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Two types of Embedded System

Embedded System Hardware:

There is an option between using a microcontroller or a microprocessor when using embedded system hardware. At present, the embedded system sector is very developed and most of the professional workers are seeking the best Embedded System Course Chennai, FITA is the best-Embedded Training Institute in Chennai with placement supports. They are providing the best coaching for Embedded Training in Chennai with certification under professional experts.

Microcontroller based systems: 

A microcontroller is a CPU, a centralized processing interface, or a computer-integrated memory or peripheral device. An embedded system utilizing microcontrollers appears to be used more broadly as fewer external parts are required.

Microprocessor-based systems: 

Microprocessors contain a CPU, but only use memory and peripheral devices with external chips. Since they require further systems on the board but permit more development and selection of accurate peripherals, etc., it method appears to use for wider embedded systems.

Embedded systems software

The program used only to operate the microcontroller is one of the key components of every embedded system.

There are a lot of different ways to write this away:

Machine code: 

The most basic program used for the processor unit is software code. Usually, the code is in the hex format and contains the basic rules for each processor process. Nowadays, embedded systems rarely use this type of code.

Programming language: 

It is very laborious and time-consuming to write machine code. Learning and uninstalling it is challenging. High-level programming languages are frequently used to solve this. Languages are widely utilized, like C, C++, etc.

Embedded System Architecture

The embedded system architecture has two data types. Once information and code are in different elements of memory, architecture is related to the architecture of Harvard. When data and code are all in the same section of memory, the architecture is referred to as the architecture of Von Neumann.

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