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Study MBBS Abroad

Guidance for MBBS Admission in Abroad like- MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Philippines, MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, MBBS in China and MBBS in Kazakhstan. We will provide you all information about abroad Universities like- fee structures, eligibility requirements, MCI passing percentage etc.

Best medical colleges in Russia for indian students

Best medical colleges in Ukraine for indian students

Best medical colleges in Kazakhstan for indian students

Best medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan for indian students

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Benefits of Learning WordPress for Your Career

WordPress is the largest site for building an online platform, powering over 80 million websites and it is an open-source CMS that allows anyone to make and control a website for any reason with an unpaid option. 

Learning WordPress is not a difficult one, but it takes the proper time, uses the opportunity at WordPress Training in Chennai at FITA to understand the full concepts about WordPress. 

Becoming a web developer is a challenging task and the career is filled with deadlines and creativity. The developer used to encounter the number of coding and the web building languages also the master for the better their career. 

Benefits of WordPress 

WordPress provides the different types of benefits that make it easy and the best tool to help web developers make the best website which is professional. 

  1. Teamwork

WordPress has a large user group that is respectful of each other. There are WordPress subreddits, themes, plugins, and more. Plus, there are loads of WordPress learning websites. 

      2. Problem Solving

Even learning WordPress’s basic function forces you to read, explore, make choices, and find solutions to issues. These are what a lot of businesses call “soft abilities.”

     3. Technical knowledge

There are different types of technical knowledge that can use. Moreover, coding, design, web development, and all the technical skills which are picked up on the way to WordPress. Also, most of the employers understand the basic CSS and HTML knowledge. Learn the whole strategies about WordPress at WordPress Course in Chennai within a  short period. 

      4. Communication

When a start updating the blog in WordPress provides you a strong way to practice communication. This step will teach you to be simple, succinct, straightforward, and optimistic. And it quickly applies to public speaking, interviews, messaging, and more.

      5.  Organization

Laying out a website, creating pages and blog posts, and learning to optimize your SEO, all demand organization, or search engine optimization. You’re familiar with website navigation menus, for instance. You have to think about site experience and flow to make these useful to your readers. Reach out to FITA, for understanding the whole concepts of WordPress. 


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How to avoid grammar mistakes while writing and speaking English?

If you are a beginner try to use a simple sentence, beginners can make mistakes because they are trying to make complicated sentences. To make your English sound fluent learn Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar.

Make/build your vocabulary:

Keep on making your vocabulary each day, by collecting new words to learn and repeating these words every day, and memorize the collected words. Using a dictionary to learn more new words. First, you have to know more words, then read the sentence and try to make new sentences as your own. By reading more and more sentence you can get more meaning of the words so you can speak English easily. Every day you learn 6 words, and write those words and meaning on the paper each word at least 10 times. Every day you have to speak English will help to increase your confidence. If you are interested to speak in English, Spoken English Classes in Tambaram at FITA helps to increase your English fluency.

A common mistake in English:

Inappropriate Use of Tenses:

Incorrect: Sanjana will went to temple tomorrow.

Correct: Sanjana will go to the temple tomorrow.

Subject-Verb Agreement:

Incorrect:dog growl at the Policeman.

Correct: dog growls at the Policeman.

Misplaced Apostrophes:

Incorrect: The customers objections were ignored.

Correct: The customer’s objections were ignored.

The above mistakes are made common in all aspects. To overcome all these challenges step into Spoken English Classes in Velachery at FITA  and learn the language professionally under Language Trainers and speak the language fluently.

Practice with your friends:

You have to play a small conversation with your friends, it helps to increase your fluency. you have to try the below topics this can be useful to you

  • Talking about school
  • Eating at a café
  • Grocery shopping
  • Going to the movies

Here the teachers give you an in-depth training Spoken English class in T Nagar will help you to extend your career hopes since English is being spoken by several people over the world.

