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Most prominent framework for desktop and mobile applications. The major release is mainly focused on making toolchain easier to shift quickly. Innovate something new in web development and get amazing results. AngularJS Training in Chennai makes you more comfortable in this domain. We will discuss the Angular latest version here.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source mobile and desktop framework which helps to handle the front-end development process. It was launched in 2009. Angular framework was developed by Google Engineers that helps to perform the projects successfully. 

Striking features of AngularJS 

  • Supports Data Binding
  • Form animation and validation
  • Angular allows convenient event handling
  • Validates Dependency Injection 

Angular 7 is used by the development industry. JavaScript framework provides dependency injection which is helpful to assemble data services for different applications. AngularJS supports developers to build new components with HTML. Join AngularJS course in Chennai for better career growth. 

What’s new in Angular 8?

Compared to the AngularJS version, Angular 8 comes with lots of features and updates. Developers are now using the latest Angular versions to build modern-gen apps combined with Command Line Interface APIs support. The introduction of Angular 8 helps developers to integrate and manage the single-page applications. 

Features of Angular 8 

  • Bazel Support
  • Ivy Rendering Engine
  • Lazy loading with dynamic imports
  • Typescript support
  • Builders API 

Angular 8 is introduced with amazing features, it decreases the bundle and helps developers to build compressed apps.

Angular 7 Prominence

Angular 7 is used by developers to develop single-page applications. It expands the entire platform including: 

  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Angular Material
  • Core Framework

Angular 7 Features 

  • Angular 7 comes up with new compiler – Compatibility Compiler (ngcc)
  • Angular 7 added new interface – UrlSegment[], DoBootstrap Interface
  • Angular 7 supports Typescript 2.9
  • Angular 7 version introduced a new pipe called Keyvaluepipe.

Angular version history 

  • Angular version 1.0 launched in 2010 by Google
  • Angular version 2.0 released in September 2016
  • Angular version 4.0 was introduced in March 2017
  • Angular version 5.0 released in November 2017
  • Angular version 6.0 released in May 2018
  • Angular version 7.0 released in October 2018
  • Angular version 8.0 released in May 2019
  • Angular version 9.0 released in November 2019 

Equip yourself in web development through AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai and get placement support. I hope this helps to learn about Angular versions and their uses.

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