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Is lockdown a perfect opportunity to discuss family finances?

With the coronavirus lockout in place, you have more time to spend with your spouse or friend. Why do you use it? Cook together, clean, play, or indulge your hobbies? Concern about potential revenue uncertainties?

One way to rest the worries is to learn the facts and be trained in the best way. Try conducting a family financial audit — an significant job that is frequently overlooked. Don’t get stuck by the heavy-sounding term. It literally means holding your spouse’s vital money conversations.

If it hasn’t happened before for some reason, lockdown is a great opportunity to get started with the most important financial health mission.

So how should you do it? Any tips to make things simple for you.

Land on the same Finance list

When you and your spouse receive money, you can prefer to manage your finances separately. While you both want your family’s financial protection, your approach will be different.

Create a funding strategy

Once you’re both on the same page, the next step is to create a family financial plan. This strategy will include the following action items:

  • List your short-term , long-term financial goals.
  • Determine the amount of money needed to achieve each target.
  • Shortlist investment avenues for creating a corpus for the listed goals.
  • Assess disposable savings that each of you can invest to meet the listed financial goals.

Review the present financial condition

Now that you’ve made your financial to-do list, you must first evaluate your current financial situation. Check your disposable income, income sources, investments, expenses, expected expenses in the next few months, and bank balance.

Check for a joint bank account or not. If not, make sure you are the candidates in your savings accounts and investment accounts.

Choose the ‘Either or Survivor’ (E / S) mode in your investment, so either of you can run your accounts. Check each other on your respective finances and obligations, so you know where the other is financially. Complete transparency in financial matters helps you to know each other’s assets and liabilities.

Tax preparation

Tax planning is important to improve disposable income and reduce tax liability. So, consider their tax consequences when planning new projects or evaluating old ones. Collect and manage tax-related information, Form 16, Form 26AS. If you file your own taxes, start calculations.

Wait for the eleventh hour. When you’ve done your taxes, keep your pay slips and related forms ready so you can send them to your tax professional as soon as possible.

Making a budget

While these tasks have a long-term perspective, you also need a short-term outlook. You need to make a budget short-term and stick to it.

While in a conversation with your spouse, you may not be able to solve your problems, it’s a significant start. The sense of unity can give you difficult times, and enjoying the good ones is a bonus.

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How to Build Your Kid’s Confidence in this Covid-19 Lockdown Period

The world now faces a big pandemic. COVID-19 is one of the major pandemics spreading in all countries in which all people are locked in their homes. People stay in their homes for a long time, and nobody can go outside. Children get bored in this period. Therefore, parents are searching for the right ways to keep their kids occupied. Also schools have also started online classes in which all children are getting busy nowadays, but apart from that, if parents are looking for anything else that is successful and fruitful then they start planning their children’s videos in which they can speak about this pandemic or other steps.

Do they teach their children what’s COVID-19? What’s the measure? What precautions should everyone take during these diseases?

So many things one will bear in mind to save themselves from this. But despite all these stuff, we ‘re going to discuss how we’d raise our kid’s trust in this lockdown period? It’s really important to do something constructive and use this spare time for children or parents. All will use this time correctly. After this lockdown period, nobody will feel a disconnect from their respective tasks.

Older parents always take things seriously. They ‘re doing home office services. You ‘re occupied with so many things. But it’s boy

Don’t know how? What’s to do? Parents must make their time table with which they can allocate time to their studies, sports, or sleep.

Parents must prepare their children’s successful schedule. Since children interact with their curriculum and desires. Parents must make their kids punctual and bound in so many things such as painting, arts, and crafts, writing papers, debates, challenge games, washing their own toys, folding small clothing, cleaning their house, and more.

But besides, one of the most important things is trust. How to boost their trust? How will they feel comfortable after going to their schools? Next, just send them some topics and ask them to write a story or essay on those particular topics. Second, ask them to read the 2 or 3 times. After that, just ask them to know. You will eventually make a video when dictating their subjects. This can increase their trust and their learning ability. It can lead sharp memory somewhere.

You can go for trending topics often. Like now, COVID-19 is such a hot subject that your child must have understanding or information.

Then it’s the right time to use to transform it into fruitful results by keeping your kids busy learning new things. Their trust always improves, and they can learn new every day. This can also increase their knowledge and perform better in every field.

Besides that, you guys are planning some obstacle games or aerobic activities Psychology Posts, or exercises for your kids who can perform morning and stay healthy. In this COVID-19 era, a strong immune system is very critical. It’s a really tough time everybody’s going through. Just have patience, stay strong.

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How to Buy liquor Online? TASMAC Online Delivery

TASMAC Online Delivery: Know how to shop online? Internet shopping, alcohol online free delivery from Book Indian Tasmac APP Ordering Liquor. Home delivery of liquor through a portal at a requested price.

Online Liquor Purchase 

Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) will introduce today’s home delivery and online reservation of liquor and other parts of the state through its website,, and mobile app. Yesterday, May 8, 2020, Madras’ high court ordered the closure of the state’s entire TASMAC store, citing that social distancing norms were violated during the lock-down. While the High Court, on the one hand, closed all the stores, the online reservation was now allowed to buy the same liquor at home.

TASMAC Online Delivery in Coimbatore

How to buy liquor Online?