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How Patient Can Connect with MYCARE Pharmacies

MyCare is an all in one healthcare platform which offers complete e-health services in India. Once the doctor has sent a prescription containing the specifics of the medication after video consultation, the patient will be able to send their prescriptions directly to their favorite local MYCARE pharmacies by just one button. MyCare’s electronic prescription functionality allows you to send your prescription quickly and efficiently, and pharmacies will send you prescription summary & quotes within minutes. All medical data is stored securely in the patient’s medical passport so that you can easily access your important medical data whenever you want. Pharmacies can also send medicines directly to the patient’s home.

The Flow: How Patient send their prescriptions to MYCARE pharmacies?

  • Login into the MyCare App
  • With MyCare’s my medical data you can access all your medical reports and prescriptions.
  • Select the recent prescription that you want to send your preferred pharmacies
  • Select your preferred nearby pharmacy and send a prescription to them
  • The pharmacy will be notified that the patient sent a prescription to them
  • Then pharmacy send back the prescription to the patient with a quote of medicines
  • The patient can see their prescription & their medicine quote in the pharmacy quote section
  • When you click on the Pay button patient can see the summary about total price and wallet balance and then when you click on the Pay button your payment is successfully sent to your pharmacy and the pharmacy get notified for the same.
  • After successfully payment pharmacies will send your medicines to you all your prescriptions automatically saved in MyCare’s digital medical passport folder.

What Pharmacies Can Do with MyCare

  • In India, labs and pharmacies are still in the growing phase. With the My Care app, you can provide an easy healthcare solution to everyone involved.
  • Doctors will send their prescriptions directly to the patient’s app
  • The patient can send their prescription to preferred Pharmacies in My Care
  • My Care patients can easily find the Pharmacy that is right for them and near to them
  • With the My Care wallet, you can securely manage your payments and transfer your funds to your bank easily
  • All patient prescriptions are saved digitally and encrypted

My Care Benefits for Pharmacies

  • Inbound Inquiry
  • Zero (0) Investment
  • Easily manage all of your patient prescriptions at one place
  • Scan patients’ prescriptions easily with My Care electronic prescription facility
  • See a patient’s prescription
  • Save prescriptions
  • Save appointments
  • My care follows the HIPPA and GDPR compliances so all patient data is secure, getting rid of the fear of a breach of your sensitive information
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3 car gadgets you may purchase on a finances

For others, driving time is their preferred second on my own with their mind. Regardless of what driving approach to you, there are some car devices you must do not forget for fun driving and a safe experience. It’s also a extremely good way to make matters less complicated for you.


As soon as your vehicle is prepared, you do not need to drain your wallet to shop for a number of the high-quality devices, as this article highlights some cool car gadgets you could purchase at


  1. A phone holder


Many of us love our smartphones nowadays for obvious motives because they’re nonetheless beneficial. New records from Roy Morgan studies has discovered that forty five% of cellphone proprietors in Australia can’t live without their telephone.


But, they can not use their phones even as using both, as it’s far unlawful and for his or her protection. To get the maximum out of it, a cellphone holder is beneficial at the same time as driving as it’s miles allowed and will gain you in lots of ways.


With a phone holder, you may without problems access your cellphone with out continuously looking down or taking your eyes off the street. It additionally allows you to easily get admission to Google Maps or Apple Maps and look at essential textual content messages or incoming calls.


  1. Bluetooth car kit


A Bluetooth automobile package is a ought to in case you need to revel in your journey as you may listen to tune and take your calls. However, now not all motors come with this kit, however you may still purchase and deploy one within your budget.


  1. USB car charger


It may appear simple and useless, but the ultimate component you need to deal with on a long experience is a useless phone. You may purchase a USB charger mainly for your automobile that you may use if important to hold your telephone active throughout your experience.




Those devices are many of the most vital gadgets that everyone have to have of their automobile, regardless of the type of car they’re the usage of. The goal is to get the first-rate riding revel in without dropping sight of the road to lessen the danger of accidents.

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What is a Common Cold (Viral Rhinitis)?

Harvard Publications

Common cold, also called viral rhinitis, is one of human infectious diseases. Infection is typically normal, healing without medication. Because to the vast number of people who catch the common cold, this condition results in more than 22 million days of missing school and even more days away from work in the United States per year. The average American has 1-3 colds a year.

