Ample – AI-Driven Video Bot Product by XcelTec for Sales Automation

Chatbots are basically Ai based programming that simulates a conversation or a “chatter” of the human being through text or voice interaction, Chatbots are the talk of the town because benefit it provides, by incorporating chatbot in the website  24/7 client support can be archived very easily and efficiently. Chatbots can interact with the user of the website and solve real-time queries, the chatbot has two types of behavior wherein stateful chatbot remember last interaction with the same user and chats according to past experiences on Otherside stateless chatbot serve every user as a new one. 

What Are Ai Video Bots?

AI-based Video Bots are an improved version of chatbots that initiates conversation with a user in an interactive and intuitive way in spoken or written text. Video bots take it to the next level by providing an unprecedented level of personalization to make it look like an actual person is speaking with you. Virtually indistinguishable from a video call, video bots contain actual audio of the person – real or virtual – who is talking to a user.

Sales Automation & Video bot


Video bots have taken sales automation to the other level, with the use of artificial intelligence online sales have been increased and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. 


Let’s suppose you are looking to buy a car, you might think of going to the car showroom and know more about the specification and condition of the car from the sales executive, but what if we bring the sales executive to your mobile phone or laptop screen? That does the same work of guiding you through all features and specification and reply to your questions but everything online without stepping out of your comfort zone. Isn’t it so adorable? 

If yes then let us give you a good name, AMPLE


What Is Ample?


Shopping online and in-person will always be different but our new product, #AMPLE, bridges the gap between the two by allowing the consumer to speak through a video chat & screen sharing with your sales and customer service teams. Based on those interactions and the flow through the website, AMPLE’s AI system will generate reports to the managers and business owners.


  • AMPLE is an AI-Driven video chatbot
  • Assists both employees and consumers with product features by screen sharing.
  • Improves sales & customer service processes
  • Provides more robust reporting
  • Makes online sales more personalized!

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