role he played. He needs more recognition in the film industry and more opportunities as a lead actor.

Vijay Raaz:– One of the best comic scenes ever made was 2004 Run’s Kauwa Biryani scene, Vijay Raaz lit the scene. Whatever scene he did, he did so with passion. He’s often remembered as a comedic actor, but very few people know he has a director’s expertise aside from the comedian.

He made his 1999 debut in Bhopal Express. He has worked on many movies like Aan: men at work, Bombay to Goa, Dhamaal, Delhi 6, Delhi Belly, and so far. He never got any movie as a lead character. Therefore, he even comes under the overlooked actor list and deserves more than this.

Ronit Roy:– Best known as Mr. Bajaz in Kasauti Zindagi Ki, the acting of Ronit Roy won many hearts. He worked on several films, including 2 states, Udaan, Ugly, etc. Ronit Roy conducted each scene alive. He put life in the character he plays.

Ronit Roy’s fanbase is fine, but he deserves a whole movie around him. He also comes to the last spot on the list of actors to be spared.

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8  Mysterious Temple Which Has Unique Architectural Design

Hindu Temple Design and Architecture

Sanctified rituals to build temples in India is inimitable and based on Vedic temple architectural designs. hindu temple architects built Temple based on Vastu Shastra for temples construction. Which helps us to magnetize positive energies towards and eliminate negative energies.  A temple constructed according to Vastu Shastra because Wrong Vastu affect our lives in several ways. A temple which is built according to Vastu Shastra will help us to revitalize our body and purifies our mind and body. Lets talk about vastu rules for temple construction and then we can see which 8 temple in tamil nadu are known for for mysteries and It has unique architectural design

Vastu Rules For Temple Construction in India

Anyone who’s ever built or construct a home would know how important it is to have a Vedic design for the same. People, who perform Hinduism, know the meaning of Vastu Shastra and its importance during the building of religious place, house or any commercial place. Check these Vedic temple designs. Now let’s know which are the 8 of beautiful temples in Tamil Nadu, which has so many mysteries.

8 Beautiful Temples In Tamil Nadu which are known for mysteries and It has unique architectural design

  1. Thillai Nataraja Temple in Chidambaram
  2. Beautiful Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Trichy
  3. Temple Thillai Nataraja in Chidambaram
  4. Annamalaiyar Temple in Tiruvannamalai
  5. famous Ekambareswarar Temple in Kanchipuram
  6. Jambukeswarar Temple in Tiruchirappalli
  7. Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai
  8. The Temple Thyagarajaswamy in Tiruvarur

What happen if temple are not constructed as per Vastu

  • Temple has negative vibes
  • Visitors has affect of bad vibes on their live
  • temple attract negative energies and become source of negative vibes
  • If you have temple in your home which is not constructed according to Vastu you should take an action.
  • Home temple affect life more seriously if not constructed or assemble according to Vastu Shastra

Effect of  Wrong temple construction

  • Sudden death of family member
  • finical issues
  • health issues
  • Children study related problems and health issues
  • Relationship issues etc.

What happen if temple are constructed as per Vastu

  • Temple constructed as per Vastu Shastra will help you to purify your mind on every visit
  • Help you to get rid of any type of health issues
  • Help your child to better in study
  • Activate your 5 senses like smelling, hearing, breathing etc.
  • Blood circulation: when you walk bare foot on temple’s floor.

Effect of  Good temple construction

  • good heath
  • fresh mind
  • revitalized your body
  • activate your 5 sense etc

Importance of Idol In a temple

The idol of deity should placed according to Vastu Shastra. The idol of deity is situated within the middle center of the place of pilgrimage, called “Garbhagriha” or “Moolasthanam”. The deity within the Garbhagriha draw all the energy from the camphor heat, bell sound, and vibrates the good energy inside the Garbhagriha for a fine period of time. This helps us to revitalize our body and activate all our sense.

The deity indian sculpture artist always uses rules and regulations mention in the Agni Purana to craft any deity Idols. This is really important for them. Deity sculptures have to make according to the Vastu. Otherwise, it also leads to bad Vastu in our home and temple.

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