Common cold is an upper respiratory infection caused by many virus families. About 200 unique viruses have been identified among these families that can cause common cold. The most cold-causing virus family is called rhinovirus. Rhinoviruses cause up to 40% of colds, and this group of viruses includes at least 100 distinct types of viruses. Coronavirus, adenovirus, and respiratory syncytial virus are other significant upper respiratory virus families. Because too many viruses can cause cold symptoms, a common cold vaccine was not produced.

Rhinoviruses triggers most early fall and spring colds. Some viruses appear to trigger winter colds and can weaken their symptoms. There’s no proof that in snowy or humid weather you’re more likely to catch a snowy.

Symptoms of

Common cold allows symptoms to be quickly identified by patients and physicians. About 50 % of patients would experience a sore throat, frequently the first symptom to show as it can start as early as 10 hours following infection. Congestion in the nose and sinuses, runny nose, and sneezing follows. Hoarseness and cough may also develop and last longer than most symptoms, often for weeks. Strong fevers are uncommon with cold.

Diagnosis of

Most people diagnose common cold by the effects of runny nose, congestion, and sneezing. Usually, you don’t need to visit a healthcare provider. If you experience high fever, serious sinus pain, ear pain, shortness of breath or excessive wheezing, see a doctor. There are signs that indicate you have anything but cold or cold infection.

Planned time

Symptoms usually peak on second, third or fourth infection days and last around 1 week. People are most contagious (likely to spread the cold to others) within the disease’s first 24 hours, and typically remain contagious for as long as the symptoms last. Up to 25 % of patients will have chronic symptoms, such as nagging cough, which may last for many weeks. For a limited number of people, cold congestion can cause another disease to take root, such as middle-ear bacterial infection or sinuses. Respiratory problems including bronchitis or asthma may cause symptoms that last a month or longer.

Prevention: Prevention

Most common cold is spread by those affected through direct contact with germs from the nose, lips, or coughed or sneezed droplets, typically through hand-to-hand contact. Virus particles are transferred from one person’s hand to another. The second party then brushes his or her eyes or rubs his or her nose, spreading the virus there where a new infection will start. Contacting a surface such as a tabletop or doorknob previously touched by an infected person and then contacting your eyes or nose might get infected. These viruses can also transmit by inhaling particles from the air after a human coughed or sneezed.

To prevent catching or spreading cold, it also helps disinfect your face, properly dispose of all used tissues, and prevent scratching your eyes and nose. Where practicable, near, extended proximity to people with colds should be avoided. Typically about half of a person’s family members get sick. Colds are commonly distributed in classrooms and daycare centres.

Those who sleep less than 7 hours a night are more likely to cold compared to people who sleep at least 7 hours a night. People who exercise regularly, particularly those who exercise everyday, often have less colds each year than those less involved.


While medical treatments can relieve common cold symptoms, they do not prevent, cure or shorten disease. Drink enough liquid, relax, and treat the symptoms to feel as healthy as possible.

Warm salt water will soothe a sore throat. Inhaling steam can temporarily boost nasal congestion. Over-the-counter cold treatments providing a decongestant can help dry and alleviate pressure. These treatments will also relieve cough if mucus in the throat causes cough.

It’s important to note that antibiotics don’t cure the common cold or shorten the time symptoms continue.

Vitamin C and echinacea (a commonly used herbal therapy) have been widely rumoured to decrease the risk of common cold and shorten symptoms, although no definitive evidence has proven this to be valid. Zinc-containing products marketed for common cold treatment remain popular. Some studies indicate that zinc lozenges can shorten symptoms, but questions remain about the best and safest dosage.

A small number of patients with common cold develop middle-ear, sinus, or lung bacterial infections. If you have high fever, ear pain, extreme sinus pain, wheezing or shortness of breath, you should visit the doctor and make sure you have no more serious illness.


Common cold is a moderate, self-improving illness within a week. However, certain patients may experience symptoms that last several weeks, and after common cold, a limited percentage of people may develop bacterial ears, sinus or lung infections.

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Medications for Acne

What’s the Acne?

Acne is a skin disease caused by bonding dead skin cells and blocking pores. Bacteria may also play a part. A big cause for acne is puberty.