  • Go to the TASMAC App in Play Store & Visit for TASMAC online booking.
  • Register with your name, gender, date of birth, mobile number, address and mail Id.
  • Once you have registered, enter and confirm the desired secret code number.
  • Enter the Aadhar card number and requested details. If you’re not involved, you should skip this.
  • Load ordered preferred products and go to ‘Add money’ section. You can pay the ordered drinks in the “Fast Pay” option. You’ll get QR code later. The data will be registered on the cell phones of the TASMAC workers, the QR scanned, the organized items distributed.

TASMAC Online Delivery in Chennai

Wine shop online Booking

Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) has a state monopoly over 5,300 state-owned liquor retail stores. Online liquor delivery bookings in Tamil Nadu are scheduled to begin today. Online purchasing of liquor will be available via the TASMAC website (link below) and the mobile app upon launch.

All TASMAC wine shops are closed until May 17, 2020, and only online reservations and delivery are permitted.

TASMAC Online Buy Liquor Website

Today, TASMAC is scheduled to launch its website and app to offer online reservations and home delivery to liquor seekers. The Company has not already informed liquor platform or app and service online reservations. TASMAC is scheduled to release an online liquor booking website, helpline, and/or home delivery smartphone app information today.

Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation’s website is Whether a new link is added to your current website or a new site/app is launched remains to be seen, however.

At its hearing on 8 May, Madras HC ordered all stores to be closed while lifting restrictions on online alcohol sales and domestic supplies. The court received numerous reports that people rushed into shops to buy liquor and didn’t follow social space rules.

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Apple, Google ban use of location tracking in COVID-19 contact tracing apps

Apple Inc More on this subject from Business TodayFeatured Advertisement Apple launching COVID-19 screening software, website Apple launches software, COVID-19 screening website Coronavirus effect: Google ad sales steady; Alphabet leads tech rally Driven by logo and Google Alphabet Inc on Monday said they will ban the use of location tracking in apps that use a new contact tracking system

Apple and Google, whose OS power 99% of smartphones, said they would work collected last month to build a system to alert people close to others who have tested positive for Covid-19, the disease often caused by coronavirus.

All companies said privacy was a primary objective, preventing governments from using the program to collect citizens’ data. The device uses phone-detecting bluetooth signals and does not use or store GPS location data.

Yet coronavirus-related software developers in many U.S. states told Reuters last month that enabling them to use GPS location data in tandem with the latest contact tracking program was crucial to monitor how outbreaks spread and locate hotspots.

On Monday, Apple and Google said they would not allow the use of GPS data with touch outlining systems. The decision would allow public health agencies to rely on unreliable workarounds to detect incidents using Bluetooth sensors using GPS location data.

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Amazon’s distribution network in COVID-19

Amazon’s already at its feet, open to everything. It’s crazy to think of how these industry companies like Amazon are now in haywire with their profits. Let’s see some of Amazon’s latest steps to achieve the optimal efficiency of the logistics network.

Despite this global pandemic, Amazon is already at its bottom, open to everyone. It’s crazy to think of how these industry companies like Amazon are now in haywire with their profits. So, how is Amazon’s logistics now coping?

Let’s look at what steps Amazon is actually undertaking to ensure the optimal efficiency of its logistics network.

1) What’s Amazon doing with its distribution network employees?

The logistics network will not be deployed without employees on-the-ground. Amazon’s top concern, right now, is health and safety for its workers. To support this initiative, Amazon made over 150 process updates in its workplace security programs. Some of these changes are social space, enhanced washing, disinfectant fogging, etc.

Amazon has provided its workers with protective equipment and daily temperature checks on the leaders of its operations worldwide.

Instead of eliminating jobs, Amazon added 100,000 positions to add work growth while fulfilling client demands.

According to pay, Amazon added the following sums to its hourly wage employees: 2 $hourly in the U.S., 2 $hourly in Canada, and 2 €hourly in the EU.

Amazon has doubled overtime working wages and credited additional days of wages to COVID-19 workers.

Amazon has raised a $25 million compensation fund to be provided to the company’s seasonal workers, delivery drivers, and likes who now face financial constraints.

2) What’s Amazon doing to help its customers?

Amazon isn’t all about the workers’ life. Amazon also did several things to relieve its customers’ quarantine. One thing Amazon does to boost the living standards of its consumer is to optimize food delivery services. In addition, Amazon’s entire grocery stores are subject to routine, rigorous cleaning and have allocated a certain time exclusively for senior citizens aged 60 +.

Amazon created a brilliant idea by having a “unattended delivery” for those consumers who choose to leave their orders outside their homes and have no interaction with delivery staff.

During this crisis, Amazon prioritized products and services marked as “necessary.” Examples are medical equipment, safety clothing, food, and the like.

As per price gouging, Amazon has built programs to discourage these incidents from happening, ensure fair pricing, and stop misuse of opportunity. Amazon has widened the leeway in “returned products.” 3) What’s Amazon doing for the world?

Here are some of Amazon’s main initiatives to support COVID-19-struck populations worldwide: Amazon introduced a $20 million AWS Diagnostic Program to fasten work on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Europe got €21 million from those families most affected.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos contributed $100 million to Feeding America.

A $5-million incentive fund will be used to support small companies in Seattle.

AWS and Amazon Future Engineer fund free-cost virtual classrooms.

Amazon donated more than 8Find Article,200 laptops to Seattle’s public schools to be donated to students without a computer to enable a virtual form of classroom learning.

Keep searching the Amazon website to know Amazon’s new attempts to aid victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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