7 Places to Visit in Coorg

A stunning, awesome destination in Tamil Nadu is Coorg. The location is nature residence with coffee plantations, forests, hills and green valleys. The site has a variety of flora and fauna to bring its visitors. Amazing views and interesting sights make this South Indian destination a dream ride. Sometimes dubbed the “Scotland of India,” Coorg has some wonderful destinations to visit that will take over your holiday. Let’s plunge into South’s wonderland. From stunning rivers to temples and mountains, everything is for us!

In Coorg Abbey Falls

A waterfall can not be as spectacular as the Abbey Falls. Located among wealthy plantations and estates, it’s a beautiful waterfall. A bath will rejuvenate you and make you forget all your worries. It’s very fun to enjoy Coorg’s work. Upon seeing these majestic streams, it’s a unforgettable moment.

Kopatty Hills

One of Coorg’s beauty trekking sites is the Kopatty Hills. You’ll find dense woods, meadows and valleys on your way. This is a perfectly gleaming South destination. You do have the additional ability to camp here as the conditions require you to. Imagine setting a bonfire beneath the stars, listening to your favorite music songs.

Dubare Elephant Camp

This is one of Coorg’s most visited sites. With 150 elephants camping here, you’ll enjoy seeing these amazing creatures. It’ll be fun, make you feel different. Mahouts’ knowledge will allow you to communicate with these animals.

Omkareshwara Temple

While you can visit the lush areas, admiring the exquisite architecture at this magnificent temple is a special experience. The fusion of Gothic and Islamic architecture will certainly amaze you at this site.

Gaddige Raja’s Tomb

 It’s one of Coorg’s most beautiful locations, offering a spectacular view of the lush green valley. Even surrounded by a lush lawn, flowers and fountains shower the attraction. Anciently, this was a popular spot for kings to stroll around with their queens and spend hours admiring the gorgeous breeze and view.

Mandalpatti Viewpoint

A hill station like Coorg has many viewpoints and the most famous is Mandalpatti Viewpoint. Offering an ample green view, sunset and sunrise, Mandalpatti is a must-visit destination in Coorg. The climb is high, so you have to hold water, light food with you!


Chettalli is a great location to experience ethnic tourism. Enjoy a lot of scenery and calming feeling, you should expect the best from Coorg. Don’t skip this place, because you’ll definitely skip a different one among the others!

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