Better diet and living conditions have seen puberty age decrease dramatically over the past 40 years , particularly in girls. Developing acne isn’t unusual for girls as young as 7. Acne effects more people later in life and experts aren’t know why. Growing numbers of women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond.

What’s Acne causing?

Our body makes and sheds flesh. Dead skin cells normally grow to the pore surface and flake off our bodies. At puberty, hormones cause sebum production — an oily material that helps moisturise our skin.

Sebum sticks dead skin cells together, raising their risk of being stuck in a pore. Clogged pores become blackheads or pimples. If bacteria are also present, redness and swelling can result in pimple development into cyst or nodule.

Who’s at risk of acne?

Unfortunately, some may get more acne than most. Poor acne appears to run in families — your mum, father, aunt, or uncle possibly had extreme breakouts as a teenager.

Naturally, certain people often have higher hormone levels and make more sebum, so their skin pores are still blocked.

If you live in an place that gets very damp or has a position that exposes you to wet heat (such as in a food kitchen) or grease or tar (a mechanic or road worker), you’re more likely to get acne.

Chin braces, headbands, and even hair items added so close to the skin will precipitate an outbreak as many different drugs-most importantly prednisone, phenytoin, and even androgen-high hormonal contraceptives (e.g., Microgestin 1.5/30 and Depo-Provera shot).

What’s Acne ‘s symptoms?

Acne can occur on the forehead, front, chest, back or shoulders. Symptoms and incidence of acne varies between people, but can include:

  • White-headed
  • Neckheads
  • Papules (small red bumps)
  • Pimples (with pus at their tips)
  • Nodules (large, painful lumps under the skin surface
  • Cystic lesions (painful pus-filled lumps under the skin).

What Diagnosed Acne?

If your acne makes you shy or ashamed, you have lots of acne, cysts or nodules on your face or back, or you don’t want to operate over the counter items, see the doctor or dermatologist as soon as you can. They will recommend stronger topical or oral medications that are far more effective than what you may get at a drug store.

Your doctor will look at your skin and inquire your acne history. It’s a fallacy to let acne run its course. Treatment helps keep black spots from appearing as the acne disappears.

How was acne treated?

The most important thing you can do to minimise acne risks is to take proper skin care.

This doesn’t involve scrubbing with soap many times a day. It involves washing it softly with a soap-free wash twice daily. If you play a lot of sport or work in a greasy or damp environment, clean your skin as soon as you finish exercising or after work.

Be nice. You want to scrub up excess sebum and dead skin cells so they don’t clog up your pores-not irritate your skin further.

Clean skin is the first step to clear skin. Look for a soap-free cleanser with no strong detergents like sodium lauryl or laureth sulphates that can cause redness , itching, and inflammation. Stop additives such as algae extract, carrageenan, lanolin, myristyl myristate, octyl palmitate, octyl stearate-5, and oleth-3.

Anti-acne additives function by eliminating dead skin cells, unblocking pores, or reducing skin bacteria.

Acne remedies typically contain one of the following ingredients (some by prescription only):

  • Benzyle peroxide
  • Acid salicyclic
  • Reduced resorcinol
  • Azelleic acid
  • Gel Dapsone
  • Retinoid-like creams, gels and lotions
  • Latest antibiotics
  • Oral antibiotics (like tetracyclines,
  • Mixed oral contraception
  • Isotretinoin oral
  • Spironolktone
  • Lasers and photodynamics
  • Carbon skin
  • Steroidal injections.

If you have serious acne, you need to be very careful about skin washing and acne care. Visiting a dermatologist early with prescription drugs decreases the risk of lifelong marks.

How can I avoid acne?

  • Wash your face twice a day, then sweat.
  • Shampoo hair daily.
  • Do not select or squeeze acne; this raises scar risk.
  • Keep your hands off your face. Wash your hands before making-up.
  • Be vigilant what you put on your skin, and avoid acne-promoting foods.
  • Keep out of sun and tanning beds; excess tanning will damage your skin.
  • See a dermatologist if you feel shy or goods crash.
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