Best Cricket Games for PC in 2020

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When it comes to cricket games, Indians take the No.1 spot as we Indians are obsessed with cricket games, right?

We all know the number of cricket games released so far, but picking the best ones is always a bit challenging, so that’s why we decided to break down the list of best pc cricket games to play in 2020.

Before starting the list, something very important here.

Most of the cricket games can be played on the low-end PC’s, but enjoying the best ones in high resolution requires some high specs, so make sure you have the right specs if you want to know the spec then you can refer to this post.

Now, let’s continue …

Saving time here’s the quick summary:

5 Best PC cricket games to play in 2020:

  • BigAntStudios cricket19
  • Ashes by BigAntStudios
  • EA Sports Cricket 07
  • Codemasters Cricket 09
  • Give Cricket 17 by BigAntStudios

Now, let’s share more details about these top games.

Cricket 19: # No.1 Cricket game for pc released by Big Ant Studios in 2019. Cricket 19 features all international game formats, men’s and women’s teams, and host venues.

Cricket 19 requires either Intel Core i5-4200 or AMD Phenom II X4 970 processor, 8 GB RAM, and the controller is a must.

Ashes Cricket: Ashes Cricket is the officially sanctioned cricket rivalry video game. It’s also built by BigAntStudios. This has almost identical features like Cricket 19, i.e. a dedicated community app from which you can download clubs, teams and much more, but the full package is cricket 19.

Important Requirements: Ashes Cricket also includes either Intel Core i5-4200 or AMD Phenom II X4 970 processor, 8 GB RAM and controller. Both games have similar requirements.

Cricket 07: regarded as the undisputed king of cricket video games. Cricket 07 released by EA Sports back in 2006 was considered the best, and even today it’s competing with the new games and hasn’t lost any fan base. Many gamers still love this game, and people still rate it as best. We’ve ranked it in spot No.3.

Important Requirements: Well, the best part of this cricket game is that it doesn’t need any high specs, it can run on regular pc as well, the controller offers great gaming experience but it’s optional.

Ashes Cricket 09: Ashes Cricket 2009 game developed by Transmission games & published by Codemasters is also considered the best pc cricket game. It has full England & Australia cricket teams. Also known as the most realistic cricket game, this is a must-play game.

Essential Requirements: Similar to cricket 07, this game needs no high specs, it can also run on standard pc.

Don Bradman Cricket Games: Nobody can avoid playing DBC games as one of the best. The old DBC14 was also a good game, but the updated & improved one is DBC17 which is considered the best pc cricket game as it offers some great features other games lack. BigAntStudios also produces both games.

Essential Requirements: DBC includes Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5700, 4 GB RAM and controller. Both DBC games have somewhat similar requirements.

And these were the games to certainly watch in 2020. Some games are free, some are paid.

If you have read the above list carefully, you should find a number of BigAntStudios titles.

The explanation is that the other cricket game developers have stopped creating more games and the only one present in 2020 is BigAntStudios, which is why they make the most games and most fall under the list of best cricket games for pc and laptop.

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